Almost everybody has a smartphone, right? But not everybody has a case to protect their smartphone, they say that the case adds too much bulk and it ruins the original look of their phone. But we all know which is the most fragile part of the smartphone, the display. So why not protect it with a Screen Protector?!

The Screen Protector is the best way to protect the display of your smartphone as well as keeping the original looks of your phone, without adding any bulk. They are easy to put on and if it gets damaged you can easily replace it with a new one. 

The Screen Protectors cost from 5$ to 60$. Well, you won’t really be needing a 60$ screen protector, because the risk of getting damaged is the same as one that costs 10$, so buying an expensive one is not really necessary.

Best Screen Protectors

  • Best Choice: OtterBox
  • Best Price: amFilm
  • Premium Pick: Gorilla Glass


OtterBox includes the standard wipes, dust sticker, and frame installation is pretty easy. The anti-shatter, the ultra-thin screen protector is made generally from fortified tempered glass that defends against unwanted scratches and other common damages. OtterBox offers a variety of different types of screen protectors for almost any type of smartphone. They come for a price from 20$ to 60$


amFilm screen protector is the best choice if you are on a low budget. This screen protector usually comes for a price of 8$ and includes 2 Glass screen protectors, Installation Tray, Wet Wipes, and Dust Removal Sticker. The ultra-clear High Definition offers 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal and natural viewing experience.

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass, which is a type of glass that has increased strength, as a result of a post-production chemical process. The glass is immersed in a proprietary, hot, potassium-salt, ion-exchange bath and eventually gains its surface strength, the ability to contain flaws, and the crack-resistance mode. So if you want your display to be as safe as possible I highly recommend getting yourself this brand.

Do you need a Screen Protector?

Nowadays the screens are more durable and they are not as easy to scratch as before, nevertheless, they still are going to crack. Glass is still glass, and surely it will get damaged, no matter how strong it is. But with a screen protector, your display is going to be safe from micro-scratches or potential heavy scratches.

The Screen Protector is the best way to keep your smartphone safe, without adding more bulk and the best thing is that if your Screen Protector gets damaged you can always replace it with a new one, for only a few bucks. The same thing can’t be said about your original screen, as you know the screen or the display doesn’t cost either 10$ or 60$. So why not protect your screen and at the same time your money?!

The Screen Protector can also be used on other devices, and not only on smartphones. It can be used on your laptop, iPad, etc. If you have an apple watch surely you can buy an apple watch screen protector, the same thing goes even for the galaxy watch. Even though having a screen protector on your smart-watch may sound unnecessary, you never know what might happen.

Types of Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass screen protectors are exactly what they sound like. Instead of flimsy plastic material, these are made of a thin layer of reinforced safety glass that is designed to shatter without disintegrating or creating sharp edges. They are crystal clear for maximum visibility and also fairly flexible, in order to be durable under pressure.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Screen Protector

They consist of a polyester layer with a scratch-resistant coating on one side and silicone adhesive on the other side. They offer maximal clearness and an anti-scratch layer to your display. When it comes to impact-protection they are not so reliable but considering their price, then it’s a good deal. They are cheap, and in most cases, they come in packs of three. Their downside is that they don’t feel as nice as glass does to your screen.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Screen Protector

The TPU Screen Protectors offer elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. Since the material is elastic, you may say that it has “self-healing” abilities, for example, lighter scratches usually leave just a small dent in the soft plastic, which slowly returns to normal.

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

This kind of screen protector reduces glare, and as consequence protects your display from getting damaged. The Anti-Glare Screen Protector does give a much cleaner look to your display than most screen protectors. They offer a gorgeous matte finish on the screen, don’t leave marks or fingerprints, and they provide an anti-glare look to it so it reduces glare from lights, and because of that, it makes it less straining to use your phone for a long time.

Privacy Screen Protector

Well, this kind of screen protector will keep unwanted eyes away from your screen. They will block any glare from left to right or any other angle. They generally have a 45° angle, which means you can clearly see your screen if your face is at this 45° angle, and anything beyond this angle won’t be able to see a thing. The angle depends from one screen protector to one other.

