Apple has made the entry into the market of wireless headphones. The Airpod 1 made the first appearance around December of 2016. The AirPods came in a very fashionable style and everyone liked them. It’s the most sold wireless case in the world. Apple has also released the new Gen2 of Airpods called Airpods2, which is the same thing, no difference, just an improvement in battery life and some other details. Before the Airpod 2 gen AirPods with airpod wireless charger cases were not a thing.

The new feature was the wireless charging case and just like any Apple product, it’s not included in your Airpod. It’s an additional purchase that you have to make to have a case that fits the case of your Airpods to allow for wireless charging. This is how Apple does things and for 80$ you can make your Airpods wirelessly charge.

Airpods 101

Airpods for those of you that don’t know are Bluetooth earbuds made by Apple. They are very popular because they are known to never fall out of ears. Apple has kept that design just like their previous wired earbuds. Since being the first product on the market to offer nontangible wires while listening to music and using earbuds apple AirPods are the most popular earbuds in the world.

They can always be on while your Siri is activated with the phone it is connected with. That allows the user to have more interaction made easier by Apple. My favorite feature is that I can listen to music while my phone is charging and I don’t have to go after the phone.

Is wireless charging better than Wired Charging?

Wireless charging will be slower than wired charging. Any type of wired connection is way faster than the wireless mode. In terms of charging speed the wired charging is the best option to go with your AirPods case, and any other case or device possible. In terms of good looking and being untangled wireless AirPods, the charging case is your weapon of choice. If you like your desk to be clean and good looking, or you want to upgrade to the latest technology AirPods wireless charging case will be a good purchase for you. 

Apple Side

The wireless charging AirPods case that Apple launched supports QI technology which allows the case to be charged on almost all wireless docks. The second-generation Airpod also supports Bluetooth 5.0 which allows for connection with android despite not being the best experience as an iPhone. Considering the price as well as wireless charging can be more expensive than traditional charging. Just for a charging case, Apple charges 79.99$ and that does not include anything other than a case that fits your case.

In general, wireless charging cases are the new technology, and depending on your usage they can be a good buy for you.

Third-Party Airpod Wireless Charger Cases?

We have talked about third-party providers before and how they can destroy your devices in the long run. There are many third-party cases that basically inherit the QI wireless charging technology into basic cases that will fit the Airpods. This happened before Apple even launched its wireless charging case. There are these 29.99$ cases you can find on Amazon and other websites that promise on charging the Airpod case. Don’t get me wrong they will do the job, they might as well perform the same as the Apple product.

Here we are listing some Airpod Wireless Charger Cases under $30:

  1. NeotrixQI A5-W

This is a Chinese company that has designed under 30$ charging cases. It works out well, the fitment is ok on the Airpods both first and second generation. It’s made out of silicone and compared to the Apple wireless charging case it does not feel as premium. Of course, the price of the Apple wireless charging Airpod case is more than twice the price of Neotrix. This case also works out as a layer of protection to your Airpod case. It’s made out of silicone and that makes for the cases not to be as slippery as they are. Also if you try to keep out of scratches it will be a case of choice. For 30$ you can’t beat it.

Check the link if you are interested on NeotrixQI A5-W Airpod Wireless Charger Cases.

2. PowerPod

PowerPod was the first wireless charging AirPods case introduced in the market. They made their appearance before Apple did. They became famous because of the TechSmart video which got listed on Youtube and got many people interested. Just as the Neotrix this case is out of silicone as well, will protect your Airpods, will wirelessly charge your Airpods for under 30$. From the user experience and many customer reviews, these 2 products have shown to be a very good purchase if you like to wirelessly charge your Airpods.

Other findings include cheap Chinese cases that are not worth your time. These two cases have performed well and will not harm your Airpods. They come around at 29.99$  each and they are compatible with Airpod’s first generation as well.

Check the link if you are interested on PowerPod Airpod Wireless Charger Case.

Charging Pad

So now that wireless charging and AirPods with wireless charging cases are becoming more and more popular you also need a charging dock. Charging docks are incorporated with the QI wireless charging technology that will work with most devices. That’s because devices are built on this type of technology. Our recommendation about that is the mophie, a leader company in portable charging power banks and other chargers.

You can choose the simple mophie wireless charging pad that will work out for any device (wirelessly chargeable). The other mophie option is the 3 in1 pad. You can charge your smartwatch, AirPods, and iPhone at the same time at a high charging speed.

FAQ About Airpod Wireless Charger Cases

Q. Is there still access to the pairing button for Neotrix Airpod wireless charger case?

A: Yes the button is located at the back of the case.

Q. Is wireless charging bad for humans?

A: Wireless headphones  emit low levels of nonionizing radiation which is not harmful for humans

Q. Do wireless chargers stop charging when full?

A: Charging will stop once the battery level is 100%.



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