Car electronic accessories are very popular among drivers all around the world. They serve as cosmetic upgrades and other multi-functional accessories hence help for a better driving experience. When talking about these electronic accessories you might get fooled by some cheap “brands” promising to transform your old car into a Tesla Model 3. 

That is not true, nevertheless, they will get you into ricer mods everyone hates. In this article, we will focus on the best car electronic accessories to use for your car. We will see the best Navigation Systems for your car, Aux to Bluetooth conversion, and many others.

Car Electronic Accessories That I Can Add to My Car

There are a lot of accessories to add to your car. Firstly the most important thing for new drivers is the parking sensors. Not everyone can afford to have a fully-loaded car with all the premium features, such being the parking sensors or reverse camera. Other accessories that we have included in our list are a must-have and they will be worth your money and time.

Here is the list of the top 5 Must-Have Car Electronic Accessories:

  1. Parking Sensors
  2. Navigation System
  3. Aux To Bluetooth
  4. Wireless Charger
  5. Mp3 Player

1 . Parking Sensors 

As mentioned above parking sensors serve many drivers. Especially to the drivers that struggle with reverse parking, installing a good pair of parking sensors in your car is a must. Firstly they prevent a collision, for instance, reverse parking could not be the easiest driving pleasure you will ever find. Especially in crowded cities where parking spots are limitless parking sensors come into help. Secondly, they also save your money. 

Sometimes you can’t see all the surroundings and your mind is not focused on what’s at the bottom rear of your car therefore you can easily scratch your car. If all these were to be put into consideration parking sensors would save a huge buck of dollars that you would be spending on repair shops. On the other hand, if you are a very experienced driver and you don’t care about scratches and your car is a way of just going different places this wouldn’t be the best accessory for you.

Our parking sensors of choice are SINOVCLE and for its price, it’s the best parking sensor money can buy in 2021. The only downside you will face the loud noise they make which is not the best to hear.

2 . Navigation Systems

You might be the best driver in the world, hence down at the same time driving to a different location would be a nightmare for anyone. This is where navigation systems come in hand. These navigation systems are becoming more and more popular and most car manufacturers are bringing cars with navigation systems stock from the factory. 

Choosing the best navigation system might be a little tricky sometimes because you need to consider some factors. Firstly you might say that my smartphone navigation is fine for me but it does not always work like that. Mobile phones are not allowed by law to be used while driving. You might put them somewhere in the dash to keep your eyes and concentration on the road and only listen to the navigation but that is not the best solution. You can choose from multifunctional navigators that will do the job of an MP3 player, or an MP4 player. 

There is no Universal navigation system that will fit all cars. I found my W203 to have a really cheap and effective navigation system on Aliexpress. Make sure you make your research before buying and ask for installation at your local shop. 

Reasons, why you need a navigation system better than your Google Maps on your phone, including ergonomics and comfort. The navigation systems are made for that purpose to allow the driver to keep his mind on the road and look at the map without causing any harm.

3 . Aux to Bluetooth 

Auxiliary has been a popular way of listening to music while driving. It’s very handy because using the old way of burning and buying discs is a little too far back. Firstly these Auxiliary cables would lay around your car. Having cables around does not make for the best experience, nevertheless, if you are an iPhone user that has not a 3.5mm jack you can’t enjoy the aux on your car. 

This aux to Bluetooth adapters for your car will be a very good solution. It’s really cheap if you buy it on Aliexpress and it makes your life easier. The good thing about using an auxiliary rather than a direct wireless music adapter is the sound quality. Since you are using a wired connection the aux will offer better sound quality all day long. 

Installation is easy, the 2 in 1 adapter will be hidden inside your document compartment inside your dashboard. There are 2 ways of using this. You can plug from the AUX cable you already have been using to this device, or you can plug it just as it is inside your AUX port. Our recommendation is to connect it with your old aux cable and hide all cables inside the document compartment. In conclusion, you can upgrade your car going from aux to Bluetooth for just 3$. This is a must-have accessory.

4 . Wireless Charger

We have mentioned before in our articles, that the best car chargers are wireless ones. You will get rid of all the cables, the phone will be in contact all the time and won’t lose connection because of bumps your car will go over.

These wireless car chargers are essential and multifunctional. Since we mentioned above about way that holding your phone as a navigator and driving at the same time is not safe. Well by using a wireless charger on your car you can place it in front of the driver-side mirror, run the route before hitting the road and enjoy. Not only that but wireless chargers now support automatic opening and closing thanks to the proximity sensors. 

Another reason that this is a must-have accessory is that you will insert your phone, forget about charging it and it will be on charge always. Last but not least we have to mention that wireless car charging is not the fastest way to charge your phone. That applies to all wireless connections.

Our recommendation would be iOttie Aivo Connect Alexa Built-In Wireless Charging Mount.

