Cases are the most popular accessory you may find among smartphone users in 2021. People use it in different matters. Some like to keep their phones protected from droppings and scratches. Others like to have designer cases on their smartphone. In addition, phone cases in some matter serve to show feelings, impressions, beliefs, etc. There are a lot of designer football phone cases you can find online. Such brands like Wildflower, or many other designs I found on Farfetch.

What about the Football Fans?

When it comes to showing off your team of heart what better than having a football phone case. A Cristiano Ronaldo phone case would be the perfect fit for Juventus fans. Other very popular cases you can find online with no need to go to a special print shop include Lionel Messi phone cases.

This is a very popular case which you can find on AliExpress for as little as 1$. Moreover to be mentioned is also include the Barcelona phone case and Inter phone case. 

But, here raises a question.

“I am not a Barcelona fan, neither am I an Inter fan, and buying a Barcelona phone case would be the end of the world for me because I am a Real Madrid Fan.” Don’t you worry because we have got you covered? Here is a  list of websites where you can get your favorite football team’s heart phone case done.

  1. Acreations
  2. Futmomento
  3. Etsy
  4. 7Case NL
  5. RedBubble

1. Acreations

Acreations is a very user-friendly website. You can customize your own case. The good thing is that it creates cases for a large variety of phones. Including iPhone, Samsung,Lg, Huawei, and many others. Their football cases have got really good quality and the price is really good.

You can choose from 2 materials for your football case, hard plastic, and soft TPU. The company is located in the Netherlands and they provide free shipping for Europe. My favorite case is the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo phone case. Check them out here.

2. FutMomento

You can also find really cool football cases at FutMomento. FutMomento phone cases are build quality is very good and the image won’t come off. The thing with transparent cases is that they get kind of yellowish after a few months.

That won’t happen with Futmomento football cases. (However, not for a short time at least ) They ship worldwide and prices are fine for a smartphone case. They have got a huge selection of pre-designed cases you can choose from. They ship worldwide at an extra cost. Click here to check them out.

3 . Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where people join to sell, collect and buy hand-picked items. There is a large category of items you can choose from.

Part of whom we have also your favorite handmade football phone covers. You can find different cases made for different phones. Such cases include the Milan phone case, Lionel Messi phone case, etc. The good thing about this is that the football phone cases are handmade. Check them out here.

4 . 7Case NL

This is also located in the Netherlands. Just like the previously mentioned websites, 7 Case NL produces quality football phone cases. The coolest thing that I found about was a flying ticket case.

You choose your team of heart and it will auto-generate a flying ticket to the stadium of your beloved team. What’s cooler than that? Orders over 40$ are free shipping and prices for the cases are fair. The cases are strong enough to protect your phone and nonslippery. Check them out here.

5 . RedBubble 

RedBubble is a website where you can find many unique design products. They have got a wide range starting from clothing to wall art and clothing. Therefore, when searching for football cases you will mostly find cases for iPhone, a few of Samsung, and not much in other brands. 

To be fair the designs are unique, cases are mostly plastic and you need to find which player is your best. No customization is possible. Check them out here.

Which one should you get your next case from?

Good question. I have been going through all websites and I would recommend Acreations because they can create a custom case for anyone who does not have an iPhone or Samsung. And the design can be customizable.

Especially if you live in Europe you should go with Acreations because you will also get free shipping. However, 7 Cases Nl is also a good supplier of these football cases. The build quality is almost the same, the price almost identical. Now it will be in your hands which one you will be choosing from. 

DIY Football Phone Cases? Is it possible?

Firstly, 20$ is a little too much for you. That’s fair enough considering that these cases are not premium cases. The most expensive part about them is the printing which is overlaid. They are mostly plastic. If you are on the DIY side you can customize these on your own. Maybe you can do that for fun as well.

Secondly, the process is simple and it does take very little skill. Thirdly, all you need is your favorite picture of your favorite football player or football team. Afterward, you will then need to edit it to a format that will fit the iPhone size or your phone size.

 You can choose any plastic case on AliExpress or Amazon for as little as possible. If you are like me for instance and don’t have a  special printer at home to print labels you will have to go to your local printing shop and they will help you print your label. This label contains the underside which will stick to your phone case once you peel off the bottom of it. 

Make sure that before installing you clean the case from any debris like dirt and dust and carefully apply the label to the back of your case. It would be good if you use something like a debit card to push all the air bubbles away. And there you have it.  In conclusion, you now just made yourself a 2$ case that will show your support to your favorite team or player.

In this list, you will find the guided steps to buy a Football Phone Cases:

  1. Buy a transparent phone case 
  2. Look up your phone dimensions
  3. Edit the photo same as the dimensions 
  4. Print the label 
  5. Stick it to your phone case
  6. ENJOY

Do you really need a case?

Cases serve as a protective layer between your phone and the outside world. There are many cases where you drop your phone and having a case prevents you from shattering, scratches, etc. Yes, the downside of it is that the phone will not look as good, phones in recent years have gotten so much of technological advancement and so much work put into the design that they are so good looking.

Using a phone case would just destroy its looks, but better safe than sorry. To be mentioned are cases of designer brands or football cases that show support of your favorite team. 

FAQ About Football Phone Cases

Q. Are football phone cases worth it?

A: Of course they are, you will be showing your support and love about your favorite team having such a cover.

Q. Are Football cases protective? 

A. Cases are designed to be protective despite they don’t provide a warranty from dropping and mishandling the phone.

Q. Are Football phone cases reliable?

A:  Case will wear over time, to keep in good condition, keep out of liquids, and folding.

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