Keeping your car shining daily is satisfactory for car enthusiasts and we made detailed research for those of you that need to get your hands wet into the best car detailing starter kit for beginners.  Maintaining the car esthetic look might not seem the easiest challenge for everyone but it gives car owners a better appearance of their ride. Maintaining the car regularly can prevent the car from paint damage and rust. 

You are asking yourself which one is the best car detailing starter kit for beginners? Let’s dive into it. 

Lets Cover The Basics Of a Car Detailing Starter Kit For Beginners

Your car is a very important asset that helps you drive daily to your work, shop your groceries, or go on vacation trips. You drive your kids to school, maybe use it as an Uber as side money but miles going on your car starts to collect dust, debris and dirt all over. This makes the car surface dirty and causes paint issues in the long run, by creating dust or harming the clear coat. 

Using a car detailing kit you can make your car shine and protect the paint in the long run. Despite these car detailing kits can be more on the professional side and you can’t get the full potential out of your purchase. These car detailing kits come with a pack of different chemical solutions that help you wash the car scratch-free and add protective layers. Further down we discuss the best easy-to-use detailing kit for beginners. 

Best easy to use detailing kit for beginners

When shopping for your first car detailing kit you will have many options available at different price levels. As a beginner into the car care process, we recommend you stick with Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit. 

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit comes in a 7 pack with your favorite chemicals to use on your car. You might find other car detailing kits that offer more products inside one kit but Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit costs only $23.99 and has no compromise in quality. It is the best car detailing starter kit for beginners as you might use a little extra chemical to get that perfect shine. 

Inside the best car detailing starter kit you will find a pack of 7 including:

  • Car Wash Shampoo
  • Fine Scratch Remover
  • Glass Clarity Spray
  • Interior Detailer
  • Wax
  • Tire Shine

While it is not the best car detailing kit you can find, Meguiar’s Car Care Kit is the best for starters. The kit includes all the chemicals you need to get started. You can experiment using these car care products as they are inexpensive and easy to use. Once you become more experienced you can decide to upgrade to something more professional like CarPro

Until then Meguiar’s Car Care Kit will work just fine for you. Let’s take a deeper look at the kit and consider a few pros and cons:


  • 7-piece set that includes everything that you need to get started
  • Kit includes a scratch remover compound and lets you get into polishing without the need for expensive compounds and rotary machines as it’s applied by hand
  • Shine and protection formulas at a bargain price
  • Clarity Glass Cleaner included 


  • Not as premium compared to professional car care kits
  • Interior detailer works only for plastic, not for wood or aluminum trim 

As a detailing starter kit for beginners Meguiar’s Car Care Kit gives the best bang for the buck. Where this car cleaning kit sees downfall is the interior cleaner which does not come with a microfiber towel so you have to purchase one on your own. Furthermore, using a microfiber towel and Meguiar’s interior cleaner will remove dust from the dashboard and make it shine, except the trim. Trim pieces usually come in wood or aluminum finish and using this interior cleaner will leave marks behind. Of course, you can go over with a leather cloth and give it a perfect finish.

What Else To Consider?

Washing your car might not be the easiest task you can assign yourself. There is a border of the chemical power which the car care kits can offer. Sometimes you will need a more professional car cleaning kit, like a steamer or a professional polish to remove scratches.

It all comes down to the car condition and what you are seeking when using these car cleaning kits. A detail shop will firstly start with a deep cleaning using a car steam cleaner to break down the most concentrated dirt. If you are thinking about buying a steamer make sure to carefully read the specifications as that can easily melt your dashboard or side panels if used improperly. 

Equipment You Need To Detail Your Car

Let’s break down the essential equipment you need to detail your car. These are home gadgets most of us have in our homes. 

Essential Tools: 

  • Empty Bucket
  • Water Hose
  • Sponge or WashMitt
  • Drying Cloth

Non-Essential Tools:

  • Foam Cannon
  • Steamer
  • High-Pressure Washer

You will also need a few tools to get started in car detailing. An empty bucket will be used to pour your shampoo and mix with water, a sponge, and a drying cloth. Other tools like a high-pressure washer or a foam cannon can help a lot and make the process fun to do but are not essential. 

