If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard, GMMK Pro is the best option you are looking for. The number of jobs that generate more money nowadays requires you to stand in front of a computer for quite some time. That’s why we have made a lot of research on how to optimize the hours spent to write a blog post, catchy Youtube scripts, a book, or other types of content. To be as productive as you can you need to be able to feel comfortable with your working environment and especially the tools that you use. No question, the most important tool or accessory for a writer is his/her keyboard.

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But what to choose from the numerous keyboards that have filled the web right now pretending that they are the best? As much objective as we can try to be in this case, we can’t be right because the keyboard is not just an extension of the computer but of your arms and mind too. That’s why we advise a custom one as the best keyboard for the price that you think to spend. But let us tell you why…

Best GMMK PRO Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Even though, we have dedicated this article to the GMMK Pro, we thought to give you two more choices and rank them based on the best choice, best price, and finally the premium pick. 


There are multiple reasons why we chose the GMMK Pro as the best choice for the price on our best custom keyboard list. GMMK Pro rocks every aspect that a custom keyboard should have. Starting from a nice aluminum material that is used to build the case, ending with full custom switches and their two years warranty.

Along with your GMMK Pro comes the official software that lets you customize the keyboard even more based on the documentation provided in the package box.

Anne Pro 2

With just a little less money you can get the nice Anne Pro 2. A keyboard that has a beautiful ergonomic body that makes it possible to reach every switch easily. Unlike some competitors, the keys are surrounded by a border, hiding the base of the switches.

The white version does not in any way prevent the good propagation of the backlight, and the different effects offered to stand out very well.


This keyboard comes with twice the price of its competitors in this list and the reason for that is that it offers everything that you possibly require from a keyboard. It is compatible with every Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating system.

It is nicely isolated to reduce all the unnecessary sounds. Especially gamers will love this keyboard because they can play for longer hours without getting tired. 

Best GMMK PRO Buying Guide

If you are bored with prebuild keyboards and love the idea of a mechanical custom keyboard but don’t know what to get in terms of key switch options, then the best custom keyboard Glorious GMMK might be for you. This is a fully modular keyboard that includes a hot-swappable design which means you can change the keys yourself, even when plugged in.

This is wonderful for the obvious fact that regularly when you buy a new keyboard you pick one type of switch (out of about four options) and you’re stuck with your decision. If after purchase you find that it is too loud, not acting fast enough, or not giving you the feedback you expected, you have to either put up with it or buy something new.

On the GMMK case, you can pick from a wide range of switches from Gateron, Kailh, or Cherry depending on your requirements, and then install them yourself. It’s very easy to do too. There are two tools in the box, one to remove the keycaps, the other to remove the preinstalled switches, then you just have to insert the new ones. You just have to be careful not to bend the pins as you do. If you’re not sure which keys you want, there is a sample pack with 14 different switches that you can try testing before committing fully to a full 120 pack.

We tried the Gateron Brown, Kailh Speed Copper, and Kailh Box Red and were impressed with the ease of installation and the joy of being able to do it all yourself without any soldering or hassle.

Do You Need The GMMK PRO?

If we get into the history of computers, we can see that the first ones have no mouse, only a keyboard. If you know how to use it right you can do with a keyboard everything that a mouse does and faster. If you are into programming or if you spent a lot of time writing on your computer you may already find some of the cool keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts require you to type 2 to 3 buttons at the same time. Here’s where the best custom keyboard for the correct price comes in handy. If you do not have the correct keyboard, it will be hard to perform those shortcuts faster than with a mouse. Custom keyboards, GMMK Pro, in this case, will become your favorite accessory because you can customize however you want in order to make your life easier.

If you do not like the plain one-color keyboards, that is no problem anymore because, with GMMK Pro, you can play with colors a lot. Also, you can rearrange the buttons depending on the language that you are writing. We all have been there, where our pc is in the UK or US version and the Z and Y have switch places.

Besides all of these things, there is another big reason why to go for the best custom keyboard like GMMK Pro. If you want to write faster you will need to lock your index fingers on the F and J buttons in order to reach all of the others. But with the GMMK Pro, this is not a problem anymore.

Gamers have also a plus with the rearranged buttons where they can make the most used ones a different color for more practicality.  

Types of Custom Keyboard

The number of exactly the same products that are manufactured for the big market of the world wide web is growing with giant steps each day. In the past, there were a lot of artisans where clients ordered they preferred customized tools or accessories. More and more we find on the internet sellers that offer custom products made especially for each individual. 

Anne Pro 2 vs GMMK Pro

The main difference, right from the start is that Anne Pro 2 supports wireless connection. This means that you can use it with more devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktops no matter if they run on Windows, Linux, or IOS. Besides that, they do not have any other big reason we have to necessarily mention. We recommend both of them because Anne Pro 2, as well as GMMK Pro, can be a lifesaver, it is up to you to choose your favorite one.

What to Consider When Buying GMMK Pro

Price plays a big factor in our decisions to buy something. But not always this is a good thing. In some cases, you may think that you are getting a great deal but actually end up with a product that you will not use that often. That’s why to be more clear we prepared a table that shows exactly the pros and cons of the GMMK Pro, in order for you to know everything before buying it. 

Pros and Cons of GMMK Pro and Custom Keyboards in General


  • Full aluminum case
  • Excellent feel, sound, and aesthetics
  • Rotary encoder knob
  • Springy gasket mount design


  • Spacebar tends to rattle
  • No user manual, only the doc on the software


Q. Is making your own keyboard cheaper?

A: In theory, it is true that it should be cheaper to buy the parts of a keyboard and build it yourself but in the end, everything varies from the quality of the materials. 

Q. Are mechanical keyboards better?

A: Mechanical keyboards are preferred a lot by the gamers community because they are more durable on the long-playing hours, faster, and more tactile. 

Q. What are the different options or sizes for a keyboard?

  • Standard Keyboard
  • Laptop-Size Keyboards
  • Custom Keyboards

Final Thoughts

Besides the modular design, the GMMK PRO is also an asset for other reasons. A solid aluminum frame, sleek hardware or software-controlled lighting, macro capabilities, and more make this keyboard very attractive. Especially for the price that you can get it in comparison to other custom keyboards, it is a buying to brag about. 

It’s also available full-size, ten-keyless, compact, and even barebone if you want to build it yourself from the switches. Take to the master race with the GMMK and you won’t regret it.

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