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The Samsung wireless earbuds are the best solution for you to use while you are working, during your workout, etc. You can now talk or enjoy music in a very comfortable way, and the most important thing, with your hands-free. Down below we are going to present some of the best Samsung wireless earbuds you can find in the market.

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Our Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Top Pick

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

These bugs have a combination of the features that other wireless earbuds have with some new tweaks sprinkled in. This way you will have the best Samsung wireless earbuds that you can find in the market.

  • Water resistant
  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery lasting
  • Touch control
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pus

These earbuds have the same ecosystem as other ones, but they still receive updates, this way you can have improvement on your earbuds. They are also very known as one of the most comfortable earpods on the market.

  •  Compatible with other devices
  • Loud and clear voice
  • 22 hours battery lasting
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Let me say that these earbuds are very unique, they are bean shaped, which ensures you to be very comfortable while using them. Also they are the first earbuds of Samsung that can offer ANC support.

  • Good sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • very long lasting
Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are full of features, let me say that they are one of the best ones that you may find nowadays. Also they are affordable even by the price they have, but also they are worth it to buy it for yourself.

  • Comfortable
  • US version
  • Long battery life
  • Noise cancellation if you want
  • Compatible 
Samsung Gear IconX

These earbuds are water resistant which allows you to do your workout without worrying about sweating, or even when it rains. They are also very easy to wipe down and clean when you are done.

  • Fitness tracking
  • Water resistant rating
  • Good sound quality
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable design

Benefits of Samsung Wireless Earbuds

  • You now are hands free and cord free.
  • They have high sound quality.
  • You can walk while talking.
  • Affordable and stylish.

Types of Samsung Wireless Earbuds

In-ear headphones

Samsung wireless earphones are designed to enter the first part of your ear canal, providing you an excellent sound quality, and also not damage your ears. But if you leave them unattended for too long it might cause an ear canal infection.


These ones stay outside on the gate of your ear, at a very affordable price, but they also tend to be a bit uncomfortable for your ears because they might fall.

Ear Hook Earbuds

These ones go around your ear, allowing you to exercise, work, walk, etc meanwhile listening to music or speaking. They won’t fall off during vigorous exercise.

Key Features

  • If you have a low battery you can use one earbud at a time.
  • You can change your earbud’s name.
  • You can find who is calling without looking at your phone.

Other Considerations

  • You can check the earbuds battery through your phone.
  • The earbuds case can be wirelessly charged.
  • You should use the earbuds safely.
  • You can now do other things while talking or listening to music.

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Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Overall

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


  • Stop the bothering noises with just only one tap, this way you will activate the noise cancellation
  • They are water resistant until 3 feet deep for nearly half an hour, this way you won't have to worry during your workout or when it's raining
  • It provides a crystal clear call
  • You can control your playlist with touch control
  • Long lasting battery for hours, and also you can charge them with the wireless charging case


  • They need custom EQ

Let me say that these earbuds are the best combination of the previous features that wireless earbuds had with new tweaks that are sparkled in. This way you will have the best Samsung galaxy earbuds from one of the most popular companies to date. They are small, with a light weight, and they also have a matte finish inside to make them easier to grip.

Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Value

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus


  • The perfect noise isolation from distracting noises
  • Very good and long battery lasting, they can be used for more than 11 hours
  • It provides you an excellent voice quality, clear and loud
  • They are compatible with Android and IOS
  • Can be charged through USB-C and also Qi wireless charging


  • It has a glossy case finish which doesn't look great
  • It has no ANC support

The Samsung Galaxy buds plus are very popular, known as one of the most comfortable earbuds that you may find these days in the market. They are one of the affordable alternatives with the same ecosystem, also receiving updates to improve and to get better performance.

Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Honorable Mention

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live


  • It has a magnificent sound quality that rocks
  • You can activate the sound cancellation to eliminate the bothering noises
  • They have a long lasting battery
  • Their case doubles also as a wireless charger
  • Compatible with Android and IOS


  • The touch control sometimes can be finicky

Let me say that these earbuds are one of the most unique ones that Samsung has ever made, with a perfect bean-shaped form, which is very comfortable for your ear. These earbuds can benefit even smaller ears and reduce fatigue while using them for long periods. It also has a good battery that can go for eight hours with the ANC off, or six when it's on.

Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Compact

Galaxy True Wireless Earbuds


  • Good sound quality
  • Very comfortable to use because they are lightweight
  • They are water resistant
  • Has the noise cancellation to avoid bothering noises


  • You may have a small problem with the touch control

Even though these Samsung bluetooth earbuds are small sized earbuds, they are full of tech inside. As we know nowadays we deal with a lot of noise on the street, bus, airplane, etc, to stop the bothering noises from interfering with your music, call, etc, you can use the noise cancellation.

Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds Gym

Samsung Gear IconX


  • They have built-in fitness tracking
  • They are water resistant, you won't have to worry anymore when it's raining
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Very comfortable design and lightweight


  • Lower battery life compared with the new models

The gear iconx has great passive sound isolation, which won't allow you to be disturbed by the outside noises. They are also lightweight, which allows you to work out without bothering you, and also a very good sound quality, where you can make calls, listen to music, etc, without having problems.


  • You can change the earbuds silicone part.
  • Clean your earbuds to prevent ear infections.
  • Wear your earbuds in the right way, to prevent them from falling off.


Q: Can I connect Samsung earbuds with the iPhone?

A: Yes, most Samsung earbuds are compatible with Android and IOS.

Final Thoughts

You can now move around freely while listening to music or making calls with Samsung wireless earbuds. This is the perfect way to listen to music without bothering about other people’s preferences or spaces, but also avoid disturbing noises from interfering in your call or music with noise cancellation. Let me say that Samsung earbuds are the best choice you can make for yourself.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

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