Wireless technology used to be something that inspired people, something exciting. Nowadays it’s pretty mundane. That’s what happens when something becomes mainstream. We do admit that wireless technologies make our lives convenient to a degree that would otherwise be unimaginable. But it doesn’t mean that wired devices, and in this case, wired headphones are less convenient.

In terms of sound quality, wired headphones support much higher bit rates than wireless headphones. So if you are listening to top-quality lossless audio or analog records such as vinyl then the wired headphones are the best choice.

Another thing to consider is the price. Wireless Headphones or Bluetooth Headphones sure are discernibly more expensive than the wired headphones. So the question appears: “Why should I pay more for lower sound quality?” and “Which of these is better?”. If you want a good quality pair of headphones, but wanna still remain on a budget, then you check these 5 top Best Sony Wired Headphones.

Best Sony Wired Headphones Reviews & Recommendations

Best Price: Sony MDRZX110AP Extra Bass

Sony MDRZX110AP Extra Bass

Sony MDRZX110AP has an acoustic bass booster that provides an incredible bass response as well as a 30-millimeter driver for a wide frequency response of 5-22 kilohertz. The construction is predominantly of plastic, but there are some metal parts in the hinge that allows the headphones to fold. Besides that, the headband is adjustable with an audible click.

These headphones are on-ear type. That means that the foam padding sits on the ear, rather than around it. The material itself is synthetic, so even after long periods of time, they remain comfortable on the ears. The Sony MDRZX110AP perhaps is not the best Sony Headphone, but it is one of the best Sony Wired Headphones that you can buy for a low price.

Best Choice: Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony MDRZX110NC features a 12–22,000 Hz frequency response for pristine bass, mids, and treble. These lightweight headphones reduce outside-noise noise by 95%, so all you’ll hear is the music and only the music. The cable length is 1.2 meters, which is very convenient because it won’t get in your way.

The unboxing comes with a battery. The battery is used for the noise-canceling feature, which will be inserted into the headphones. Once you insert the battery, then you can turn on the noise-canceling feature. So if you are looking for a noise-canceling headphone, that offers a decent sound for a decent price then this pair of wired Sony headphones is the right choice.

Premium Pick: Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506 Headphones will change your life if you have never heard what a good headphone is supposed to sound like. Imagine for a second that you have been to music all your life, but haven’t actually heard the music. How the artist intended for it to sound, the clarity of the instruments, the spacing of the composition. With the Sony MDR7506, you will provide to your ears all of the magic that a good quality pair of headphones is supposed to provide.

The 40-millimeter drivers deliver high-quality sound, with a wide frequency response so you can enjoy crystal-clear sounds. The MDR-7506s feature a closed-ear design, this offers both convenience and a significant reduction in outside noises. The generous headband padding just adds more to the comfort of your ears. The headphone isn’t the most comfortable in the world, but there is a reason why it is still around all these years.

Best Overall: Sony MDRZX100 ZX

Sony MDRZX100 ZX

Sony MDRZX100 ZX is built with comfort and performance in mind, to maximize your personal audio experience. The ear cushions offer a very comfortable feeling, and thanks to the plastic material that these headphones are built-in, they are very lightweight. So wearing the MDRZX100 ZX for long periods of time, won’t be a problem.

30 mm driver units deliver high-quality sound, with a wide frequency response ( 12 – 22,000 Hz) so you can enjoy crystal-clear sounds. The sound quality is not the best, but considering the price of these wired headphones, it’s pretty convenient. It features a nice red band, which marks the right from the left side. 

Best Bass: Sony XB550AP Extra Bass

Sony XB550AP Extra Bass

Sony XB550AP Extra Bass is made of plastic, which feels very light. It weighs only 180 grams, and as you can guess by its name, they offer more bass. So if you are not a bass guy, these headphones aren’t perfectly a good match for you. The headphones come with a 1.2-meter tangle-free cable, which means that you don’t have to worry about those annoying tangled cables anymore. The Sony XB550AP offers a good-looking design, with a matte finish soft cushion. The cushions are made of extremely soft rubber, and when you wear the headphones the cups isolate a great deal of outside noise.

30 mm driver units deliver balanced sound with exceptional quality and a high-frequency response that variates from 5 – 22.000 Hz.  Sony XB550AP allows you to customize your controls via the free SmartKey app, which is available at Google Play and the App Store


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