Liquid Screen Protector

Liquid Glass Screen Protector is an invisible product/glass that can be rubbed onto your smartphone. It is made from nano-liquid, which when it dries, changes the molecular chemistry of your screen. You can not see the difference with a naked eye, but if you put your screen under a microscope, you will notice that all the holes and openings of your original screen will be closed. This product uses the strength and resiliency of silicon dioxide to create a better alternative to tempered glass for phones and any other glass surface.

What to Consider  When Buying a Screen Protector.

There are a few things which you should consider before buying a screen protector.

Anti-scratch Durability 

If you want your screen protector to last as much as it may, then you should see which one of the screen protectors is best for protecting your smartphone from any minor scratches like key scratches or any other one.

Smooth touch feeling

Sometimes the screen protector can be rough and very uncomfortable for the finger, so you should look for the ones that guarantee the most smooth feeling to your fingers. 

Perfect size

Size is very important when it comes to screen protectors. You should look for the ones that perfectly fit your smartphone and provide perfect full coverage.


It’s important for your screen protector to be shatter-proof because if your phone falls out from some considerable height, you won’t get hurt by broken glass pieces. 

Best Screen Protector FAQ

Q. How do I get rid of air bubbles under the protector?

A: Before installing the screen protector you need to make sure to clean the screen and use the bubble remover after applying the protector. If there are still bubbles use your finger to press on the bubble for several seconds, and move your fingers toward the end of the screen protector while putting some pressure on the screen/bubbles.

Q. Does it add much bulk on the phone?

A:  Generally the screen protectors are from 0,3-0,5mm thick and the plastic is around 0,1mm thick. In each case, they don’t add any bulk at all, and you won’t even feel them on your phone.

Q. What does 9H hardness stand for?

A: 9H on the Mohs scale means that a surface is almost as hard as a diamond, which is 10H, so when a manufacturer claims that their screen is 9h, it means the screen can resist scratches from the hardest strikes.

Our Top Pick

Finding the best screen protectors may be a difficult job, you have to do some research to find which brand is better and that can be a little frustrating. To prevent all that our team has done many types of research to provide you with the best ones.

Invisible Shield

The Invisible Shield glass is extremely durable, it saves your display from any kind of scratches or scrapes. It’s incredibly strong and offers triple protection against shattering.


The Spigen Screen Protector offers an easy installation, smudge-free coating, and a smooth feel to the screen. It has a really smooth surface and it literally gives the feeling like you are on a frozen pond. It looks great and it doesn’t collect a bunch of fingerprints or oil.


Save your screen with the LifeProof screen protector. The LifeProof Screen Protector is shatter-resistant so eventually avoids scratches and splinters, so the display quality of your screen shines through. Not to forget that it’s fingerprint-resistant, so you can touch, tap and swipe while your screen stays smudge-free.


The Aqualief Screen Protector is made from high-quality tempered glass to prevent scratches, oil, and fingerprints. It has 99,9% transparency to allow a natural viewing experience. This ultra-clear screen protector is very durable and features full compatibility with touch screen sensitivity.


The Speck Screen Protector is made from the highest quality tempered glass. It features an extremely sensitive touch and not to mention that it has a 9H scratch-resistance coating that resists fingerprint, oil, and dirt for a clear view of details and also it has a built-in antimicrobial treatment that reduces 99% of bacteria.


The Linklike Screen Protector is reinforced with a 9H rated tempered glass, providing up to 5x greater scratch resistance and effectively protecting your entire screen from comparison, scratches, cracks, or other impacts. Not to forget the high-precision 0,001mm stainless steel screen that is added to protect your handset from any dust or foreign matter.


Torras is focused on making screen protectors generally for iPhones. And they have done a wonderful job creating some strong, shatter-proof, and shock-proof screen protectors. The tempered glass screen protector from Torras has exceeded any other screen protector on the market when it comes to hardness. It is ultra-thin and meanwhile its anti-fingerprints, anti-oil, and bubble-free. 

Final Thoughts

If you drop your phone it will likely get damaged, and let’s face it that the repairs cost. So why not protect your device, and to be precise, why not protecting the most fragile part of your smartphone, which is the glass, with a screen protector?!

There are numerous ways to be proactive along with your smartphone to guarantee it is continuously secured. Two basic places to begin are to have a phone case and a screen protector on your smartphone. Having gadget protection is one of the most intelligent things you’ll be able to do. 



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