Best Car Shampoos In 2021: Make Your Car Shine

April 30, 2021

In today’s topic we will be discussing the Best Car Shampoos. What do you need to know before buying one, which one is best for your car, and your budget. But most importantly, what makes the difference between the average car shampoos and the best car shampoos.

Car shampoos are special liquid chemicals that mix with water to wash your car. It is important to know what car shampoo to use on your car. So in other words before buying one, you should consider looking at the formula of the shampoo. The shampoo needs to be gentle to the exterior of the car, and should be safe to the paint.

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Automotive soaps are actually highly engineered materials. The chemistry can be quite varied across soaps, there are lots of different additives you can put in. Depending on these different soaps they all ate going to have different activity levels. With that said let’s take a look at the Best Car Shampoos of 2021.

Best Car Shampoos

RecommendedChemical Guys Mr.Pink SuperSuds

Chemical Guys Mr.Pink SuperSuds

Overall Rating: 5/5

CarPro Reset

CarPro Reset

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Meguiar’s Gold Class

Meguiar’s Gold Class

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

Best Car Shampoos Reviews and Recommendations in 2021

Best Overall


Chemical Guys Mr.Pink SuperSuds

Chemical Guys Mr.Pink SuperSuds is an all round great car shampoo. Chemical Guys specialize in car care products. Their car shampoo helps clean the car withouting harming the sealast you may have applied like wax or ceramic coating. Featuring a specially formulated pH formula this is a safe to use car shampoo to use as part of your car detailing kit

You can use this shampoo in any type of car and keep it scratch free because the foam turns out thick if you mix it properly. That makes for a safer wash as you are less likely to scratch the car if your mitt washer catches any small dirt. Chemical Guys Mr.Pink SuperSuds comes in a 1 gallon jug. You have to dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:5 to get that perfect foam. You can use this car shampoo with the traditional 2 bucket method or any foam-cannon of choice. Regardless of your application choice you will be left with a clean car with no residues left behind and user-friendly experience.

Chemical Guys Mr.Pink SuperSuds

Best Protection


CarPro Reset

CarPro Reset is one of  the best car shampoos you can use on your car. This car shampoo features a neural pH formula that will easily take out dirt and grime scratch free. The intelligent surfactants break down traffic film, dirt, debris, and mineral water deposits, rinsing freely and leaving no soap, alkaline residue, polymers, silicones or other adulterants. Using this car shampoo will turn out the surface to be more hydrophobic making it easier for you to dry your car out. 

One downside of using this car shampoo is that little amount of 0.2 gallons for 25$. Despite that CarPro Reset can be diluted in a greater ratio compared to usual shampoos. You will also need to take in account that this can take out some of your sealants or waxes if not professionally applied. 

We recommend that you stick with the whole CarPro series including this premium car shampoo together with the CarPro Ceramic Coating as the Cquartz technology is developed in such a way to break others waxes or sealants. CarPro reset can be used in a two bucket method or a foam cannon sprayer. Tip: Make sure to use gloves before mixing water with this chemical solution to prevent skin damage.CarPro Reset

Best Value


Meguiar’s Gold Class

British car care products of Meguiar’s are very popular in the US and Europe. Meguiar’s Gold Class car shampoo is a best seller anywhere. This car shampoo can wash and condition the paint surface easily and without causing scratches to the paint. Meguiar Gold Class comes in a 1 gallon jug which is plenty of soap to be diluted. Using this car shampoo you can have up to 100 washes in a bottle. This all-in-one car shampoo is also safe to use and won’t damage your car sealants like wax or ceramic coating. 

This car shampoo can be diluted in a 5:1 ratio and used in a foam cannon spray or a 2 bucket method. Finds best usage in very dirty car paint, helps break down the dirt and it is by far the best car shampoo for mosquitoes who get trapped in the bumper. The downside of using this car shampoo is that it will not help prepare a pre-wax or polish just like the CarPro Reset.

Meguiar’s Gold Class

Honorable Mention


Adam’s Mega Foam

Adam’s Mega Foam car shampoo is the best if you like yout foam very thick. The Adam’s Mega Foam comes in 3 different combinations as you can buy from 16oz up to 5 gallons. The pH Neutral Soap won’t harm waxes or sealants. Adams car shampoo rinses clean without steak or water spots making it easy to wash your car under sun lights and thick foam helps in preventing scratches.

