Best Car Mods Under $100 (Review and Buying Guide) in 2021

November 4, 2021

Getting your hands on to a new car will make you wonder about the next little upgrades to make on your car. Here we will cover the best car mods under $100, for newbies in the car industry, this is the best approach they can make to their car without spending much on mods. These mods will totally be under $100 and will cover cosmetics as well as performance mods. 

Best Car Mods:

  • Best Choice: Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake is an easy replacement for the usual air intake on your car. The cold air intake will be a great car mod because the filter is already a consumable item and you can install one very easily. The cold air intake will be placed further from the engine, therefore there will be a supply of cooler air going into the engine and make the car perform better. People often refer to this as a +5 to 10 HP increase. 

Secondly, this car mod will make your car sound better. Revving the car will give that turbo flutter everyone loves. You can pick your cold air intake with the fancy long tubes for under 100$ anywhere on Amazon or any local shop. The best brand for Cold Air Intake filters is K&N.

  • Best Price: Window Tint

Window Tint is the best price mod you can make for your car. The window tint will transform your car’s appearance into a more aggressive-looking car.  Based on the legal regulations imposed from each country the window tint will be in a different percentage of darkness.  Some states will allow for a full tint while others allow for the rear passenger windows to be tinted. 

There are 2 types of tint. The front window tint cannot be totally tinted because there will be zero visibility. The front windows are usually tinted in a triplex color. That helps from the violation from the sun and gives the car a whole different look. The other type is the basic black window tint. Get them done professionally by any local shop for the best appearance and fitment.

  • Premium Pick: Ceramic Brake Pads

Brakes are a very important part of car performance. They are the one assembly together with the wheel-tire set that breaks the car. Using high-performance brake pads will make your car take sharper turns because of the ability to react quickly to them. Ceramic brake pads are a great car mod under $100, they cause the least dust break and can be put under serious conditions like high temperatures and heavy braking.

Best Car Mods Buying Guide

Check Before you Buy

Before you make any purchase you are highly advised to make your own research if the parts will fit your car. A good tip is to use the VIN number at the local shops to locate the parts, or put the vehicle specifications like make, model, and year and it will filter out the best car mods result for your car. 

Buy Quality Parts

Make sure you buy quality parts because they will be worth your money and time at the same time. Using cheap parts will make your car’s performance even worse than what you are actually running. Buy parts that you think that you can install yourself saving yourself some money from a costly mechanic. That will allow for space to buy a higher quality part for your car. 

Think About Car Mods in the Long Run

This is crucial because you might like the idea of installing a cold air intake to your car as the best car mod you can ever do. But if you live in a place where floods often occur think about that twice. Cold air intake will get water much easier to the engine, therefore causing serious problems to the engine. That is why you see off-road trucks with huge air intakes at the top of the hood.

Think about any car mod that you make in the long run. If daily driving is all you do car mods such as 21Inch chrome wheels will not be the most comfortable to ride with. Pay attention to all the details with pros and cons on each upgrade.

Do You Need Car Mods?

The short answer is yes. Car mods will make your driving experience much better in the short run and in the long run at the same time. The pros of having car mods onto your car are better looks of the car, better performance, and so on. But you have also got to think about the cons. 

Below we have the list of pros and cons of car mods. 

Pros  Cons 
Better Looking Car Ricer Themes
Better Driving Experience Legal Rules Of Each State
Easier Driving  Not evaluated when reselling
Higher Performance Avoid Manufacturer Warranty

While higher performance and better looks of the car are one good side of the car mods story on the other hand your dealer will not accept a turbo failing because you unplugged the devertive valve on your Audi. There are bits and pieces drivers do for the best appearance or performance. Some countries allow a full tint of the car front and back while others don’t. The resale value of your after-modded car will not be as much as you expect it to be.

Despite throwing a bunch of money into the car the buyers will evaluate the car as if it was a stock one. But on the other hand that can help you sell your car faster as it’s got mods. The best thing however is your driving experience. All things aside it feels great when you drive a car you love, with the mods that make music for your ears.

Types of Car Mods

There is a large variety of car mods you can do for your car. Some people like their car lowered with their turbo fluttering around while flooring it. On the other hand, people like to lift their car and make their straight pipes loud. The car mod industry has an endless category of items.