5 . MP3 Player

What’s better than listening to music? You are stuck in traffic, and the radio hits your favorite song, and you want to repeat it, but you have got 0 control over it. Well, you got it Mp3 players are important. It’s a basic accessory but since older cars run on CDs there is no way to connect with a Bluetooth or USB device. You can use adapters but the sound quality will not be the best. This is where the Mp3 players come into play. It will be a well worthy accessory to have in your car. 

Most Mp3 players now come with the latest technology. You can connect to them by Bluetooth, aux connection and you can still use CDs.  Our recommendation is the Boss Audio System. It supports USB and Aux as well as Spotify and Pandora. 

Some Cool Car Electronic Accessories

Solar Film Tint | Triplex Glass

Other cool car accessories that you should keep on your list will also be mentioned here. My favorite one is the solar film tint. Everyone should apply this to their cars because it will make the car easier to drive when it’s very sunny, and it gives the car an outstanding looking appearance, To consider are the act that these should be installed by a professional shop because if your car has sensors like rain or lane assist those can stop working if the film is not installed correctly. 

Also, keep in mind that this would be called a structural change to your car’s body and you might find trouble with the police. Always ask before installing and don’t use cheap films because you want to keep the visibility of your windshield 100%. The film looks purplish from the outside and the other thing is that people from outside cannot see you on the inside.

Dash Cams 

Dashcams are a very helpful and essential car gadget for you. They will be your proof of evidence in accident cases and will capture moments despite you not being in the car. But most dash cams look very ugly in front of your dashboard. YI Mirror Dash Cam takes it to the next level. They have Mirror Dash Cam introduced this cool electronic accessory for drivers which they can install on their rearview mirror. Also, they have upgraded the camera quality to a 1080P front camera and a 720p rear camera. It will record footage and in case that someone hits you in a parking lot and left you can easily find the plate number.

Be careful

If you are reading this and you are from Germany you should not use a dashcam. It is not allowed to record footage in Germany due to privacy data regulations. 


If you are reading this and you are from Germany you get to enjoy the Autobahns which not everyone does.

Car Headlights

Car headlights are also a cool accessory for your car. If you choose to go with OEM parts and upgrade from basic halogen headlights to Xenon Headlights your lighting car performance will surely increase. Xenon headlights are very powerful, they are usually white to bluish and make the driver’s eye more focused and do not stress their eyes in long runs. Secondly, they are better looking because they usually come in cool Designs. Audi has got a Matrix line of headlights (Together with some other line of body parts) and so on.

Upgrading to these headlights will not only make your car lights brighter but also the car’s appearance much better looking. Before buying make sure to compare if they will fit your vehicle.

Can I Make My Car Smart With Car Electronic Accessories?

You can not turn your 1999 Mercedes Benz C class into a self-driving Tesla. Nevertheless, you can do that with any car. But there are a few things you can do to make your car smarter and your driving experience easier.

Roav Viva Alexa-Enabled

This car charger will plug into your car cigarette lighter compartment. It will serve as a charging dock while having the feature of accessing 2500 Alexa skills. You can control things in your home, check the weather, get hands free contact and get navigation using this cool car accessory.

Find it here.

Smart Tires

Not all cars have a tire pressure monitoring system. Nonda Zus Smart Tire is our next smart accessory of choice. Using it you will be provided with 4 tire heads to put on each tire and they will keep track of tire pressure and will notify you of any leaks. They promise that you will never run with a flat tire and save up to 0.11$ per gallon from using it.

Find them here.

Radar Detector

It’s a luxury car thing to have a radar detector. It will help you avoid any speeding tickets and it will work very well in long distances. You will never regret stepping on the gas paddle once again.

All things considered on your own speeding will not be a smart move to make but for the ones that love to find this product here.

How To Make Your Car Look More Expensive?

Here is our recommendation on making your car look more expensive without using car electronic accessories.

  1. Keep it clean 
  2. Change Floor Mats
  3. Polish 
  4. Don’t use aftermarket Stickers
  5. Don’t be a Ricer

If you do all the following your car will always look clean and good looking. Take care of your car. Upgrade in wheels because they show a lot in car appearance. Make sure you use the correct tire size, usually wider tires means wider looks and a more expensive look. Try giving your car a polish, if that would be expensive do it yourself because it can’t be any worse than it is. Last but not least use stickers all around the car and try to be minimalist with the ricers mods.

A carbon-fiber wing should be thin and not 4 feet above the trunk. Fix your dents, clean the engine bay and tint your back windows. You will never regret any of the steps.

FAQ About Car Electronic Accessories

Q. Can I modernize my old car using car electronic accessories?

A: With all the cool and helpful accessories that we have mentioned you can have your car modernized really quickly. The only thing we have not mentioned is a keyless start-stop which will not be such a DIY project for you but we will include a amazon link for our choice.

Q. Can I add features to my car using car electronic accessories?

A: If you have an old car all you can do is that you can buy affordable pieces of technology such as the accessories mentioned above.

Q. Is it allowed to use dashcam in Germany?

A: No, due to the regulations of public privacy dash cams are not allowed in Germany.




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