Best Inflatable Water Slides In 2022: Complete Guide

November 26, 2021
Best Overall
 BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slides
BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slides
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Best Multi Slide
 SUNNY & FUN Inflatable Water Slides
SUNNY & FUN Inflatable Water Slides
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 ALEKO Inflatable Water Slides
ALEKO Inflatable Water Slides
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Let’s face it: Kids today spend a lot of time on the phone, and a lot of activities are put on hold. Well, that’s why this summer, it’s the best time to invest and transform the outdoor space into a giant water park for kids to score some time in the sunshine. Kids are born to be free and enjoy themselves on endless hours of fun and inflatable water slides are about perfect to let them be happy and get wet in a safe manner. Let this article be a buying guide with some tips to consider before investing in inflatable water slides for adults and kids.

Buying Guide For The Best Inflatable Water Slides


 If you’re looking into the best water slides in 2022, you need to consider space. This is because you want a slide that will last for more than one summer, it’s highly important to find the one that fits your amount of space. A giant inflatable water slide can be kids’ most favorite but you need a huge backyard or extended gardens. Even if you have a baby yard, you have a perfect chance to find the best inflatable water slide among all that variety available in the market.

Age Of The Kids

Bounces and slides are kids’ favorite and adding the element of the best inflatable water slides it’s the recipe for a perfect time outside. Water slides are recommended to be used for kids over 2 years old and for them, it is better to be careful choosing the safest versions such as sunroof-covered jumping slides, water sprayers,s, and curved slides. For kids older than 5, the best and most preferred are the 7-foot slides with safety rails and handlebars. And for the kids over 10, you are free to choose considering the size and weight support. In this case, inflatable stairs, built-in sprayers, and tunnels are safe to be used for added fun.


 A very important thing to consider for durability and safety is the material. It is not easy to keep a giant water slide for years unless you take great care and choose a good and sustainable material to take the heavy beating. Kids and adults jumping and sliding may lead to tearing a great material is the key to stability. Puncture-resistant, heavy-duty nylon material is the best for durability, also a heavy-duty Oxford adds a dose of life and safety. Be sure to give a good look at the material to keep kids safe and save some time and money.


Inflatable water slides can come in various sizes. Large water slides start from 15 feet, single or double lane, climbing walls, and more. A very good and helpful option to set a giant inflatable water slide can be electric blowers, and some high-power ones can inflate the slide in a few minutes. Desmalting and water removal are also very important. Draining out the water easily and quickly can be done better through plugs and slopes. Kids just want to enjoy the summer and parents need to take care of the rest. Taking these tips into consideration will make the job much easier.

Best Inflatable Water Slide Recommendations

BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House

The popular BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House is the best if you are looking for an inflatable water park. It is a combination of functions and entertainment in one, with Two Slides, Climbing Wall, Basketball Rim, Splash Pool, and Water Cannon. There can easily be 3 kids and some sweet accessories come extra for more entertainment such as an inflatable ball, a carrying bag, and a hose assembly.
  • Made with premium Oxford material and connecting areas are surrounded by mesh walls for extra safety
  • Every kid’s weight should be under 116 lbs. The price for the package that contains the blower is much higher
  • Every kid’s weight should be under 116 lbs. The price for the package that contains the blower is much higher

Tips: Recommended for use with 480W blower. Recommended for kids 3-10 years old.

SUNNY & FUN Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

The  Inflatable Water Slide Park that comes from the brand SUNNY&FUN is a very suitable product if you have a small garden or backyard. It is a combination of a Climbing Wall, Slide, & Small Splash Pool. It is made of premium heavy-duty nylon and can be set up effortlessly with the included Air pump or an electric blower.
  • Keeps multiple kids entertained at the same time
  • Air pump included on the price
  • Only one slide, not a lot of functions
  • It can be a little pricey

Tips: To be used by kids over 5 years old

ALEKO Extra Large Inflatable Playtime Bounce House

If you are looking for a water slide for the whole family ALEKO Extra Large Inflatable Playtime Bounce House with Splash is a very good option. It is a bounce house with also a splash pool and slides to entertain both kids and adults. Recommended for Bouncers between the ages of 3 and 8 years old and have strong mesh walls. It is made with heavy-duty material and is very durable.
  • It comes with a 750W Air Blower and a user manual
  • The open-roof design allows for plenty of air and sunshine
  • It required a big space, recommended for users with large yards

Tips: Suitable for kids ages 3 and up, the maximum weight it carries is 400 pounds(181kg).

Final Thoughts

If you have a big place around your house and are looking for extra entertainment this summer go for BOUNTECH and ALEKO. You can have a giant inflatable water slide in the back of your house that can also be used by adults. For a more economic and cozy version go for Deluxe that is one of the best inflatable water slides for endless hours of fun. 

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