Detailing your car at a shop is expensive but you also want to keep it shining every day. Using the best car cleaning kits and a little care about your car will make it shine daily. Here you will find the best car detailing kit, how to use them correctly, and find out which one is the best for you. Using a detailing product after a regular wash will help your paint shine longer and protect it from outside factors. Most of the time the paint starts fading out or loses its shine. 

Best Car Detailing Kit: Wash and Detail

Best Budget: TriNova Detail Kit

TriNova Detail Kit

The TriNova detail kit costs $59.99. It gives the most bang for the buck at an affordable price. Included in the kit you will find 6 bottles, each for a different purpose into detailing. The 6 pack includes a TriNova bottle of soap, a TriNova bottle of wax, trim restorer, tire shine, applicator, interior detailer, and the respective towels. 

Make sure to use the towels correctly so each bottle has its own towel. The trim restorer works well for restoring the faded black trims but first, make sure to clean the area with an all-purpose cleaner and alcoholic water. It is best recommended for you to vacuum the interior as best as possible then give the car a quick water wash. Use the soap bottle to create that foamy soap and make sure to hit every corner. Start from top to bottom and work your way out. Once done dry out the car and start applying the rest of the detailing products.

This applies to all the detailing products so make sure to read carefully. We like to mention that the interior should be done first before applying the outside compounds and restorers. Once the interior is finished your doors will be shut and you can easily work with the outside. 

Tip: Make sure the tires are completely dried up before you apply tire shine. If the tires are wet the shine kit will mix with water and it will not give out the best results.

Best Pick: Chemical Guys HOL148

Chemical Guys HOL148

Chemical Guys specialize in chemical solutions into automotive care products. They make the best products that are used from professional shops to detailed supercars. Their car cleaning kit is referred to as “The Arsenal Of Detailing” and here is what you will find inside the kit. It comes in different price variations but we chose the HOL148MAX as the best pick. The kit costs $169.99 on Amazon and here is what you get.

The kit includes 20 items together with the spray gun, all the towels, and chemical washing bottles. First, let’s talk about the bucket. It comes with a Chemical Guys logo wrap all around and a bottom filter so that all the dirt and debris will drop to the bottom and your handwashing towel will not pick those up.

Make sure to fill the buck to a ratio of 5 liters of water and the soap washer. For correct prepositions follow the guideline but we recommend you add until you see the water will turn enough soapy for you. This kit also comes with a spray gun which you can connect to a hose and make a great foam. The spray gun has a container in which you add the foam washer mixed with water. Mix those up, connect the hose, and spray foam your car. It is a lot of fun to see your car turn white.

As mentioned above, work your way from top to bottom for better results and no risk of causing any scratches. Usually, the bottom of the car holds more dirt and debris. If you use the spray gun to foam your car you can let it sit for a minute or two so the chemicals break the dust. Make sure not to leave it for too much time as it might cause damage to your paint.

Tip: Make sure to get good use of the spray foam and hand wash your car after. Before you start brushing the paint make sure the surface is clean and free of any dirt and your handwashing brush is clean and free of any rock-chips or dirt. The rest of the items are self-explanatory, carefully use them after reading their purpose and application type.

Best Overall: Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit is the best overall cleaning kit money can buy. It includes 12 premium products to clean, shine and protect your paint. This care kit is packed with premium easy to use products. The Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit includes:

  1. Towels  
  2. Wash mitt 
  3. Clay bar
  4. Quick detailer
  5. Wax
  6. Headlight Restorer
  7. Interior Cleaner
  8. Shampoo & Conditioner 
  9. Scratch Remover (Compound)
  10. Wheel Cleaner

The entire set will help you achieve great results with ease. Compared to the other car cleaning kits this one has a headlight restorer together with a compound to remove scratches which is a big plus. They are easy to use and require no expensive tools like polishing machines. 

On the other hand, they are best applied with a polishing rotary that is not always necessary. The Meguiars kit is a great overall car cleaning kit everyone should consider. As mentioned above make sure to carefully read how the chemical product is used before applying if you are not familiar with it.

