All new iPhones models come with fast charging technology packed into them but needless to say just like any other generation of Apple your iPhone in 2021 is not coming with a fast charger included. Here we will have  a look at the best chargers for iPhone in 2021 and look at the importance of the correct charger to your iPhone as it the number one factor corresponding to your iPhone battery health.

Choosing your power gadgets is very important as different devices have different electrical charging technologies. Explained more easily using a Samsung charger and a iPhone USB type C cable is not good for your battery health. 

The charging power is based of three things, power (measured in Watts), current (I, measured in amps or milliamps), and volts (V, measured in volts), and the amount of power is measured as P=IV, in simple words, power is measured as the product of current and voltage. Since a device like iPad has a much bigger battery its charger is produced to charge with a higher product of current and voltage.

That’s why using an iPad charger to your iPhone 12 Pro would cause battery health issues in the long run more than in the short run. No, you’re not going to blow your iPhone if you use the wrong charger, the good thing about iPhone is that it’s packed with tech not to charge more than 1A no matter the charger.

What are the different types of iPhone best chargers?

Your iPad and iPhone share the same connector, but their power adapters are different sizes and have different wattage ratings. The types of iPhone chargers would be categorized into wireless and wired chargers, OEM, and third-party chargers. Apple recommends using its OEM chargers otherwise the products will be out of warranty if the devices will damanged by third-party chargers. But there are also third-party chargers that deliver very high-quality iPhone chargers. Types of iPhones chargers 

 Here are a list of top 5 best iPhone chargers:

  1.  Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter1. Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter
  2. Apple 18W USB Type C Power Adapter
  3. Anker PowerPort Atom III
  4. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad(wireless)
  5. Apple MagSafe Charger (Wireless)

Benefits of the best chargers for iPhone

There are a lot of benefits when choosing the best iPhone chargers . Some of them being the build quality which will leave anyone happy with their battery health in the long run and in the short run. Also choosing a top charger for your iPhone would be more portable, making your desk much nicer when having a wireless charger for instance.

Other factors include fast speeds that your iPhone will charge, and this applies to any other device not only iPhone but we are focusing more on the iPhone. Using high-quality chargers will charge your iPhone much faster . Other factors would include the nice and simple designs and good build quality. Here we have listed the top 5 reasons why you should get your best chargers for iPhone.

  1. Apple-branded
  2. Simple design
  3. Very portable
  4. Good build quality
  5. Fast speeds

What’s the difference between micro USB charges and Type C?

USB type C is more flexible and faster than micro USB. Looking out on surveys the type C port can be used as both input and output port while micro USB can only be used as an input port. The other difference is that the USB type c can charge laptops as well while micro USB cannot. USB type C can charge phones at 18 Watts and laptops up to a maximum of 100 Watts. In terms of data transferring the USB type c has a much faster speed of receiving and sending files and it has been incorporated into most mobile phones and laptops built after 2014 and up. Here is a top 5 list of differences between the two.

  1. Data Speed (USB type C is faster)
  2. Charging Speed (USB type C is faster)
  3. Durability (USB type C is faster)
  4. Compatibility (USB type C goes in both ways)
  5. Price (Micro USB is cheaper)

Tips to look out for buying the best chargers for iPhone in 2021

  1. Look for the Environmental Badges 
  2. Pay closer attention to build details
  3. Look at the power Specifications 
  4. Don’t look at the price
  5. Choose brands or Oem

If you are in the market looking to grab your next iPhone charger here are a couple of things to look out for before buying. Before starting just keep in mind that there are a lot of companies from all around the world in the competition to sell accessories and one of the most popular being your iPhone charger. These chargers can be faked so once you are looking for the charger look at the logo of international standards CE, cheap companies would put little work into details. Another example of that would be the details in the letter capitalization. When reading the specifications lookout for things that would be mistyped like “MA” instead of “mA,” for milliamps.

Your OEM iPhone cable is perfectly rounded at the white tip of the charger while the fake ones have got that square white and the difference can be seen on the spot. The other end of the cable which connects to your wall charger can be differentiated from the metal piece as the Oem one has got a very smooth surface while the fake one has got a grainy look, which might be because of the cheap metal put into the faked cables. Also having no manufacturer label is a red flag to keep away from. Got to say these fake chargers that we have been mentioning will not blow up your phone, their reliability leaves you disappointed and you would be better off from the Oem chargers.

Wireless vs wired charging

What’s better, what’s faster, what saves my battery health better?

Wireless charging is not the fastest way to charge your phone, it has been incorporated into many things in 2021 like the latest models of cars like the W222 Mercedes Benz, BMW 5 Series, and most luxury brands. Wireless charging is a more convenient way of charging in 2021.

Most wireless chargers for iPhone deliver a 5 Watt – 7.5 Watt and work through many iPhone 8 cases. Most standalone charging pads expect you to provide the actual charger brick so they can’t deliver more power than you put into them, for example using a 5W power delivery you can’t charge your iPhone at 7.5Watts despite the wireless dock being able to charge at that power. Wire charging is faster but you are tangled. If you like keeping your work desk or your any space out of cables then wired charging is out of your 2021 list of gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can USB Type C fit in micro USB?

A: No, that is not possible, Micro USB can only be plugged into a device in a specific way because of the hooks it contains on the side, on the other side the USB type C goes in both ways.

Q. Are third-party iPhone Chargers safe?

A: Using a third-party charger with an iPhone 12 should be done with care as not every high-power charger is safe to use. It can damage the included cable as well as the iPhone battery and cause overheating

Q. Are Fake iPhone Chargers bad?

A: Using a fake iPhone charger is dangerous and will cause damage to your iPhone. Not only that but your iPhone will be out of warranty from any provider in most cases.

Q. Why is my phone on the charger but dying?

A:  The cable of the charger has a fault or is dirty in the phone charge socket or wall socket in most cases or the phone storage is full and keeps draining battery despite being on charge.



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