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Car chargers are a very important gadget in our daily life because we are always on the move. Such said we also need our phones to be fully charged as the lifestyle and day to day monotony is closely related to your smartphone. We speak with our loved ones with our smartphones ,schedule meetings and share photos.

All these many activities draw our battery during the day. And not only during the day sometimes the battery life is less than half a day. So once you are stuck in traffic with 10% battery level nothing would be better than a car charger. But not any car charger, most people experience with car chargers is related to phones not charging at all or very slow charging. We have done our research on the best car chargers you can buy to make your life easier. 

Types of Car Chargers For Your Phone

There are 2 types of connections that you can charge any device. Wireless charging and Usb Charging. The wireless car chargers are newly entered into the market ever since the adoption of wireless charging to smartphones. Usb car chargers on the other hand have been more popular since many times. Cars incorporate a cigarette plug , that has been used to develop usb charging devices as an input port for your car charger.

These chargers are not harmful to your car or your car battery and they will not drown the battery life since cars use a different technology (called alternator which feeds the car with electricity). Usb charging supports all the smartphones that exist, it’s a plug and play game. Wireless car charging on the other hand supports smartphones who are chargeable wirelessly. If we put the 2 car chargers in comparison, wireless charging provides a better looking non wired charging.

The downside of that is that the charging speed will be slower than the typical usb connection. Usb car chargers on the other hand are cheaper, run on all devices  but you have to live with cables inside your car’s interior.

Best Car Chargers To Use For Your Phone 

Here we have listed our top 5 car chargers. If you are looking to buy a new car charger our advice would be not to look at the price because really cheap car chargers will never charge your phone. There are cases where you put your phone on charge and you left it with 10% battery life and once you park and unplug your phone is 9%. No , these are bad for your phone. 

  • Anker Car Charger 

Anker is a global leader in charging technology. This portable car charger supports both 12V and 24V. It will charge 2 phones at once because its output is 24Watts. The one thing with most 12Volt car chargers and 24Volt car chargers is that they do not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

This car charger for iPhone will work fine, it will fast charge , not possible for android. Ankers usb car charger design is very compact, it comes in Heavy Metal color to match most car interiors.For $10.99  this is a very good iPhone car charger.


AINOPE is our other portable battery charger for your car. Dual port usb car charger that will output 36Watts from both ports to allow fast charging for your phones. It will charge from 0-55% in 35 minutes for the list of supported devices. Yes , this one supports Qualcomm Quick Charge but for a limited selection of phones. This portable usb car charger will fit in any car and its small design will make anyone happy. All metal body and a good deal for just  $14.99.

  • Syncwire

Syncwire will provide fast charging to your phones while on the drive. It’s got 2 port charging capabilities , one port is USB and the other is type C. So for those of you with iPhone 12 out there Syncwire is your iPhone car charger of choice.

They promise for higher safety against overcurrent, short-circuit, overvoltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, overpower protection. This is still a very elegant and minimalist design car charger for under $15. Maximum output power is 24Watts from both ports . Another feature is that this charger will lock inside the cigarette lighter and will not disconnect during bumpy roads.

  • Iottie Wireless Car Charger

Iottie Wireless Car Charger is a premium  wireless car charger and holder. The good thing about this one is that it is a holder and charger at the same time. But not only , you can buy it in 3 different configurations. So you can choose to fit on your Dashboard, Vent or cupholder place. All go for the same price of 59.95$ on Amazon.

This charger  has got automatic opening and closing thanks to its sensors to secure safe phone installation. It will wirelessly charge all devices that support QI technology. More about that by checking this article.  This portable charger will also hide your cables inside your car  so you can also have a very elegant look inside the car.

  • iOttie Aivo Connect Alexa Built In Wireless Charging Mount

This is the best car charger out of all we have mentioned. This is the most functional one in our list but not only. It supports Alexa which is built in. It can be used as a phone holder ,phone charger and dashcam at the same time.

Alexa will safely allow you to check the traffic ,weather and many others in the comfort of the driver seat. Proximity sensor to allow closure and opening automatically.  Extra features are steam music, using the Aivo Connect app and stream from any of your music apps of choice. 

Which one should you choose?

If you are a new driver  I would really suggest you choose the iOttie Aivo Connect Alexa Built because it will add many functionalities while keeping your focus on driving. This wireless car charger is a little expensive on one hand so not everyone might afford it or think that charging should not be that expensive than I would suggest going with Anker.

Simple design and very good value for price if your main concern is charging, while also keeping car esthetics good looking. Also all the other chargers mentioned on our top 5 list will work very well.

FAQ about car chargers

Q.Does my car need to be running to charge my phone?

A: It will charge your phone but it will also draw the battery of your car. Car needs to be on so the alternator keeps feeding the battery all the time for good functionality.

Q. Are car chargers safe to use?

A:Yes, they are safe and will not cause any harm to you or your car but if you use the wrong charger it may overheat your phone and cause problems with the battery of the phone. Recommendation is to use only when we are out and don’t have enough battery.

Q. Does a wireless car charger charge my phone?

A:If your phone supports wireless charging , or you use any QI adapter then yes it will charge your phone. Unless you don’t have such an accessory or your phone does not support wireless charging you can’t .



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