We also made sure to include a list of home items you can use to detail your car. This is what most professional shops also use and everyone has on their homes:

  • Tooth Brush
  • Earpick
  • Hand Duster
  • Carpet Brush 

There is no need to go the extra mile with expensive brushes and items. The household items can be perfectly used as part of a detailing kit. For example, using the toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach seat areas where dirt sits. Using a toothbrush can help take out the dirt. An earpick can be used in the thin, hard-to-reach areas of the dash to remove dirt.

A hand duster is a perfect tool to brush the wheels once soaked in car shampoo, just make sure you use it only for brushing the wheels, not the paint. Last but not least a casual carpet brush that any household has, you can clean the carpets or brush the dirty seats and wipe them off with a clean cloth. 

Let’s Get Back To Meguiar’s Car Cleaning Kit

Meguiar’s Car Cleaning Kit

Going back to our best starter detailing kit for beginners we need to consider the use of these products. 

Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Car Wash

Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Car Wash is the car shampoo that comes with this car cleaning kit. This car shampoo has pH balanced to the car wash to gently clean and safely remove loose dirt, contaminants, and grime without removing your wax protection. This is the first item of the kit that you use and work your way up.

Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0

Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0 is a compound that removes light scratches from your paint. It works well for blemishes, oxidation, light stains, and scuffs and can be applied by hand using a dedicated sponge. A mini compound is a must-have on every car detailing kit.

Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax

Inside the best car detailing starter kit for beginners, you will find the Cleaner Wax. Easy to use wax formulated to gently clean paint removing light defects, enhance gloss and shine, and offer wax protection against the elements in one simple step.

Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer 

Inside the detail kit, you will also find an interior detailer. It will make the surface of the dashboard or leather seats clear of dirt and provide UV protection. The only downside you will have is wiping with a leather cloth to remove the marks left on the trim or navigation screen.

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

This is a perfect car detailing product. The Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner makes it easy to clean the glasses without leaving watermarks and prevents the glass from catching dirt. It also makes the glasses hydrophobic and many like to use it on the front glass as it will make the water rinse off. No need for windshield wipers!

Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tire Foam

Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tire Foam is convenient and easy to use foam. Spray the foam, let it make its magic for a few seconds, and wipe it off. For best results make sure that tires are clean and dried. You want the foam to stick to the tire and make it shine not mix with water or dirt. 

Meguiar’s Soft Foam Applicator Pad

Finally, we have the Meguiar’s Soft Foam Applicator Pad. You can use this as a pad applicator for your wax or scratch compound that is included in the kit. Just make sure to use it for only one purpose and not to use it for both wax and compound as it might not work the best. The pad is soft and ideal for gently applying Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax for outstanding results!

Best Car Detailing Starter Kit For Beginners FAQ

Q. Which is the best car detailing products to use on an expensive car?

A: The best car detailing products depends on how good you want your car to be protected and shining. For a more in-depth review make sure to read our review on the best car detailing products.

Q. How much to tip car detailer?

A: Depending on the work you should tip 20% of the requested price. For full details or restorations, 30% of what they’re asking for will make a car detailer very appreciated.

Q. How often should you wash your car?

A: Once a week is recommended to wash your car, once every three days is the sweet spot.

Q. Can a car steam cleaner damage the plastics?

A: If used improperly the car steam cleaner can melt your plastics and fade the dashboard. High temperatures cause damage to plastics. Make sure to use the car steam cleaner with a cloth on top and release the initial steam.

Q. Where to buy auto detailing supplies?

A: For the best auto detailing supplies you can head over to Amazon for faster delivery but also you can shop locally at your auto parts store or retail shops like Walmart. 

Final Thoughts

We come to the very end of the Best Car Detailing Starter Kit For Beginners. Which car detailing kit did you choose as a starter?

Let us know in the comments your opinion is very important for us.



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