iPhone XR is still one very likable from all of the recent modern iPhone smartphones like iPhone 8, iPhone X, and up. Because the iPhone XR can be sold still for a lot of money it is best to protect it with the best card case. In this article, we will try to go through some of the best iPhone XR card cases and help you choose based on your needs and your price range. 

Best iPhone XR Card Cases

  1. Best Choice: Frygiku iPhone XR Wallet Case
  2. Best Price: Supbec iPhone XR Case
  3. Premium Pick: Dockem iPhone XR Wallet Case
Best Choice
Frygiku iPhone XR Wallet Case
This iPhone XR card case has everything that you can ever ask about a phone case. It has large storage for all your cards (up to six cards), a dedicated place for your cash, and a special place where you can put your photo or the photo of your loved ones. Also, this card phone case is a must-phone accessory because it offers full protection, with a slim body and quality materials. It’s compatible with wireless charging and has a wrist strap for more convenience so you can free your hands.
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Best Price
Supbec iPhone XR Case
The iPhone XR card case from Supbec is one of the best hand-burnished and beautiful iPhone case wallets. It has a military shield design that allows you to store up to two cards. Offers perfect protection with its shockproof ability. 
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Premium Pick
Dockem iPhone XR Wallet Case
This is our personal favorite and for a good reason. Dockem offers a premium two-card slot canvas-style phone card case with an elegant and professional look of leather. In order to provide a secure feel while you hold it in your hands, it has an ultra grip style texture. On the top of a case is located a magnetic mounting so you can drive safely and also it is important that it does not interfere with the wireless charging. 
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Do You Need an iPhone XR Card Case?

The most common wallet-style cases are folios that fold over your phone, typically covering the front and back. The protection they offer is basic. While they protect the front and back of your phone from scuffs and scratches, you won’t want to play wrestling games with your phone.

Benefits of using a wallet case

  • Keep all your needs in one place.
  • It can be used as telephone support.
  • Provides protection against damage.
  • They are elegant.

Disadvantages of using a wallet case

  • They can be bulky.
  • You lose a lot more like credit cards, train cards, cash, etc. if you lose the wallet case.

What to Consider When Buying iPhone XR Card Case

The quality of the material. This is maybe the most important part while buying everything, not just phone cases. If you buy a low-end material product, it does not matter how cheap you are buying it, still, you are going to spend more money and time buying something else every time. In the phone card cases, case it is more problematic because if you buy a low-quality product your iPhone XR life is in danger.

The number of card slots. iPhone card cases do not come with a specific number of card cases, that is why you should be careful and choose something that fits your needs. If you want a card case that is slim you have to go with those that support max two cards. Or if your whole purpose of buying a card case is to put more cards you should definitely go for a more bulky one.

The ability to connect other accessories. Being able to connect other accessories too, while using your card case is super important. You have to make sure that you will not need to remove your card case every time you want to charge your phone or you want to mount it on a car holder. Also, when it comes to wireless charging bulky card cases can be a problem that is why you have to make sure if it supports wireless charging while the iPhone case is on.

The price. Buying based only on price or if you do not count price at all it is not a very smart factor. Price is an important factor but always considering other factors that we have talked about. You may find a lot of beautiful card cases for cheap prices but are a lot more overall good ones that cost more. 

The seller. No matter how nice it looks a product like a card case or pop socket on the internet you have to be careful before buying. Reading the reviews that other people have made on that seller is a must. In all of our articles, we will try to find some of the best sellers on the internet for you to buy from.

Best iPhone XR Card Case FAQ

Q. Do other cases fit iPhone XR?

A: iPhone XR has a fairly large body and also in the back is located with only one camera. Different from all the other previous and later iPhones even the positions of the side dials make it impossible.

Q. Is the iPhone XR drop proof?

A: iPhone XR is stronger than the iPhone 8 regarding drop shocks, scratches, etc. But still, it is not drop-proof. That’s why you need some quality case in order to protect it even more.

Q. Is the iPhone XR glass strong?

A: Quoting Apple itself, it is made with exceptional materials, and it’s quite strong. If you buy a phone case that reduces the initial shock the changes for the phone to break are reduced sicnifically. 

Final Thoughts & Our Top Pick

In conclusion, looking at and also distinguishing all of the above wallet cases, the Spigen Brand sells one of the best wallet cases for iPhone XR. It contains all the crucial features for a card case. Spigen offers absolute protection with dual-layer and air cushion technology. Its exterior card slot can contain two cards comfortably. It supports wireless charging and many other features.

Also, Cas Vena can be an admirable and preferable alternative. It also provides all the essential features for an iPhone XR wallet case. It has a military drop-test standard (MIL-STD 810G-516.6), surviving 26 drops from 4 feet high, full protection for your screen, and also compatible with wireless charging. Whatever case you wear, the most important thing is that your phone is well protected.

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