iPhone 7 lack wireless charging capabilities but with technology evolving we have come up with accessories to adapt wireless charging to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+. We looked online, we had our research and from what we know we came up with these findings. These accessories have been put to the test and they don’t work the way you think.

How does Wireless charging work?

Wireless charging is a new innovative way of charging devices wirelessly, no cables needed. Is it bad for humans many might ask. No ,its radiation is too low to cause harm for humans. The technology behind wireless charging is the QI tech. QI basically will be the transmission from the wireless pad which sources juice to the device. 

This technology is adapted inside of many phones and devices and tested under many  different factors to work well for the end user. But adapting this to a phone like iPhone 7 which does not support wireless charging technology is different. I will explain why further below.

QI Receiver | Wireless Charging Receiver

The addition of this accessory will allow you to wirelessly charge your iPhone. Since the QI technology is not built into your iPhone 7 & 7+ we will implement it. These products go from 10-15$ on Amazon. The good thing about them is that they are cheap and you can adapt newer technology for very little money.

You will get rid of the wired getting in your way and many other wireless benefits. The bad thing is that you need to add a case ,but not just any case. Since the radiation is being thrown to the QI adapter it will share electricity to a close range. So you need to use a case that works out for you not to lose connection. Using a too thick case might not provide the best result , in our case it didn’t even detect the wireless charging pad.

How to Install the Wireless Charging QI adapter?

Now that you know how the QI technology works you need to know how to install your accessory.  It is very simple , the accessory is ⅓ of the size of your iPhone 7+ , a little bigger for the iPhone 7. You have to plug in the charging side of the QI adapter to your iPhone and flip the square wireless charging accessory at the back of your iPhone.

If you would like you can use a thin transparent case which will make your phone look like the inside of your iPhone 7 is transparent. You can also choose to use another colored case of your choice. We recommend using thin cases because the wireless charging will work better if you do so. Other cases of recommendation would be Wildflower which we have done a full review about. By the end your wireless charging iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ will look something like this, with a case over.

Are there any other ways to make your iPhone wirelessly chargeable?

There  is another way which can make your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ wirelessly chargeable.  And I don’t mean by doing anything to your device’s internal components. We have talked about iPhone charger cases in one of our articles and how those can help you and your iPhone have a better life. Since these products exist and they can be your side juice anywhere they are very helpful.

Where does wireless charging come to play with my Iphone7 you would ask. Well there are wireless charging battery cases which can do the job. One downside is that not all phone cases like will charge both your phone and your battery case. Some of them will but some other wont. Apple has launched their smart battery cases which charge both your iPhone and the battery case. 

What does this mean?

Well you can still have your battery case charging which will power your iPhone at any time. That is one solution if you go with third party accessories. Or you can choose the Apple Smart Battery Case. That goes for $99 and it will add wireless charging to your iPhone as well as extra battery to you on your outside runs.  

What’s the best Option for me?

Well if you are still using an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+  in 2021 chances are that you will likely change your phone in the near future. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ were released in 2016 and by the time of making this article your iPhone will be around 5 years old. Buying such a battery case that Apple provides will cost about half the value of any iPhone 7.

If you really like it too this case can add a lot of protection and functionality to your iPhone but keep in mind you can still use the case if you get the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8+ which are the same design but just have a few minor upgrades. About the QI accessory which you can find anywhere around 10$-15$ that will be a good buy for you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to upgrade to the latest technology.

Downsides of using wireless charging 

Now that we have talked about all the good things that wireless charging will bring to your phones and devices we need to mention their downside. Just like anything in economics you have to give up on something to get to enjoy something else. Wired connections provide a much faster and stable connection of any type. That goes into play with any phone, headphone, speaker, mouse or keyboard.

Choosing wireless can make you less tangled but you are losing speed. The charging speed will not be the same . The wired connections are about 35% faster than wireless connections. Wireless charging your iPhone will also be more expensive. You will buy your next accessory ,maybe the QI or the Apple Smart Battery case. There are additional costs associated with that. You also need to buy a wireless charging pad which starts from 25$ and up.

FAQ About iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

Q. Does a phone case battery or phone charger cases destroy my battery health?

A: No, it will not harm your battery. It first uses the battery of the case then the battery of the phone and these cases will not cause harm to your phone battery health.

Q:Does my wireless charging pad support the QI technology?

A: Most of the wireless charging pads support the QI technology , that will help charge most devices with this technology. Before using please look at the back of your pad for certifications.

Q. Is wireless charging bad for humans?

A: Wireless headphones  emit low levels of nonionizing radiation which is not harmful for humans.



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