Loopy Cases is one of the best websites that offer some of the most unique accessories and phone cases you can get on the web. Also, Loopy Cases offer a very unique thing that made them well known that we are going to talk about later in this article. 

Best Loopy Cases

The best thing about Loopy Cases is that you can find every phone case for the same price. It doesn’t matter if you choose the Sparkle or Leopard case they both cost only $39.00. That’s why in this category we are not gonna rank the phone cases from on their price but on how much the smartphone costs. You probably know how much the new addition of smartphone cost and who is sold for more money, that’s why let’s cut to the case. 

Best Choice: Samsung Galaxy Cases

It was hard to pick who goes to this category between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models, that’s why we picked Samsung only because of their prices that are slightly lower than iPhones. With Loopy Cases, you can maintain the slim look that Samsung tries to give to their premium models. Especially for Samsung Note Series that are huge smartphones and sometimes hard to use with just one hand, Loopy phone cases make this way easier with their added accessories like the super loops. 

Best Price: Google Pixel 5 Cases

Less known and even less bought in comparison to the big names in the industry like Apple and Samsung, Google Pixel models offer still great features and quality for their prices. Even if you don’t like that much how your smartphone looks with Loopy cases you will love your phone even more. For your Google Pixel 5 for example you can choose from these cases like “Stealth Black”, “Leopard”, “Opal”, etc. Also if you want your phone to look extra beautiful when it charges you may want to buy one of the customized Loopy charging cables. 

Premium Pick: Apple Loopy Cases

Apple has set the bar in the smartphone industry. They have the largest number of sales for quite some years now. Because you love it so many Loopy Cases have put extra attention to their cases and other accessories. I don’t know where to start with the diversity of these cases. There are a lot of models like “Plaid”, “Sparkle Hot Pink”, “Midnight Leopard”, “White Marble”, etc. Also for iPhone, you can choose from a bunch of accessories like tempered glass, AirPods Pro Cases, or Loopy charging cables. 

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Do You Need the Best Loopy Cases?

Nowadays with phones getting bigger and bigger for us to enjoy every inch of the quality screens. However, this made it harder to hold and use it with only one hand. Loopy cases offer special features that help with this problem. 

Types of Loopy Cases

These are just some of the cases that Loopy has to offer. To see the whole catalog you need to go to the Loopy Cases website and choose the model of the phone that you own. After you got through this step then all the different cases will be visible to you and you can choose whatever fits your personality.  Also if you have a Loopy Case coupon you can get your favorite Loopy Case with a great discount included. Some of the Loopy Cases that you can have are:

  1. Sparkle Silver
  2. Sparkle Turquoise
  3. Pearl
  4. Midnight Leopard
  5. Gardenia
  6. Navy Polka Dot
  7. Tropical Hibiscus

What to Consider When Buying Best Loopy Cases

If you are thinking to buy a case for your iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, or every other model we will try to give you some information on what to consider and to expect when buying Loopy phone cases. The three main things that Loopy Cases dedicate a lot of attention are full-coverage protection, comfort, and interchangeable loops. 

Full Coverage Protection

Loopy’s dual-molded exterior case provides you excellent shock absorption just in case a drop should ever happen. Also, Loopy’s lifted front edge guards your phone against face-down drops or table tosses.

Designed With Comfort In Mind

Loopy’s uniquely engineered loop bend and position allow for users with every hand size to fit securely and easily in the loop. And while we say it’s comfy, we mean SUPER comfy.

Interchangeable Loops

Most of us only own one case, so wouldn’t it be nice to just change a loop to switch things up? We considered so too! All loops are interchangeable to each color you want, plus they’re flexible for every finger size.

Best Loopy Cases FAQ

Q. Are loopy cases worth the money?

A: If you appreciate functionality and aesthetics, youʼll unquestionably will enjoy the Loopy case. As long that you use Loopy cases as much more you will love it so much that youʼll overlook some of the things that other cases offer.

Honestly, the loop just makes the iPhone, Samsung, and other big-screen smartphones better to use. It assists us to obtain the most maximum out of our iPhone.

Q. Do the Loopy Cases lay flat?

A: All Loopy Case comes with a carrying container. You can notice that the edges of the loop do stick out a bit of the interior of the case. The cases lay relatively flat when you slip your phone in. The cover does have a slightly raised edge all the way around the phone so the screen won’t collect unnecessary scratches and fade.

Q. Can you wirelessly charge with the Loopy case?

A: There is definitely a method involved with wireless charging with Loopy installed. If your current wireless charger does not operate, you’re still in luck because Loopy is very simple to un/install!


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