Car Phone Holder

A Car Phone Holder, also known as a Car Phone Mount is a device that is designed to hold your phone while standing on a hard surface. This device is a great help for watching videos, scrolling through social media, playing games while the phone is safe, clean, and charged. 

It is not difficult to use and the pros of using this device are that it can save time and it is hands-free! Yes, you don't need to hold your phone. This device can do it for you. You can easily answer calls through your phone while driving and it wouldn’t be dangerous at all. This device should indeed be in everyone’s possessions.

The Car Phone Holder also offers other features, like for example it can charge your phone via wireless charging, or other than your phone it holds even a bottle of water or something like it. I will explain all types of these car phone holders, just keep reading below.

But which of all the products in the market is the Best Car Phone Holder? Well, there are few features that make the difference between an average car phone holder and the best car phone holder. Some of those features are the design, material, brand, and charging abilities. Keep reading this article and see for yourself which is the best car phone holder and what makes it the best.

Best Car Phone Holders

Olixar TriMount Windscreen, Dashboard & Vent Smartphone Car Holder

This gadget is created to fit any position you see fit, there is no frustration with this holder. This holder with its three-in-one mounting feature, comes with secure suction and vent mounts, for easy clip and go application straight out of the box then it still uses that spring-loaded mount that requires two hands to take it in and out. It maintains a tight grip even on the smallest devices and makes a versatile mount for any smartphone model. With the 360° rotation, using a ball joint socket, you can angle the phone in whichever direction you need. This car phone holder is a nice universal fit for any smartphone use that prefers simplicity when it comes to car accessories.

Beam Electronics Car Phone Holder

This Car Phone Holder features a 360° rotation, which provides you with the best viewing angle. Other than that it has a large opening of arms, which can hold smartphones of large dimensions, and offer a quick release option, just press the button on the back of the unit to slide open, and then take out the smartphone. It's very easy to install, just press this car phone holder into the most convenient air vent in your front dashboard, and you are ready to use your phone most efficiently. Not to mention that this product comes with a 1-year warranty.

iOttie One Touch Wireless Dash & Windshield Mount

iOttie is one of the best car phone holder producers. This Car Phone Holder combines the power of Qi Wireless fast charging technology with a convenient Easy One Touch mounting system. It is designed to stay on any flat surfaces, like your dashboard, windshield, or even on your work desk. This fast Wireless  Car Charger Mount holds your smartphone by simply pressing the device against the Easy One Touch trigger button. This wireless car charger mount is compatible with all smartphone sizes to hold and power your device securely while you drive.

Do You Need a Car Phone Holder?

When it comes to car electronic accessories, a Car Phone Holder is definitely a Must! You will need this gadget for a variety of reasons.

Hands-Free Calls 

The main use of a phone is communication, whether it's speaking to your friends, family, or any other kind of communication. When in the car, however, this can be very dangerous because it distracts the driver. You have to get your phone out of the pocket, see who is calling, open the phone call, etc. In the car, this process must be done hands-free, so having your phone mounted in an easy-to-use place is critical, as it makes it simpler to see who is calling.


Not everybody has a Navigation System in their car, but almost everybody has a smartphone, and every smartphone can use Navigation Maps. Having a car phone mount, enables you to navigate, without needing to hold your phone.


This is mostly for the ones who don't want to listen to the radio. Why listen to the radio when you can listen to your favorite song?! You can simply connect your phone with a Bluetooth transmitter, and you can enjoy your favorite tunes. Having a car phone holder, it will make it a lot easier and safer to access a vast range of audio tunes.

Phone Charging

Using your phone too much surely drains your battery. Some car phone holders offer Wireless Charging, which means that you can use your phone for how much time you want, and the battery won’t drop dead. When running from a place to one another, you want your phone to be at full power, and with a wireless car charger, you don't have to worry about your battery life.

Types of Car Phone Holders

Dashboard Phone Holder

This mount can be attached to your dashboard or it may be mounted even in the windshield. Some of them attach via suction base while others use adhesives, which is not very recommended because adhesive can break down over time, and they can't be moved as easily as the mounts that use a suction base.

Vent Phone Holder

This phone holder can be attached to your vent. It’s very simple to use and install. All you have to do is to attach the holder onto your vent, and then you can simply put your phone. But you have to be careful, because the air conditioner may damage your phone, so you have to check the temperature of your phone from time to time. Also be sure to get yourself a good Vent Phone Holder, because if the quality is not good, your phone is going to drop when you pass through bumps.

CD Slot Phone Holder

This kind of phone holder is perfect for those who want to have their phone in front of their face, without having any kind of discomfort when driving. That is because the dashboard mount prevents seeing the whole view of the road. But you won’t have that problem with the CD Slot Phone Holder. It’s very simple to use and install, and it will provide a safe and comfortable mount for your phone.

Adhesive Mount

An Adhesive Phone Mount uses adhesive to stick onto your dashboard, windshield, or any other place. They are very strong and safe to use. They come in different dimensions, so be sure to choose the one that fits your phone. But be careful to get a good quality Adhesive Car Mount, because they can lose the grip over time.