Some of the best car mods are listed below :

  1. Methanol Injection System
  2. Sport Suspension System
  3. Sport Seats
  4. Custom Steering Wheels
  5. Car Wrap & Window Tint

1. Methanol Injection System

Methanol Injection System is a performance system used in gasoline cars that mixes water and methanol to create an atomized mixture of both into the air intake of the car. In much simpler terms this will make your car go very fast with an increase of up to 20% more horsepower. These systems can be more on the expensive side but promise a lot of horsepowers.

2. Sport Suspension System

Don’t get me wrong about sport suspension systems. These can not always mean lowering your car to the bare minimum. Sport suspension systems help a lot if your casual driving is of a long-range. The car will react better in overtaking and braking. This is one of the most common car mods you can find on many cars.

3. Sport Seats

The car mods do not cover the exterior of the car only with bigger brake pads or a wider sets of wheels. The interior is also an important part of the car. Sports seats are important and very popular in the car mods community. You would see cars like Honda Civics with a lot of horsepowers using a sport seat to hold the driver intact while taking sharp turns. Not the most ergonomic seats you can find on the market but a must-go.

4. Custom Steering Wheels

Custom Steering Wheels give the car interior a next-level appearance. These can be a wood steering wheel for Mercedes, a carbon fiber steering wheel for Audi, or a usual Alcantara leather steering wheel for Mazda 3. This is the best car mod for daily drivers because you would still have your safety features together with a custom wheel.

You can also choose to have the custom steering wheel that has a quick release. This is the best mod you can make on performance cars. The downside is that these quick-release steering wheels do not have an airbag and you might have legal issues if you use that on a daily driven car.

5. Car Wrap & Window Tint

Painting a car to restore the factory look and remove all the scratches might be a huge cost. The alternative is to wrap the car. The wrapping can be done at home and the best thing is that you can undo it at any time without causing any damage. It is recommended to have the service done by a professional shop for the best outcome. 

The window Tint is also popular and under the $100 price tag. The windows can be tinted for multiple reasons. One is the sun violation protection. The sun violation can be harmful sometimes and a window tint can help with that. The front window looks super aggressive and good-looking if you wrap it in triplex color. Much like a chameleon, the driver will enjoy long runs and high protection from sun violation. Another benefit of using a triplex window tint is that people can not see you from the outside.

What to Consider When Buying Car Mods Parts

You have come to the conclusion to purchase your next car mod part. Before you do that there are a number of factors to consider before buying. 

Here are some factors to consider when buying car mods parts:

  • Price and Quality
  • Seller Reputation
  • Similar Options

Price and Quality must be your number one priority. For little more or little less, there might be a huge difference in quality. Buy the best quality parts and you will enjoy the full potential of your car. Seller Reputation is an important factor because that summarizes his relationship with previous customers. If the prices are great but there is no customer service you rather stay away.

Always look for other options. Price is not the only determining factor. Later delivery and you have to wait and struggle for a car mod under 100$ is not worth it. Make sure you look at all possible options and choose the one that fits your needs.

Best Car Mods FAQ

Q. What mods make cars illegal?

A: Based on each state regulation the car mods differ. Muffler delete, loud stereo systems or loud exhaust pipes are illegal. Some countries however do not allow windows tint or custom mods.

Q. Can an F1 car be street legal?

A: No, F1 cars do not meet the minimum requirements of the safety features to be driven daily.

Q. Can a 4 cylinder beat V8?

A: The new technologies offered by manufacturers today aim for the highest horsepower using the least amount of resources. From the technology and thanks to mods yes, a 4 cylinder can beat a v8.

Q. Nissan 350z max horsepower?

A: The Nissan 350z comes with 244 horsepower to the wheels from the factory but that can be tuned to 400 horsepower without compromising the durability and reliability.

Q. What is the best cheap car mod?

A:. A cold air intake will make the engine run cooler air while also giving out a great noise for the driver. 

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best car mods under $100 would be the cold air intake. This is the pick of choice because it will make your car run cooler air into the engine but at the same time sound as cool as you would like it to be. We also recommend going with this as the first upgrade to your car as it is the right way to go. Installing loud exhaust without an engine revving great is not the best option. 

Final Thoughts

We have concluded the best car mods under $100 without our top listing above. Which one fits the best for you? Let us know in the comments below. Your opinion is important for us.

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