When it comes to choosing the right Bluetooth headphones there is a wide range of headphones you can choose. But there are also a lot of factors going into the decision making of your Bluetooth headphone purchase. Some of the things that need consideration when looking for the your next Bluetooth headphones look out for:

  1. Battery Life and Charging Speed 
  2. Sound Quality and Depth
  3. Voice Call Quality 
  4. Ergonomics 
  5. Build Quality 

Why you should choose wireless headphones

There are a lot of reasons to choose wireless headphones. Wired connections are always clumsy and sometimes cumbersome. The other thing to mention is that wired headphones twist together into a confused mass that stresses most people out. The difference other than ergonomics comes into play in sound quality. Most end users use their headphones to listen to music and answer phone calls. Most of the music is in MP3 format and the difference between a tangled and wireless headphone is none. When it comes to users like music producers wired provides better sound quality.

Do you need a wireless headphone?

A single thing I think most of us hate is getting our headphone wires tangled and taking 10 minutes of our life to untangle them. Wireless headphones are very useful because they unlock the freedom of moving without being tangled and enjoying the advanced technology incorporated with them such as Voice Assistant or Smart Listening. Wireless headphones also provide very comfortable ergonomics to the ear. My first Apple Airpods  were the first entry into wireless headsets and I cannot live without wireless headsets anywhere I go. They will make your life easier too.

Choosing the Best Wireless Headphones

We have mentioned in our other articles that when it comes to choosing your phone accessories or any other accessory we suggest to choose brands rather than third parties. Here you will find our listing of the top wireless earbuds and which one fits best for you. Something to mention is that all of the Bluetooth earphones are all good and ranking does not have any arithmetical meaning. 

  1. BOSE-soundlink around-ear wireless headphones II

Kicking off we have chosen Bose. Bose is a very popular brand in the headphone ,earphone accessory market. These technological advancements have gotten us to the sound link around-ear wireless headphones II .  It comes in 2 colors Black with  very nice surrounding lines of blue and White mixed with beige around the earphone leather  and upper frame. The headphones are very functional they can be paired with Bluetooth as well as NFC with just a tap on the side.

Its exclusive technology includes low and high volume modes. Meaning you can use these wireless headphones while working in low volume mode and  still be aware of surrounding areas and while you want to shut off the world and listen to your favorite music. Taking calls is very useful as these headphones provide a crisp natural voice when having a call. The microphone is very good and your voice will be clear  any time whether it’s windy outside or any other condition. This headset is best voice call quality out of all our rankings in this article.

2. Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony is next up on our list is the Sony WH-1000XM4. I know the name might sound a little confusing to most of you but the sound quality will not. Sony is a very famous brand. They have built many successful items over the years like the Playstation Series as well as other smartphones, TV and high quality cameras. Their Sony WH-1000XM4 is  a very good looking headphone set. Their ergonomics is very good, so does their noise isolation. The cool feature about this wireless headphones is the Smart Listening. Thanks to the different sensor that Sony puts into its wireless headphones and earbuds when you take off your headphones the music stops.

So does when you start speaking, also included is Speak-to-Chat which stops the music and lets the ambient sound to have a chat without taking off the headphones. The headphones have got a battery life of 30 hours and the good thing is they charge in only 10 minutes thanks to the optional AC adapter. This is the best  sound and quality wireless headphones in our article.

3. AirPods Max 

Apple made their first appearance in wireless headphones with the AirPods Max. Since the Apple airpods have been a high success and a very handy gadget to the market. These are some luxurious and very comfortable headphones. They are the most expensive among this list but Apple does a very good job in the product it launches as always. Their wireless earbuds the Apple Airpod made the first appearance in the wireless earphones. About the AirPods Max we have to say that the noise cancelation is very well designed.

They are made out of a stainless steel headband wrapped around in soft polyurethane material. The ear cushions are made of acoustic memory foam with a breathable mesh on top. This is a very simple design but it looks very fashionable just like any other Apple product. This is the most comfortable and best ergonomics , and the most expensive in our list.

4. Sennheiser HD 450BT 

Sennheiser is a very successful German company and they are generally focused in design and production of headphone and microphone devices for personal and professional use. Their HD 450BT  provides very high wireless sound and the headset gives you superior sound with deep dynamic bass. This is one of the cheapest in our list but the performance is very good compared to all others It has a very good 30 battery life which can get you through all day long. It comes with voice assistance as well the Sennheiser smart control App. For 199.95$ this is a steal.

In our list this is the build quality wireless headset.

5. Jabra Elite 45h

Jabra Elite 45h is the best money for value wireless headset. That is because of many things it comes packed with. They promise 45 hours of battery life and 10 hours of non stop usage. The headset can be charged in only 15 minutes. These Bluetooth headphones are very well built , they look very fashionable and the ergonomics are very user friendly. Jabra Elite allows you to use Google Voice Assistant just like you do with your phones. Works for iPhone and Alexa as well.

It’s only 110$  and it provides very high quality of voice cancelation and music. The earside is made of  memory foam and faux leather and it is very comfortable on the ears. In our list this is the best budget headset.

FAQ About Wireless Headphones or Bluetooth Headphones

Q. Are wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones safe for humans?

A:Wireless headphones  emit low levels of nonionizing radiation which is not harmful for humans.

Q. Is it bad for our ears to use wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones all day?

A: It is not recommended to use headphones at high volume any time and if you wear headphones all day you increase risk of an ear infection.

Q. Can I use wireless headphones OR Bluetooth Headphones during shower?

A: Look out if your model is water resistant despite many manufacturers not recommending their products to be put under continuous water supplies like showers or faucets.



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