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Huawei has been performing giant moves in the smartphone market in recent years, and Apple and Samsung have had to fight with the P20 and P20 Pro. They are both fantastic smartphone alternatives to other flagship smartphones on the market, with the latter’s triple-lens camera being surprisingly good. It is without a doubt one of the best camera phones available at the moment. Both also come with a gorgeous look and superb build quality, so if you’ve already packed one, or are planning to do so, you’ll definitely want to keep it protected. Huawei same as every other smartphone needs the best Huawei cases to keep your phone safe.

Fortunately, with the Huawei brand gaining more and more recognition, there has been an increase in the number of manufacturers producing cases for them, making it a generous selection. We’ve rounded up some of the best here, for your reading.

Best Huawei Cases Reviews & Recommendations

Best Choice: Spigen’s Lightweight Case

Spigen's Lightweight Case

Spigen’s lightweight Huawei P20 Pro case will make certain that you’re not covering up too much of your superb mobile device. There is no denying that the back panel of the P20 Pro looks amazing in the Twilight finish, with its different colors appearing depending on its angle to the light. You’ll want to show it off then, and with Spigen’s clear case you can. Spigen’s case also offers full protection for the phone, including raised bumps for the buttons.

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Best Price: Huawei P40 Silicone Case 

Huawei P40 Silicone Case 

A sleek, subdued and stylish cover case is also offered as part of Huawei’s own range of accessories. If you are not feeling like having a flap cover, but still want to keep things formal? The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro silicone case could be made for you. Designed to be as thin as possible while providing a high level of coverage, the Huawei Silicone Case is an ideal solution to protect your phone.

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Premium Pick: Huawei Official Genuine 

Huawei Official Genuine 

The official alternative is usually the most reliable, and this case has some smart highlights that make it an excellent choice. Huawei’s Smart View Case for the P20 and P20 Pro features a translucent panel on the right that lets you quickly see information on the screen (which reformats accordingly) while providing protection. Rather than a simple removable cover, the Smart View case has a back panel to protect the back of the phone as well.

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Best Huawei Cases Buying Guide

What do you want to have in your final purchase?

Everyone usually puts together a list of preferences they wanted to have in their future product. But there are some things that we often overlook while making the final purchase. To prevent such incidents from happening, create an appropriate list of preferences and try to match them to your selected product. Make sure you get the final purchase that best matches your list of preferences. When finished, don’t forget to check the final price.

Try to buy from a reliable brand only

One thing that I would prefer that you go with while making the final purchase is to go with the trusted Huawei P30 Pro cover brand only. As the level of competition in the market steadily levels out, the number of brands is also increased to a greater extent now and this is something that is creating a huge mess now. Going with a reliable and trusted brand always brings a level of convenience for future consumers.

A well-known brand not only provides you with a quality product but also gives you better customer support.

Does your product have any offers?

Discounts and offers are something that catches the eye of almost every user. But do we still have them? Certainly not and especially when sales are at their peak. The majority of brands and sellers only provide the best deals and coupons. For example on the holiday season is the best time of year when one could easily get their favorite product at the lowest prices possible.

As everything has been put online now, it has become quite easy for users to know the best deals ever.

How about the comments?

Reviews from the trusted audiences have a greater impact on the final decision of the Huawei P20 Pro Case. Improved technology has made it easier for consumers to know the response of the previous customer. Reviews help you know the pros and cons of your favorite product and also help you know the details of each product.

Vendor reliability

The reliability of the seller makes a lot of difference. It has become quite difficult to differentiate between the original and the first and second copies of the product now. Buying from a reliable seller brings a level of security for quality and also helps you get better 24×7 customer support in the future too. This is the best thing that can be done to stay safe from scams and fraud in the future.

Types of Best Huawei Cases

A few seconds of inattention is all it takes for your P20 or new P30 Pro to be on the ground. Avoid this by adopting one of these protections:

The Classic Case

This classic case will allow you to protect your phone on the side and on the back. The only downside is therefore that it does not protect your screen. If you are investing in a shatterproof screen cover this is a good choice for you, except the case will hide your phone’s design.

The Survivor shell

If you are a little clumsy like me, the standard case will not be suitable to defend your smartphone. So opt for a more efficient case or cover like the Survivor model. Providing maximum protection all components of the phone will be secure, including the screen. Only downside: it is quite impressive.

The bumper

The alternatives that hide the design of your Huawei P20 or P30 mean nothing to you? The bumper is an excellent solution to guarantee good protection without covering the design.

The case

The case protects your phone as well as your screen, but if you adopt this protection, understand that it will take a little longer to answer your calls and messages and you will not be seen on your notifications.

Best Huawei Cases FAQ

Q. Which is better Spigen or Otterbox?

A: Just overall, Otterbox cases offer more protection and are more durable and shock-resistant in comparison with Spigen that are quite tough but not at the Otterbox level. However Spigen cases are cheaper and they are worth buying.

Q. Why are Spigen cases cheaper on Amazon?

A: It is well-known now that the big manufacturers sell some of their products cheaper through their resellers. Because of the big audience that Amazon has, Spigen is able to earn more, even with the lower prices.

Q. Do phone covers affect the signal?

A: Phone cases are perfected in recent years in order to not interfere with the abilities of your phone. If you look closely there are openings near the antenna bands of the device so it doesn’t block the signal reception strength.


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