You’ve picked your Audi based on your own requirements and are you now looking to fully equip your vehicle? If so then keep reading the article below and add the finishing touch to your car, giving it a completely personal setup. Choose the right best Audi Accessories for the interior and exterior of your car.

So if you have just bought an Audi but the interior or the exterior of it is very common, and you just don’t want your car to look like that, here are a few Audi Accessories that might help. 

Improve Your Audi Interior Design with best Audi accessories

So I decided to start from the interior and then pass to the exterior. Here are a few Audi Accessories that will not only make your car look special, but they will also protect the interior of your car from any possible damages or scratches.

1. Seat Covers

If you really don’t like your seats you can change them by only purchasing some new seat covers. They are very simple to install, you won’t be needing to raise or remove your seat to install this product. You can choose the material and the color of your seat cover to match the original color of your car. They may also be waterproof and very easy to clean.

2. Gear Shift Cover

Change your old looking gear shift with a new carbon fiber cover shell or maybe a leather one, which fully covers the original gear shift. No more old and boring gear shifts.

3. Decorative Trim For Door

This accessory not only provides a different visual effect on your car but it also protects the door side from any damage. It fits just right on your Audi, and it’s designed according to the original car standard specifications.

4. Interior Lightning

Change the inside atmosphere of your car with the LED Strip Light. By only pushing the button you can change the way your car looks during the night. It comes in 8 different colors and it’s very easy to install, you just have to strip the back of the double-sided tape, and plug the spine into the car cigarette lighter.

5. Audi Key Fob

Believe me when I say that the Audi Key Fob is a must-have accessory. The key is the most delicate part of your car. If you drop your key from a considerable height they will get broken and it costs hundreds of dollars to make a new one. So why not buy a Key Fob that looks very cool but also protects your original keys from any possible damage.

6. Pedal Covers

The Audi Pedal Covers are made generally of Aluminum material and Black Non-slip Rubber Stripes, which make them more durable and easy to clean. They offer an excellent surface drawing treatment and clear line stripes, which improve the shine of the interior car.

Improve Your Audi Exterior Design

!. Audi License Plate Frame

The Audi License Plate Frame made of stainless-steel or silicone material will protect your license plate from rusting or any common damage. They will also give your Audi a nice and cool look from the front and behind.

2. Headlights

Let’s say that you have an Audi a3 that has a very common exterior design with normal headlights and everything else. You can change that and add a more finesse look by purchasing new Headlights that are modern and match your car. Believe me that the Headlights really do add a good look to the car. 

3. Chrome Trim

If you like finesse but also want to give your car that cool, shiny look then what you have to do is to get the Chrome Trims for your Audi. The chrome Trims do not only protect parts of your car but they will also add a shiny, mirror look to it.

4. Grilles

Billet Grilles, Wire Mesh Grilles, Off-Road Grilles, and many more to match the taste of your car. The grilles are a must-have accessory. Because they will not simply make your car look better, they will also give that “new car” feeling. If you have an old Audi A4 or maybe Q7, or any other type, the Grilles will make the car look like a newer model.

5. Roof Racks

This accessory is so useful when it comes to traveling. They don’t only offer an extra space to put your luggage but they also do provide a safe place to put your extra-large belongings. For example, let’s say that you want to take your bicycle wherever you go but there is not enough space in the trunk. So where do you put it? On the roof! 

Extra Best Audi Accessories

If you just love your car then I highly recommend you to provide your car with this little extra accessories. I guarantee that they will come in handy.

1. Back Seat Organizer

If you want your car to be as organized and clean as it can be, then I highly recommend this accessory. It provides you perfect storage, with many separated compartments, for storing practically anything you will need.

2. Car Covers

Car Covers protect your car from any climate change. It means that the car covers provide full protection from UV rays, dirt, rain, hail and so many more. So if you don’t have a garage to park your car, then I highly recommend you to buy a Car Cover

3. Car Seat Leather Repair Paste

If your leather seats are old and torn and you just don’t want to spend lots of money fixing them, then The Leather Repair Paste is perfect for you. This product lets you bring back the original color, sheen, softness, and brand-new shape. This wonder paste contains premium and carefully studied components, which are compatible with all kinds of leather seats.

4. Car Vacuum Cleaner 

With this little accessory, you will clean your car interior as effectively as a professional car cleaner. You will be spending less time and less money and it takes just a little effort.

FAQ about Best Audi Accessories

Q. Are S line accessories expensive?

A: S-line accessories are not always expensive, body parts are not that expensive, engine and performance parts can be a little more on the expensive side.

Q. Are the Roof Racks compatible with every Audi model?

A: The Roof Racks can be put on every Audi model. You just have to find the one that fits your Audi model.

Q. Can I make my Audi look like an S line?

A: Sure you can. You can buy different body parts or even interior accessories that can make your Audi look like an S line.



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