If you are searching for a small-medium TV, the 42 inch TV is the perfect one for you. Since nowadays it is a bit hard to find a good small-sized TV for small houses, we are going to mention some of the best 42-inch TVs you can find in the market nowadays. 

A great size for small spaces, which fits perfectly and of course a great tv to enjoy your free time or even to work. We have been looking around for you for the best 42-inch TVs, so you know how to best buy 42-inch tv, a 42 inch led tv, or the best 42-inch tv in general.

Table Summary

Best 42 inch TV Overall: Sony Bravia FW42BZ45F 42” Best 42 inch tv Value: LG Electronics 42LH5500 Best 42 inch TV Honorable Mention: Samsung 42” RU7100 Led Smart UHD TV
Overview This TV is a perfect one for your home, also ideal for professional use. A slim, energy-efficient, professional display that combines bright. Very flexible and a wide range of programming interface applications. The Lg TV Electronics is very fine and it comes with all smart functions. Even though it weighs nearly 39 pounds, it won’t matter because you will love it for its fascinating viewing and because it is a friendly user. Also has a very good sound and picture quality. This TV LG 42 inch TV is brilliant, not because it is a Samsung TV, but because except for its overall specs it has a lot of other things to offer. It has a magnificent picture and sound quality. And one of the things that other people like about this TV is the inputs and outputs of this TV.
  • This TV is lightweight and has a large screen.
  • Is the latest model of the Sony Bravia TV.
  • Has an excellent price and value.
  • It has smooth edges and very clear contrast.
  • Amazing refresh rate.
  • Flexible mounting and easy installation.
  • An energy star qualified TV
  • You can connect it with wifi
  • It has an amazing full HD 1080p a high definition resolution
  • Has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and an ethernet port.
  • The direct-lit LED makes it possible to have a wonderful picture quality.
  • Smart functionality, you can use your favorite apps.
  • It has a remote control which can be activated by voice.
  • This TV Has an internal good speaker quality.
  • A very good sound and amazing picture quality.
  • This TV comes with a Samsung hub.
  • It has some amazing inputs and outputs.
  • Has no voice control.
  • Only a few connection ports.
  • It doesn’t have a streaming service.
  • You can lose the wifi signal while streaming.
  • It’s quite fragile.
  • The remote is not very user-friendly.


Benefits of 42 Inch TVs

  • This TV size is large enough to fit in tight places, you won’t have to struggle about it if you have a small house.
  • You can also use it as a setup from your computer monitor.
  • They have a very good quality of sound and excellent picture quality.
  • It is very easy to install also by using the manual.

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Top Brands


This company is one of the best-known ones, they serve their customers with hospitality, all their technology innovations. It was founded in 1985 as GoldStar. In this company, you can shop either as a customer or as a business. It has everything, computers, mobile, TV, laundry, small appliances, etc. Also, the LG 32 inch Tv is a very good one and appropriate for small spaces.


This is another important brand on the list of the most known brands that are nowadays on the market. Samsung was founded in 1969 and it became pretty fast a major manufacturer. There you can find the newest inventions and offers for every product, for example, smart home, mobile, computing, collections, etc.

Key Features

Suitable for small spaces

As we know nowadays it is quite difficult to find an appropriate tv to fit and to be perfect for small areas. Usually, people tend to go for a large TV, but in this case, a small-sized one is a perfect choice, even for your eyes but also it is the most appropriate TV for small places.

You can use other apps on it

Nowadays people are using different apps to watch movies, tv shows, or listening to music. Well, this TV is perfect because you can use some of the most important apps without any problem, by using the wifi and also put them on the first line as your preferred apps.

Other Considerations

  • It is a small nearly medium size TV.
  • It’s the perfect choice for small spaces.
  • The distance should be 6.0 feet (1.85m).
  • It can be used as a PC monitor.

Best 42 Inch TVs Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Down below we are going to mention some of the best 42 inch TVs you can find in the market nowadays.

Best 42 Inch TVs Overall: Sony Bravia FW42BZ35F 42”

Sony Bravia FW42BZ35F 42”

This is an amazing tv for your house, a wide range of business, or even for educational environments. It has Pro mode for a more easy installation process, very easy to customize the display setting this way the TV suits different applications and environments. It is a very good TV, perfect size for almost every environment.

This TV has a 4K UHD view, which is amazing, and it is incredibly cheap. This is a 42-inch tv and it has a lot of features which will make you want it in your home, business, etc. It has two HDMI ports and a 144Hz refresh rate. You can also connect your buds with the tv.


  • Ideal for your home, business, or educational environment
  • 144Hz refresh rate which is above average
  • Has smooth edges
  • A very clear contrast
  • A large screen and with a lightweight
  • Is the latest model of Sony Bravia


  • No voice control
  • Has only a few connection ports
  • It doesn’t have a streaming service

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Best 42 Inch TVs Value: LG Electronics 42LJ5500

LG Electronics 42LJ5500

Even though new versions continue to come, this is a very good TV with very good picture quality and good sound quality as well. This is a great TV for your home but even for business. With the product, you will also have the setup manual which will make it easier for you to install.

Even though this TV is a bit heavy, around 39 pounds, you won’t care at all because it will be a perfect TV for you as soon as you install it, providing you a wonderful view quality but also the fact that this TV is a friendly user, which means that you won have difficulties using it.


  • Can connect with eternal wifi
  • Has very good quality of the picture
  • An amazing high definition resolution (full HD 1080p)
  • It is an energy star qualified TV
  • The direct-lit LED will ensure you a great picture quality
  • Fast-moving actions (60Hz refresh rate)
  • It has 2 HDMI, 1 FR, 1USB, 1 ethernet, 1 optical, 1 composite.


  • While streaming it may lose wifi
  • It is a quite fragile TV

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Best 42 Inch TVs Honorable Mention: Samsung 42” RU7100 LED Smart 4K UHD TV

Samsung 42” RU7100 LED Smart 4K UHD TV

When you first see this TV name, you will immediately think that this is a Samsung TV and it’s great, but no, this TV besides that fact, has its amazing overall specs and also has a lot of other things to offer. It has a magnificent picture quality and also a very good sound quality, which are the main important things that a good tv should have. 

Except for all the things we mentioned above, one of the main things that this TV made its users fall in love with, are the inputs and the outputs. Not forgetting that this TV has a lot of features and it can be used for your house or also any type of business. For small spaces, you should best buy a 42 inch TV.


  • Excellent picture quality and very good sound quality.
  • It has a remote which can be activated by the voice.
  • The TV comes with a Samsung hub
  • You can connect the TV with wifi.
  • You will get the remote with batteries, a limited warranty, and a power cable.


  • The TV remote is not very user-friendly.

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Tips on Buying The Best 42 inch TV

  • You can add five favorite apps as shortcuts on the home page, and they will show up on the top row.
  • The 42 inch TV is also excellent for gaming.
  • It can be a wonderful work of art with the art mode when you are not watching TV.


Q: Can a network cable be plugged directly into the TV or only with wireless?

A: Yes, usually all TVs have a network port for network cable.

Q: Does the TV come with a stand?

A: Yes, the stand is always included in the box.

Q: Can we use this TV for big spaces?

A: Yes you can use it, but I would recommend you to get a larger one because this is too small.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the perfect size for a small spaced house, you are in the right place, in this article you will find the best 42 inches TV that you can find in the online market these days. An, of course, a very good quality TV that you can use in your free time for everything even for using different apps, but also for your business or educational environment. Most of the 42-inch tv price is affordable for most clients.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about this article!

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