The main reason why everyone buys phone cases is to protect their phone from those scary falls that can break your phone. We will recommend some of the best drop-proof cases so you want to have to worry about those situations and live your life more freely. Mainly we are going to cover shockproof cases for iPhone 11 and some other iPhone models. 

Best Drop-proof Cases

  • Best Choice: ESR Air Armor Case
  • Best Price: Mkeke Compatible
  • Premium Pick: CASEKOO Defender
Best Choice
ESR Air Armor Case.
This case has Shock-absorbing corners compatible with iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro. It also has Air-Guard corners for enhanced drop protection. The hardback, flexible frame, and shock-absorbing corners provide great Powerful protection. The hardback is scratch-resistant in order to hold up to daily wear-and-tear.
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Best Price
Mkeke Compatible
Specially designed for iPhone 11 released in 2019, offers stronger protection from sudden dropping and a precise charging cutout fits the volume buttons, side buttons, and curves of your device without adding bulk.
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Premium Pick:
CASEKOO Defender
Implemented with an impact-absorbing angle formation to disband harsh shocks, it offers 1.2 mm-raised bezels that defend both the front and rear of your precious smartphone from scratches & falls. Built from compact polycarbonate covered in a complicated scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing layer ensures the clear case stays fresh. Minimal bulkiness for max security to fit in pockets comfortably.
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Do You Need Drop-proof Cases?

Protection for your phone? To do what?

More and more, smartphones are becoming technology freaks. In eternity search for more performance, manufacturers are constantly developing their products to meet our growing needs. The versatility of these devices has become their main feature. Originally committed to guaranteeing mobile communication, the vocation of mobile phones has now changed. So much so that the purposes of these cell phones are now complicated and multifunctional. This is what made the name of these terminals evolve. Simple cell phones have indeed evolved, now calling themselves smartphones.

Why and how to defend your smartphone from shocks and scratches?

The versatility of smartphones is not their only trick. Both phones, game consoles, music players, cameras,s or even storage sources, these products also stand out for their costs. While entry-level smartphones are generally available for less than $200, the higher-end models are much more expensive.

These can now reach more than $1000. Faced with the investment they involve, these objects, therefore, require special attention. Especially since these smartphones have become very widespread. Among the working people on the one hand, but also the older ones, as well as the younger ones. The clumsiness and some of the carelessness of others are frequently responsible for drops. To dodge accidents and defend our devices, numerous means are prepared.

What to Consider When Buying Drop-proof Cases

Protect the screen of your phone:

While the aesthetic appearance of the devices is protected by frames and covers, the screen is often neglected. Yet it is one of the most important parts of smartphones. While manufacturers have almost completely abandoned keys, touch involves constant use of the screen. The screen is also an element that is all the more important to protect as it is an increasingly large area. However, the larger a surface, the more likely it is to be exposed to shocks. Thus, to prevent an impact from damaging this essential part of the device, dedicated screen protections are available.

Many specialists have indeed developed solutions to ensure screen protection. Available at many points of sale, tempered glass screen protectors absorb impact. Designed to protect the screen while allowing optimal use of the touchscreen, however, these protections must be applied with care. Note that in some brands, installation can be done by professionals.

Depending on the brands and the products sold, prices can easily vary from one to three times. It is therefore advisable to inquire beforehand to learn more about the reliability of the product. As with the covers, compatibility is essential. A tempered glass cover that is too small will indeed be just as ineffective as a model that is too large. Note that without going as far as tempered glass, more affordable screen protectors are on the market. These then simply allow smartphones to be protected from dust.

Best Drop-proof Cases FAQ

Q. Are hard cases or silicone cases better?

A: Silicone cases protect your phone mostly from scratches that can be done to the shell of the phone, on the other hand, hard rubberized cases give lightly more protection.

Q. What are the strongest iPhone cases? 

A: The toughest iPhone cases are the Otterbox and Spigen cases. Recognized for their rugged surfaces, they will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your phone won’t get ruined by the elements.

Q. Are Casetify cases actually good?

A: Looking at Casetify cases review, you can’t see that there are a lot of reviews for this tech gear brand. Trustpilot gives it a 4.1/5 star rating while Amazon gives it a 3.4/5 rating. The general agreement with Casetify’s phone cases is how popular and refined their intentions are.

Our Top Pick

YOUMAKER Metallic Designed for iPhone 11. With this, there is no need to fear the presence of scratches on your iPhone. Falls don’t scare them and resistance is their specialty. In this case, it is therefore not necessary to opt for screen protectors made of tempered glass. Drop-proof and impact-resistant, this phone case is sufficient enough to protect your iPhone in 80% of the cases.

To always go further in adventures, this product can even be used in extreme conditions. The coldest and highest temperatures thus do not affect their operation in any way. Regarding water resistance, it is extremely efficient because of the front cover with a screen protector. This YouMaker phone case is lightweight and beautiful too, because of a vivid metallic painting.


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