Gucci iPhone cases and accessories are becoming more and more popular. When it comes to designer accessories Gucci holds a very important ranking. The brand is based in Florence Italy and ever since its date of creation has produced high-quality designer products. Their line of products includes handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, makeup, fragrances, and home decoration. But with the trends going towards fashion they have also come to the market with accessories. In this article, you will see this accessories review and if they are worth it for you.

Are Gucci iPhone cases or Accessories worth it?

This has a two-sided answer. For people that like the technology a lot and are happy with simple and minimalistic design, such an accessory like a phone cover would only mean protection to their phone for them. On the other hand, we have communities who are keen on fashion. Such said a 200$ iPhone case would be worth all the money for them. That is because most designer brands have got something special for their customers, the brand name. If you compare the functionality a 15$ iPhone case will protect your phone the same as a Gucci iPhone case. 

Where are the differences made?

Differences are made in the craftsmanship and quality of products. Gucci puts a lot of detail and high-quality materials on all their products. The feel to the touch of a Gucci iPhone case is not the same as the feel to touch a silicon case. Their patterns also speak a lot. People nowadays like fashion a lot and someone might combo their Tiger pattern wallet with a Gucci Tiger iPhone case. This is how fashion works, and people like it. 

Also, a lot of influences whip their followers on what they are wearing, where they are traveling, what phone case are they using, and so on. Gucci being no different has got a huge amount of support in social media making the brand very well known.

The cons?

Despite mentioning the very high priced products not everyone can afford or does not choose to afford Gucci uses real leather on their products. These real leather items come out of animals in one way or another. Despite the brand announcing using fur-free products as an environmentally friendly movement, their line of products still uses real leather. 

Not getting much in detail about that because this website is about accessories review.

Another con that you will face if your try to go with Gucci accessories is depreciation. Simply said, people often like to change their smartphones once every 2-3 years. That would make your Gucci accessories worthless because they would not be compatible anymore. 

The Pros?

The pros of using Gucci accessories is build quality, brand awareness, fashion, and uniqueness. You don’t see 1 in 5 iPhone users having the same iPhone case as you do. People like to be unique in their own way and Gucci accessories are no joke. The build quality of the accessories is very high and you will be using an accessory for many years without any traditional wear and tear in a few months. Also, the brand is so popular as a designer brand you will be part of a community.

Which are the best Gucci iPhone Cases Accessories?

In this article you will find the best Gucci iPhone cases and accessories in 2021:

  1. Ophidia GG iPhone
  2. Ophidia GG chain iPhone 7/8 case
  3. Gucci Horsebit 1955 airpod
  4. Ophidia AirPods pro case
  5. GG Marmont AirPods case

1. Ophidia GG iPhone

Ophidia GG iPhone is the line of iPhone cases that Gucci has released. It is compatible with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro max. It will fit the iPhone 12 as well. This case comes in different patterns you can choose from. Doraemon x Gucci © Fujiko-Pro is part of a special collaboration between Doraemon and Gucci. Born on September 3rd, 2112, a cat-type robot was sent from the 22nd century to help a young boy called Nobita with secret gadgets from his four-dimensional pouch. A playful character, Doraemon hates mice and loves Dorayaki, a sweet pancake.

Other models feature Donald the duck with the Gucci pattern, Tiger pattern, and simple GG pattern.

Find it here.

2. Ophidia GG chain iPhone 7/8 case

The iPhone 7/8 case combines the signature motif with the Web stripe—a timeless pairing that pays homage to Gucci’s roots. The Ophidia GG chain iPhone case features brown leather trim and a Beige ebony GG Supreme canvas, this material has a low environmental impact. The case is compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 and it can fit 4 additional cards on the other side.

It combines the traditional red and green web Gucci Stripes and a gold-toned Gucci Emblem.

Find it here.

3. Gucci Horsebit 1955

 Gucci Horsebit 1955 AirPods case is our next item on the list. Apple AirPods are a very popular accessory and we have mentioned charging cases about them. Find the article here. This is more of a designer item and it looks very good. It will serve as a fashionable item as well as you won’t lose or forget your AirPods around.

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 AirPods case is crafted in a modern shape but it also ties in historical details. The collection unifies elements first introduced on the original bag that inspired the line from over six decades ago with a modern spirit, highlighting the Horsebit.  The Horsebit features brown leather trim and a Beige ebony GG Supreme canvas, this material has a low environmental impact with additional horsebit details on the front. A Neck strap with 14.5″ drop and the traditional gold-toned Gucci emblem.

Find it here

4. Ophidia AirPods case with chain

This would look very similar to the Gucci Horsebit airpod case. This case is meant to be worn as a necklace. The difference from the Horsebit is that this is smaller and does not have a neck strap but a gold-toned chain. The accessory is crafted from the House’s GG Supreme canvas and trimmed with brown leather.

It features brown leather trim and a Beige ebony GG Supreme canvas, this material has a low environmental impact with additional the traditional Gucci emblem on the front.  The inserts contain leather made through an alternative metal or chrome-free tanning process, reducing the environmental footprint compared to traditional methods.

Find it here.

5. GG Marmont AirPods case

The GG Marmont AirPods case is crafted with smooth black leather. Taken from the archives the double G pays tribute to the origins of the House. While a clasp allows you to attach the accessory to another item. It also features the traditional gold-toned GG emblem and the clasp is gold-toned as well. The main material, leather, is made through an alternative metal or chrome-free tanning process, reducing the environmental footprint compared to traditional methods.

Find it here.


These are all very good and fashionable accessories to have. On the other hand, they are not the most affordable you can find. If you are thinking about making these as a gift do not hesitate because they will make anyone happy. The good thing about the iPhone cases is that they are unisex and you can make them as a gift to anyone. The best out of all would be the Ophidia AirPods case with the chain because it is a mix of fashionable necklace and AirPods case. Compared to the Horsebit I would take this all day long because it is smaller and much better looking.

FAQ About Gucci iPhone Cases and Accessories

Q. Does Gucci use real leather on the Gucci iPhone Cases?

A: Yes, Gucci uses authentic real leather on its bags(some other use leather canvas or leather that does not hurt the environment )

Q. Is Gucci cheaper in Italy?

A: Due to import duties of different countries prices are more expensive than the country of origin.

Q. Does Gucci sell Gucci iPhone cases?

A: Yes, they sell iPhone cases.




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