If you want something done the way you like, you have the opportunity to make a phone case from scratch. In this article, we are going to go through how you can make the best custom phone cases that only you will have. If you think that buying a custom case will cost you a lot of money don’t worry because it is not. Custom phone cases usually do not cost more than other normal cases that you can buy.

Best Custom Phone Cases

  • Best Choice: Leather phone cases. Leather phone cases will always remain the fanciest phone cases you can buy for your phone. Imagine a personalized leather Louis Vuitton phone case and how cool it will look. 
  • Best Price: Silicone phone cases. Silicon phone cases usually are the easiest you can custom, and put whatever design that you will like. They come at a great price too and protect your phone a lot. 
  • Premium Pick: Card phone cases. Card phone cases are some of the most protective cases for every smartphone and allow you to store a great deal of credit or id cards. In the end, you will have a custom wallet and a phone case. 

How To Make Custom Phone Cases

Let’s answer some of the most common questions when it comes to how to customize your phone case.

What are the compatible phone brands?

More than 300 models of cases can be used to create your personalized case, among the brands: iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Asus, HTC, LG, Wiko, Xiaomi … You have a wide choice range to protect your phone while showing off your style with your favorite photo.

Because of the privileged relations that we maintain with the various manufacturers, we offer you the best websites that you can use to create and order your cases in just a matter of minutes.

What are the materials to personalize your case?

You just need an idea because we offer you a wide choice of materials to create your personalized case: hard plastic, silicone, hard plastic + silicone (reinforced case), wood, reinforced wood, and synthetic leather.

What is the correct resolution of the photo to add?

We recommend uploading your photos at a minimum of 300 dpi resolution to create your personalized case. This can obviously be higher. Note that the higher the resolution of your photo, the more you will enjoy the quality of the print.

What are the differences between hard cases, and leather?

The personalized hard case is attached to your phone to guarantee you optimal protection with an anti-shock treatment in all circumstances.

The personalized leatherette smartphone case is a storage pocket for your phone or debit cards. So you can easily keep it safe from bumps and scratches in a bag or in your pocket to take the best care of it.

The personalized cover attaches to your phone with small notches and also protects your screen when you close the flap. It’s the perfect compromise between shell and case.

What are the case customization options?

You can create your personalized case online very easily. After choosing your template and material, select your favorite photo and decorate it with different options: layout templates, adding text, clipart, and benefit from many creative templates. Ideal for creating the shell that looks like you!

Do You Need Custom Phone Cases?

unique custom phone case

Your phone case is unique

At AAAccessory, we believe that personalized objects are a great way to remember important moments day after day. This is why we offer you smartphone cases with your image: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei… choose your smartphone model and protect it. It is also a great gift idea much more original than a simple transparent case.

Create your own smartphone case

Because it is essential for you every day, your smartphone is one of the things that you never leave without it. We thought you might like it to be completely personalized, with a case created just for you. The premium, firm, in silicone, cover, or even leather: it adapts to your desires and is enhanced with one of your best memories, a photo that reminds you of beautiful moments or a portrait of your family.

Multiple possibilities for your smartphone case

Benefit from a model adapted to your smartphone, but also from a new generation material, for real quality day after day. Full surface printing, corner protection, high quality to perfectly protect your phone: your personalized case is both elegant and resistant, and it accompanies you everywhere day after day.

What to Consider When Buying Custom Phone Cases

The material that you want to use. The material must be the most critical thing in making the best custom phone cases for your smartphone. Choosing between leather or silicon cases will determine the major part of the outcome. Usually, silicone cases can be customized more easily, but leather cases look better overall. 

The quality of the image that you want to add. I can tell you enough how important it is to choose a high-quality photo to customize your phone. The more pixels the photo has the nicer your phone case will look. 

The price that the website offers. Having different options, why not search a little bit to find the best website like Wildflower that offers a great price for great quality cases too.

Other buyer’s reviews. The only thing that you can do in order to know how good the sellers work on the internet is to read previous buyers’ reviews. Wildflower for example has a big number of iPhone 11phone cases buyers that have let 5-star reviews only. 

Best Custom Phone Cases FAQ

Q. Can I design my own phone cases?

A: Yes, you can. Start by choosing the phone model, select the best case type that will protect your phone, and upload your own design. 

Q. How much do custom phone cases cost?

A: At a local store custom cases can cost a little more money from $40 to $60, but if you use some of our recommended websites like FutMomento or Wildflower this price can go from $20 to $40 depending on the case model you choose. 

Q. Are phone cases bad for the environment?

A: Honestly depends on the seller and what material they use to make them. If you go for a legit seller that cares for the environment, the damage to nature will be largely lower. 



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