Best Galaxy A20 Cases

In our previous article, we talked about who were the best cardholder cases for the superb smartphone by Samsung A20. Today we are going to tackle a wider subject, which is the best Galaxy A20 cases. Some things that you can expect from these phone cases that differ from the cardholder ones are:

  • The bulk that is added from the card compartment is removed.
  • Designers focus more on the look and how to make them way more protective.
  • The possibility to make room for different accessories like a second battery.
  • If you own a separate wallet or small purse, it's easily stored there.

Keeping these things in mind our team has searched the internet to bring to you 3 of the best Galaxy A20 cases divided into 3 categories. On the first, we are going to talk about the best low price case that everyone can afford, on the second for the best case overall, and lastly our honorable mention. Without losing more time have a look at our list, and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

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Best Samsung Galaxy A20 Cases

LeYi Samsung A20 Case

Usually, we see this kind of premium case come with a high price. Luckily for you, we are able to find this LeYi case for only $8.88. Let’s see together the great things that this phone case has to offer...

Circlemalls Samsung Galaxy A20

If you really want to protect your phone this is the go-to phone case. The protective features are endless. Made especially for those that like to go on a lot of adventures.

ZIZO Bolt Series for Samsung Galaxy A20 Case

A truly unique phone case for all of you that like to have only the best phone case for your Galaxy A20 phone. With the military-grade drop protection that this phone case offers, your smartphone will be super safe inside its shell.

Best Galaxy A20 Cases Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Galaxy A20 Cases Overall

LeYi Samsung A20 Case


  • Before ordering please be careful you chose the right size, this phone case fit only Galaxy A20 and A30
  • The major part of this case is made by premium glass not those cheap plastic ones
  • With the price of the phone case, it comes 2 tempered glass screen protectors
  • The edges are made of soft rubber material in order to absorb all the shocks that might happen
  • Military-grade protection in case any accident might happen
  • Precise cutouts on every buttons and port


  • If the back of your phone is broken will be visible

LeYi store once again has surprised us with the low price that sells high-quality phone cases like this one. Luckily for you, this LeYi phone case for Galaxy A20 comes for only $8.88. The first great thing that this phone case has to offer is its beautiful design with back-tempered glass. 

In order not to hide the natural beauty of the Samsung Galaxy series the designers thought of putting tempered glass that is surrounded by protective TPU plastic. Combined with a tempered glass screen protector your phone will have all-around protection. It will take a big accident in order to do some harm to your phone. Other than that you should be good to go.

Best Galaxy A20 Cases Value

Circlemalls Samsung Galaxy A20


  • It will fit perfectly on both Samsung Galaxy A20 and A50
  • Full coverage of your mobiles weak spots while leaving easy access to camera and buttons
  • Easy to install without any tools
  • Tempered glass comes with the package
  • Easy to install without any tools
  • Finally, a 60 days warranty is provided from the seller if any inconvenience might happen
  • 3 protective layers which 2 of those are made from Polycarbonate and one from TPU


  • It might be a little bulky

The advanced technology that is used to build this phone case is outrageous. There are three separated layers that are combined together in order to create the perfect protection for your phone. The inner and exterior parts are made from Polycarbonate and the middle section is made with a high-quality TPU.

But how did we come to the conclusion that this phone case actually protects your Galaxy A20? Way before it was released for the market, the architects have tried it on different occasions and drop tests for its protective abilities.

Best Galaxy A20 Cases Honorable Mention

ZIZO Bolt Series for Samsung Galaxy A20 Case


  • Dual-layer design that will disperse any shock that might be caused by different falls
  • It is proven that protects your phone from up to 12 feet fall from different military-grade drop tests
  • In the package comes also a holster to free your hands and pockets
  • The built-in kickstand also provides additional functionality
  • A tempered glass screen protector will come in the package also
  • It will not slip even on slippery surfaces
  • Designed for three Samsung Galaxy models A20 / A50 / A30


  • It is not recommended with a classy outfit

Zizo store has recently launched a Bolt series of phone cases that have as the main focus a special design that resembles the bolt symbol. The coolest part is that with this superb design comes military great protection. By buying this phone case you will enhance the looks and durability of your Galaxy A20 smartphone. 

As this isn’t enough, the Bolt series phone case comes with different cool features like the holster belt clip. With the help of this holster, you can go running or indifferent outside activities without worrying about a place to keep your phone. Another hassle on this phone occasion is a place or pocket where you can put your most important cards. Do not worry the designers have thought about this too. On the dedicated compartment like a true cardholder case, where you can carry both your credit and ID card, for those unpredictable moments that you will need it.

Final Thoughts

Now that you came to the end of this article we hope that you have a clearer idea of who is the best Galaxy A20 Case for your phone. Do not hesitate to use one of the links to go directly on the products page and order the one that you liked the most. If you want to learn more or just want to ask any question, just comment down below and our team will be more than happy to provide a fast answer.

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