Use this article as your guide that will direct you to the best Samsung smartwatches, because you might doubt yourself which smartwatch to choose, and which one is the right for you. We will mention to you some of the most popular and best Samsung smartwatches that you may find on the nowadays market.

This article will also come to your help if you want to get a general idea of a Samsung watch, Samsung galaxy watch, galaxy watch, galaxy watch 3, Samsung smartwatch, galaxy watch active 2, Samsung galaxy watch active 2, Samsung galaxy watch 3 or Samsung watch 3. We are here to help you out!

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Best Samsung Smartwatches

 Samsung Watch Active 2

Samsung Watch Active 2


The Samsung watch active 2, let me say that is one of the best ones you can find on the market nowadays. This watch is full of benefits and pros, it has advanced health monitoring, a long-lasting battery, fitness tracking, and many more other things.

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Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch 3

Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch 3


This is another version of Samsung smartwatches, of course, one of the best ones. This new version comes with more features and pros than other ones, including the standard smartwatches. You can now leave your phone behind, because this watch allows you to make phone calls, text messages, etc.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


When you first read this watch name, Samsung galaxy watch, you immediately notice that this is going to be a good one. But not only by its name, but the Samsung Galaxy also watch active has a lot of features that are a must for a good watch. It has a lot of supported applications, starting with, email, calendar, phone, pedometer, etc.

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Benefits of Samsung Smartwatches 

  • Most Samsung smartwatches have cameras and you may also take videos for 10 minutes.
  • They have health and fitness features.
  • Has a longer battery lasting than a smartphone.
  • You can receive calls and reply messages.
  • Thin, and very light that you won't be bothered.

Types of Samsung Smartwatches

Waterproof smartwatch

This type of Samsung watch is a very popular one because it won't be damaged by water, you can now run or walk in the rain without worrying if it will be a problem for the watch. Or if you like swimming, this is the right one, you can now swim easily because it is waterproof but also because it is very light and it won’t bother you.

Companion smartwatch

This watch needs a smartphone to work properly. When you sync the watch with your phone, you will be able to receive all the calls, messages, and all the other notifications on your watch.

Key Features


When you will schedule an event on your smartwatch as soon as the time arrives for that event, you will get a notification to remind you.


You don't have to worry anymore if you forget your wallet at home, the smartwatches have Samsung pay or Android pay, where you can now pay through your watch. They work at any store while offering contactless payment.

Other Considerations

  • You can get notifications from every app you have installed on your watch, also you can block them.
  • It shows the incoming calls when it is linked with your phone.
  • You can watch youtube videos or listen to music.
  • It helps you to find your missing device.

Best Samsung Smartwatches Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Down below you will find the best Samsung watch you can find nowadays on the market, which are full of features.

Best Samsung Smartwatches Overall

Samsung Watch Active 2

Samsung Watch Active 2


  • Very light, you can wear it everywhere without bothering you
  • Advanced health monitoring
  • It shows your heartbeat, when it's high or low it automatically alerts you to prevent disease
  • Long-lasting battery, it can go more than 5 days, which is more than the standard ones or the smartphones
  • Sleep tracker, this way you get a better night’s sleep
  • Monitor your stress level


  • The counting of the burned calories sometimes may not be correct

Nowadays smartwatches are very popular and also very handy, in this case, one of the best ones you can find is the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2. Let me say that this is a smartwatch full of features and pros. But one of the most important things is that you won't have to worry anymore if it looks good with your outfit because you can choose between the 5 colors that are available.

This is a very light smartwatch this way it won’t bother you and you can wear it everywhere you want. You can use it also in the gym, where it will show your heartbeat, and when they are high or low, the watch will automatically alert you to prevent disease.

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Best Samsung Smartwatches Value

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


  • You can leave your phone behind now., you can make phone calls, text messages, etc all these with this watch
  • Tracks more than 7 different and most popular activities
  • Can monitor your stress level, and also a sleep tracker
  • This watch has an integrated Bixby voice that can read your texts
  • Can be connected with Android but also with Samsung phones


  • The connection with the Apple phone may be a bit slow

The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is a new version of the Samsung watch, it has a lot of features and it is very easy to use. There are 4 colors available, where you can choose your favorite color, it is the perfect choice for your every day or even for different occasions because this watch looks great with almost every outfit.

This is a watch full of features, you can now leave your phone at your home because this watch allows you to make phone calls, text messages, and even streaming music. And you won't have to deal anymore with problems about forgetting your wallet at home, because the watch has Samsung Pay, which allows you to pay from the watch.

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Best Samsung Smartwatches Honorable Mention

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


  • Compatible with the most known brands of phones
  • Very thin and light, that you won't be bothered at all
  • Suitable almost for every kind of event
  • It has a long-lasting battery that may last for days with only a single charge
  • You can connect it either with wireless or Bluetooth


  • This watch doesn't have the gold edition

This is another perfect watch that is very suitable for any type of person, including every kind of event that they deal with in their everyday life. Even though it is available only in the green color, the color is perfect for almost every outfit you choose to wear, and you won't be bothered by it because it is very thin and very light. 

It has various supported applications that are very helpful for you during your day. An important thing is that it is a very good watch even for those who go to the gym or are very careful with their health because this watch can show your heartbeat and when they get high or slow the watch will send an alert.

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Tips on Buying The Best Samsung Smartwatches

  • Sync the Samsung health data with google fit to save your data.
  • Navigate with google maps from your wrist.
  • Samsung pays, a very easy way to escape from your wallet.


Q: What devices are compatible with the Samsung smartwatches?

A: You can easily connect your smartwatch with almost every smartphone, Apple, Android, etc.

Q: How can I activate the Samsung smartwatch?

A: As soon as you purchase your smartwatch, you will get a confirmation email with a QR code, then you will need to scan the QR code to set up your Smartwatch.

Final Thoughts

Let me say that Samsung smartwatches are the best watch that you can find on the market. They are the perfect choice, very suitable, with a lot of features, that look good with almost every outfit, and the most important thing is that they are light which means that you won't be bothered while using them, even if you are walking, dancing, swimming, etc.

If you have any questions or anything else, feel free to leave a comment!

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