Best Car Phone Holder Reviews and Recommendations in 2021

Vanmass Car Phone Holder

This item is very simple to use and very luxury looking and it can support any weight on the phone. VANMASS car phone holder brings sticky suction cup & steel-cored vent clip. It has a super suction power up to 44LBS and an extra pad for a smooth surface. This device can secure your phone well while driving even on a bumpy road.

AUKEY Phone Holder

This item has four powerful magnets that securely hold your phone. The base is able to rotate through 360 degrees, and the adjustable arm and ball joint makes it easy to find the ideal phone viewing angle. Fear not when it comes to how secure your mobile device is when using this device, the magnet is strong enough and your phone doesn't fall even when driving over bumpy roads.

Mpow Phone Holder

This item has a super strong vacuum suction cup featuring a layer of sticky gel and a locking lever which can maximize the stability and keep the mount in place. It also comes with an anti-shake stabilizer, it safely holds the device without vibrating and wobbling even on rough roads.Thanks to the 360 degrees ball-head, the dashboard mount can be flexibly tuned to display at an optimal viewing angle. That is not all! The Sponge-Padded surface and grips of the cradle prevent slipping and scratches.

VICSEED Phone Holder

This car phone holder is covered in a thick layer of silicone that will ensure your mobile device is safe from wear and tear. It also features an extra strong suction cup with a super sticky gel pad. Like the other devices this one also has a highly flexible ball-joint 360° rotation that provides infinite viewing angles! It  fits well for all mobile phones between 4''-7''in width and the most thick case.

SCOSCHE Phone Mount

This phone mount comes with powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip to your devices. This dash mount allows viewing from any angle with it’s 360 degree adjustable head. Also it features a convenient design, the integrated cable clip secures the charging cable to the SCOSCHE MagicMount and the cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports.

LISEN Phone Holder

This phone holder is designed in a way so your phone wont fall off ever again. It is build-in 6 strong magnets, which can support the weight of 4 cell phones. The suction cup is designed to stay stable even when you drive through bumps or if you make any sudden breaks. It also features universal compatibility, so you won't have to worry about the size of your phone.

What to Consider When Choosing The Best Car Phone Holder

Know Your Country/State Driving Laws

As you may know, every state or country has different windshield mount laws. In the U.S the majority of states, don't allow you to mount anything on the windshield, therefore you will need to get a dashboard mount or a vent mount.

Consider if your car dash material supports a suction cup mount

Before buying a dashboard mount, you will need to consider if your car dash can hold such a cup. You can test the dash of your car, grab a kitchen suction cup, and place it onto your dashboard. If it doesn't stick overnight, the chances are that probably, most suction mounts aren't going to work. That's because some of the car dashboards are made out of porous material, which allows air to slip through into the suction cup and damages the ability to grip onto the car dash.

Consider the heat of your car

When your car cycles through high temperatures or low temperatures, it impacts the car phone holder, and eventually, it might gradually degrade the strength. But if you have a vent mount then you won't have to worry about that.


You don’t want your phone falling from its holder, so make sure to look for a phone holder that is strong enough in holding your phone throughout the entire ride, despite the bumps or sudden breaks.

Charging Ability

It’s important to find a mount that allows you to charge your phone whenever you need it. Look for a mount that matches your phone port openings. Some phone mounts feature wireless charging, all you have to do is put your phone on the mount and it will automatically charge your phone.

Consider the size of your phone

Make sure that your phone and the phone mount are compatible. A lot of mounts offer a universal fit and some of them are dedicated to fit on a specific design. It will save you the hassle if you choose the right car phone holder on your first try.

Consider the price, don't buy a cheap car phone holder

Best Car Phone Holder FAQ

Q. Is it illegal to have your phone mounted in your car?

A: Most states have laws restricting the use of handheld gadgets while driving, which implies you'll be pulled over for simply touching your phone. In any case, in numerous states, drivers can utilize their smartphones as a GPS in the event that they embed it in a cradle that's mounted to the dashboard, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their capacity to drive and see the road ahead. Still, on the off chance that you wish to alter a course, to begin with, you must pull over and turn off your car. That’s the law pretty much all over you go.

Q. Which is the best place to attach the mount in the car?

A: The place you attach your mount is crucial, as you don´t want your phone to block the view, and neither do you want to take your eyes away from the road. So you should consider attaching the phone holder in a central place of the car, it should be within the drivers reach, and it should cause as less distraction as it can.

Q. Are magnet car phone holders safe to use?

A: Yes they are safe! The internal components of a phone are made out of non-magnetic materials, as a consequence a magnet cannot disturb their work. Also if you are worried if it ruins the battery of your phone, don't be. Smartphones nowadays use Lithium-ion Battery, which is not magnetic, therefore a magnet won't affect the battery. 

Final Thoughts

We want our phones to always be in front of us. This is especially true for instances when we need to check for important messages or calls coming in or if we need help and directions. It has become a necessity for traveling or going to unfamiliar places. So if you are taking all these actions when you are driving, you should get yourself a car phone holder. By doing so you will use your phone with ease and with less distraction.



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