Tip: If you want to restore your headlights make sure to sand the headlights with 2000 grit sandpaper. Be careful with it and try to isolate the surrounding metallic area to prevent scratches. Then you can apply the compound that restores your headlights and it will have a better outcome.

Other Cleaning & Detailing Products: Must Have Cleaning Kits

All the cleaning kits mentioned above are a great buy to make your car shine and protect your paint. But one of the kits has something some other kit does not have. Here you will find essential cleaning products that you can buy individually. You will also find their definition and how to properly use them.

Each item described here can be supplied from different manufactures. The one purpose that you have is to protect and shine, so don’t worry as much about the brand as they do almost the same job.

Clay Bar

Clay Bar is a gummy material used to decontaminate your car exterior. You often see detailers decontaminate with this clay bar kit to remove the very deep dirt before they start polishing. 

It is essential to use a clay bar because the paint can hold contaminants that will scratch the car if you use the rotary. The item is generally cheap and easy to use. You can use soapy water to soften the gum and the area you are working on and work your way from top to bottom. Once finished you can start the next stage of polishing. 


When it comes to polishing you will see many brands but our recommendation is Koch Chemie. The German manufacturer produces different types of car care products from stain removers, rust removers to polishing compounds. We will focus on the polishing compounds. They offer a polishing kit made up of 3 compounds. Each comes with a corresponding pad that matches the bottle color so you don’t mistake them anytime.

The best thing about this polishing kit is that it does not allow you to make mistakes. If you make a mistake on the first compound the second polishing will take care of it. The kit is made out of :

  • Heavy Cut: H8 or H9
  • Fine Cut: F6
  • MicroCut: M3

Koch Chemie claims for excellence and we highly recommend these to be used in your car.

Motor Plast

Motor Plast is what you use to make your engine bay shine just like the day you bought it at the dealership. It is a naturally shiny, water-displacing conserver for engines, housing parts, rubber hoses. Before applying you need to clean the engine bay as well as possible.

Application is easy, you can spray it carefully and let it sit, and make its magic.  There are plenty of choices when it comes to motor plast kits. Our top pick is Koch Chemie Motor Plast.

Ceramic Coating 

The last thing that can be applied to a car for maximum protection and blasting shine is ceramic coating. It is a very popular item that is advertised a lot by many companies but we need to make some things clear.

A good ceramic coating is applied once the car is decontaminated, polished, and scratch-free. Advertisements that claim to restore faded paint, rock chips are scams. The ceramic coating must be applied in a very clean garage and the car paint must be flawless in order for it to work.

The best ceramic coating kit is Color N. Ceramic works in such a way that it drips from the paint and maintains a high gloss for a long time. It helps in sunny places so the car will not have or have swirls. The Color N is easy to apply, with a few dips on the towel wrapped around the sponge, and application in small and square areas. Read more about the best ceramic coating here.

What to consider when buying a car detailing kit?

Before you buy any car detailing kit make sure to get to know your car first. If the car is too old and the paint is faded to and there is no clear cote the car detailing kit cannot help. The clear cote is what makes the car shine and if that is gone only a paint job can restore the paint.

Make sure to consider sanding. Most people talk about how sanding the car will destroy the paint varnish in the long term. That is not completely true, car shops always sand the paint with 2000 grit sandpaper before handing it to the customer. Sanding on the other hand should be done carefully and polished with the correct compound at the correct rotary speed. 

Best Car Detailing Kit FAQ

Q. Can a faded paint be restored?

A: If the car lacquer is still undamaged you can restore your paint by polishing with a rotary and your compound of choice.

Q. Can you wax the car after ceramic coating?

A: There is no need, ceramic coating is the last step of car detailing.

Q. Is the clay luber sage for tinted glass and windows?

A: Works well with glasses despite they do not get as much contamination as metal.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to take regular care of your car you should stick with the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit as the best overall car detailing kit you can find.

If the car wash service is cheap where you live then upgrade to the Koch Chemie Car Detailing Kit and polish your car once in 6 months to keep it flawless.


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