Adam’s Mega Foam

Honorable Mention


Turtle Wax Car Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning the interior is also important for your car appearance as much as your exterior is. Turtle Wax Car Carpet cleaner is a must have accessory for your car detailing kit. It is specially formulated with Odor-X odor eliminator to help remove odors caused by pets, cigarette smoke, food and mildew. The cleaner comes in a 18oz can with a detachable brush at the top. The detachable brush can help clean tight spots with an ease. Can be used as a car seat shampoo, car carpet shampoo or any type of car interior shampoo.

Turtle Wax Car Carpet Cleaner

Benefits From Using The Best Car Shampoos

  • Gently Clean Your Car
  • Improve Esthetics 
  • Protect Paint
  • Better Than Usual Car Shampoos

One of the key benefits from using a special car shampoo is your ability to wash your car easily without scratching it. It is a fun process that takes little time and will help your pocket too. Going through expensive car washes will damage the paint as the automated brushes might sometimes pick up dirt. 

Secondly you will improve your car esthetics and it will make you love your car and the way it looks. Washing your car regularly with the best car shampoo will help make your car better looking. It will help remove stains, dirt and salt from your body panels.

And that’s where we get to protection. In the winter local authorities throw salt on the icy roads so the snow will melt quicker. Once the car is dried you will be left with dirt mixed with salt all over your body panels. If you take care of your car by using the best car shampoos you will properly remove all the contaminants mixed with salt and help your panels not rust out. These car shampoos can also be sprayed to the bottom of your car and can help break the salt.

This is where we come to the comparison with usual car shampoos. They will do the job but not quite as good.  The best car shampoo will help in all aspects of your car cleaning, removing dirt together with contaminants such as salt and dirt. 

Best Car Shampoo Buying Guide

When buying your car shampoo you need to know a few things so you will not harm your car’s paint and sealants like ceramic coats or waxes. Also based on the purpose you will need to make individual purchases for hard to remove dirt. Before buying a car soap you should consider 2 basic features. Those features are the Formula and the pH Concentration. Why are those important? Well these two components are those who make the difference between the average car shampoos and the best car shampoos.


Make sure to read the formula and the effects that a particular car shampoo has on your paint. Some protect your sealants while some others don’t. The formula can be of different type , different thickness ,different shine and application type. 

Some will benefit from a car shampoo that will rinse off the water and make the car shine while others like their shampoo to take out the dirt only and apply different sealants and conditioners by themselves.  

pH Concentration

pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity in a chemical solution. You will find the pH concentration listed on the description of each car shampoo you can buy. Some feature a pH neutral concentration. Other chemical solutions tend to be more acidic and can harm your paint if they are not washed away quickly or under the sun. Make sure you get a car shampoo that will fit your needs and make your car cleaning experience easier. 

Example: I wash my car on my driveway. During summer time I like to hit every corner of the car but since the sunlight is hitting the foam it starts to create water spots or even fade my paint if not washed away in time. I still do not recommend that you wash your car under sunlight but if you do make sure to buy  a neutral pH concentrated car shampoo. The Adams car shampoo ,mega foam is very thick and has a neutral concentration formula. Best for washing your car under sunlight.

Other Considerations

Once you have thought about your car shampoo concentration you also need to take in account these 3 things for your shampoo:

  1. Protection 
  2. Scent
  3. Design 

One of the most important things to consider when buying a car shampoo is protection. Some car shampoos offer great shine but not great protection. You need to think of a car shampoo that will protect your paint. The best shampoo must have all three features. A good scent and easy to use design so you will not spill more than your clean and great protection. As mentioned before some car shampoos offer neutral pH formulas , some others offer washing and conditioning. A car shampoo with wax is a good choice. 

If you are new to car care products protection of the paint is done when a special chemical such as a car shampoo with wax filles all the clear coat pores and helps the clear coat shine better while also protecting from UV rays.

Best Car Shampoo FAQ

Q. Can I use home detergents as car shampoo?

A: We do not recommend using home cleaning detergents as a car shampoo because they are designed and formulated for home usage. The car shampoos are formulated to break the dirt and help the car shine. 

Q. What is the best car interior shampoo?

A: Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning is the best car interior cleaning shampoo. Together with a Karcher steam cleaner and a brush you can make your interior free of dirt. 

Q. Does Karcher make a car shampoo?

A: Karcher has the best design in terms of car shampoos. The karcher car shampoo comes with a measuring cup and you can buy it together with the pressure washer. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking forward to washing your car in your driveway under sunlight we recommend you stick with adams car shampoo.  For a more professional look and better care the CarPro Reset will help the car paint in the long run.

Which is your favorite car shampoo? Let us know in the comments, your opinion is important for us.

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