Oppo is one of the new companies that has produced a large number of quality phones in recent years. The more powerful they get, the more they need the best Oppo phone cases. That’s why we thought to give you some cover and cases for your Oppo models like Oppo a5, Oppo a5s, Oppo a53, and Oppo a31. At a low price, Oppo offers great specifics like a 6.5” LCD screen with 1080+ resolution and is powered by Snapdragon 665 chipset.

Also even with the budget phone is common now to find a quad-camera and a fingerprint sensor on the back. One of the best things that we found on these price tag phones is the large battery to be precise up to 5,000mAh with 18W. Anyway, without losing too much time let’s start with what you are actually here…

Best Oppo Phone Cases Reviews & Recommendations

Best Choice: TiHen Full Body Case

TiHen Full Body Case

The reasons that we advise you to buy this phone case by TiHen are numerous but let’s mention some of them. Starting from the obvious reason: what protection does it offer for your Oppo A5/A3s/Realme 2? Firstly that’s right this phone case can fit perfectly into 3 models from Oppo. Because this awesome phone case comes as a 2 and 1 product provides excellent protection.

You do not need to buy a screen protector, because high-quality tempered glass comes with it. All the drops, scratches and you name it, won’t be a problem about this case. If you are a gamer or someone that likes sports the design of this case is just for you. It is stylish, lightweight, compact and it doesn’t add extra volume to your Oppo phone. 

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Best Price: Goospery Pearl Jelly for Oppo A37

Goospery Pearl Jelly for Oppo A37

As we are used to at the best price section we have an ultra-slim and lightweight case. But the price, in this case, doesn’t mean anything because this case is flexible and a great shock and scratches protected. The Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane material that is used has premium quality in terms of Anti-Slipping technology in order to prevent accidental drops.

We are used to seeing cases in this price range that start yellowing superfast but the Goospery Pearl Yelly will look good on your Oppo A37 as long as your phone will last. 

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Premium Pick: Zengming phone case

Zengming phone case

Wallet or card cases as a lot of you call them are one of my top favorite types of cases. If you are more of a serious type, work in an office, or just want to organize everything more, this Oppo phone case for A5 models is the perfect fit for you. The only problem of Oppo phone card cases remains with the ability to use all the buttons, speakers, and the camera. But this is not a problem for the Zengming phone case because of the perfect aligned cutout that ensures full access to your phone. 

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Do You Need Best Oppo Phone Cases?

Phone cases were initially produced for high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or Apple’s iPhones. Now as the budget phone ar getting better and better every day is turning into a necessity to buy even for the less known brands phone cases. For example, Oppo a53 needs a high-quality back cover in order to protect the awesome quad camera. Oppo a5 is a 2020 product that needs a back cover in order not to ruin the premium materials that Oppo engineers have used to build it. 

Top places to buy phone cases online

  1. Amazon
  2. Wildflower
  3. FutMomento
  4. Loopy Cases

Cases materials

  1. Silicon
  2. Genuine and PU leather
  3. Plastic (polyurethane, polycarbonate)
  4. Metals
  5. Fabric
  6. Wood

Best Oppo Phone Cases FAQ

Q. Which material back cover is good for mobile?

A: PU leather is used a lot in order to make more affordable covers. Leather qualities like durability and elasticity make it perfect to use in the day to day use to save your phone from unpredicted falls and drops that might happen. 

Q. Which is the best site to buy mobile covers?

A: The Internet is filled with websites where you can buy literally everything, however, it is a risky move if you buy from untrusted webpages.

Q. Which is a better flip cover or back cover?

A: Honestly in the end this will be decided only on what your preferences are because the differences are not a lot. Flip covers protect your screen much better when they are closed, but back covers, on the other hand, allow you to be more efficient because you do not need to flip the case every time you want to use the phone for a little bit.

Our Top Pick

For the top pick section our team found the most beautiful phone case that you can buy on Amazon, the Isadenser phone case that is compatible with Oppo A15. This phone case has a full 360 degree body potective ability. At the moment you can buy this case only for US and European versions. It adds minimal bulk so you don’t have to worry if your phone will be too big for your pocket. The kickstand that is incorporated with this phone case will let you enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows hands-free.

Also, dust, scratches and shocks will not be a problem anymore. You can see all the quick notification i your phone through the clear view glass. This way you can look at the time or the last notification way easier and faster. The Isadenser team before shipping puts a protective film so it can come at your home the way you ordered, but you have to remove it before using it in your phone.



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