Choosing the right iPhone XR cases is the most important investment that you can do to extend the life of your iPhone XR. So when it comes to the phone accessories, the case is absolutely a MUST!

But there are so many of them, so how can you choose which one is the best. In this article, I will rank the top cases ranked among the other accessories.

On October 12 of 2018, Apple released its 12th generation of iPhone, the iPhone XR. These new iPhones came right after the launch of iPhone X (November 3, 2017) and iPhone XS (September 21, 2018) with a lot of new features and differences from the previous iPhones. But still, there is that one thing that hasn’t changed yet! What is that?! It’s the fragility of the phone!

iPhone XR Cases are a Must-Have Accessory

First, let me provide you with the top 5 benefits of iPhone XR cases.

  • Drop Protection
  • Scratch Free
  • Better Grip
  • Better Look
  • Cost-Efficient

How to find the best iPhone XR cases depending on your needs

Know your needs! That means that if you are in the market for an iPhone XR case first you must decide on the material. The opportunities are limitless because there are so many cases with so many differences between them, for example, leather cases, silicon, aluminum, wood and so many many more.

If you want to prevent your iPhone from getting damaged when it falls out of your pocket then the OtterBox case is definitely the brand that you need to choose. This case will prevent your iPhone XR from getting damaged even if it falls out of a 12ft length (4m)

Maybe you like diving and you want to take really cool photos with your phone but you’re afraid of the water damaging your iPhone, even though it is waterproof. Well, the LifeProof case is what you need, with water protection up to 6.6-foot depth. This case not only protects your iPhone from water but also from dust and sand.

For some years now Apple has been launching their iPhones with a bigger display and with a back made of glass material which makes it more difficult to handle them, especially with one hand, starting with iPhone 8 or Iphone 8`+, iPhone X, and above.

The back made of glass makes them very slippery and the probability to drop them is bigger. The silicone cases will provide you with the best grip and with the most comfortable way to hold your phone! Go and check out the OtterBox phone cases with their supermodels!

The iPhone never loses its value and you can be sure about that, but if you have an iPhone X and you want to make it look like you have an iPhone 11, well the problem is already solved. There are iPhone X cases that can make your iPhone look just like an iPhone 11 from the outside and nobody will ever know!

Here are the top 5 best-selling Iphone XR cases on Amazon

Protect your iPhone XR with the Raptick Iphone XR cases

  1. Military Grade Drop Test
  2. Raised lip protects the screen from damages and scratches
  3. Dust protection
  4. Soft rubber buttons
  5. Shock absorbing

Protect your iPhone XR with the Kitoo cases

  1. Military Grade Drop Test
  2. Covers every corner of the iPhone with full protection
  3. Essay to aces buttons
  4. Build-in unique design

Protect your iPhone XR with the Humixx cases

  1. Military Grade Drop Test
  2. Nanomaterial
  3. Sensitive responsive buttons
  4. Light-weighted
  5. Waterproof

Protect your iPhone XR with the Otofly cases

  1. Premium Soft Liquid Silicone & Rubber
  2. Environmental-Friendly
  3. Ultra skin-fit
  4. Quick wireless charging
  5. Full 360* protection

Protect your iPhone XR with the OtterBox cases

  1. Thin, Slick, and Stylish
  2. Rubber & Polycarbonate
  3. Water-proof
  4. Pocket -friendly design
  5. Durable protection shields against every drop

Best selling phone accessories 

Among the phone cases, there are a lot more phone accessories to provide your phone with. One of them is the PopSocket which got bloom in 2018 by selling around 60 million PopSockets grips. You can attach this accessory to your phone and after you pull the circle, slide your middle and ring finger between the circle, allowing for a more comfortable grip.

Tired of your cable charger always getting broken? The wireless charger will charge your phone by only putting your phone on top of this small device! No more broken cables, no more putting the charger on the port, only letting your phone on this device and stay relaxed.

Another must have accessory is the portable charger which provides you with the opportunity to charge your phone anywhere and everywhere. This little but with a great impact accessory lets you charge your battery at 100% at least two times.


If you are still not fully convinced why you should get yourself on these accessories let me tell you just one thing. PROTECT your investment! By only investing a very small amount of money on one of these accessories you will save yourself hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 

FAQ About Iphone XR Cases

Q. Are phone cases really effective?

A: YES! They can protect your phone with a 100% maximal security.

Q. Can the phone still get damaged with the cover?

A: That depends on the type of the cover. Its recommended to use the silicone material case because they are more shock-absorbing than the others.

Q. Does the case make the phone beautiful?

A: Absolutely not! In fact you can personalize your case however you like, making it the perfect accessory ever.

Q. Are the phone cases expensive?

A: You can find them for a price between 1$-50$.

Q. If a phone case has a high price does it mean that is better than the others?

A: No! The price doesn’t mean that it’s better but it means that the brand is different. Focus on the material and not the brand.




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