Down below we mentioned and explained some of the best GPS trackers for car you can find in the nowadays market. This is the perfect way to keep the most valuable things or even your loved ones safe and tracked in case of any problem, this way you will be less worried.

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Spy Tec GPS GL300

This is the perfect choice to be less worried about your elderly parents or when teens are driving. You will get real-time tracking updates.

Best Gps Tracker For Car Overall

  • Magnetic
  • Reliable service
  • Small
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty 

Land Air Sea 54 GPS Tracker

This GPS can be exposed to all kinds of weather or environmental conditions. The waterproof feature protects vital components.

Best Gps Tracker For Car Value

  • Google maps
  • Notification alert
  • Reliable
  • Compact design

Bouncie- 4G LTE, GPS Car Tracker

If you have a new driver in your family, this GPS is a perfect choice, this way you won’t be worried all the time. Which updates you every 15 seconds.

Best Gps Tracker For Car Honorable Mention

  • No battery
  • Roadside assistance
  • Alert notifications
  • No activation fees

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

This is another great GPS tracker for parents but also for businesses. Your family members now can be free and safe to go everywhere.

Best Gps Tracker For Car Runner

  • Reliable tracking
  • Alert notifications
  • Compact design
  • Track and map 

GPS Tracker- Optimus 2.0

The best-hidden GPS you can find these days. With an incredibly compact design with a magnetic mount.

Best Hidden Gps Tracker For Car 

  • Long battery life
  • Tracking
  • Instant alerts
  • SOS feature

Benefits of GPS Tracker For Car

  • Safety
  • Prevents unauthorized vehicle use
  • Reduces detention

Types of GPS Tracker For Car

Personal GPS trackers

A quite small-sized GPS, which can share your location in case of emergency. They can be used as a GPS tracker by also as a navigation system when they have included the screen.

GPS tracker for vehicles

They are still quite small and don't need large batteries to operate. They are three types: battery operated, hardwired, and plugin.

Gps Tracker For Car Pricing

  • They can cost from 10$ to 400$.
  • The cheaper ones cost between 20$ to 50$.
  • The medium ones between 70$ to 150$

Key Features

installing gps tracker for car

Real-time automated alerts

The GPS tracker can send an alert notification when the vehicle leaves the important destinations. Also, most GPS trackers can send notification alerts in case of an accident.

Real-time mapping of your GPS

It is a very important thing to be updated on your vehicle or anything else’s location in real-time. This is included with most GPS tracking systems.

Other Considerations

  • Easy to use.
  • Weather and traffic alerts.
  • Crime and security.

Best GPS Tracker For Car Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Spy Tec GPS GL300

Best Overall


  • This is the easiest and fastest GPS using the 4G satellite technology
  • You can watch the tracker move along the map, history data, speed, distance, etc
  • This GPS has a very reliable service
  • It is small and versatile, also you have the magnetic option
  • Excellent battery life


  • You will have to pay a monthly fee to use it

Let me say that this is the perfect choice for you if you always worry about your teens or about your elderly parents while they drive. This is a GPS that updates you with real-time tracking, and as soon as this divide gets out of the designated zone, it will immediately send you a notification to announce you.

Land Air Sea 54 GPS Tracker

Best Value


  • Reliable tracking of people, assets, or vehicles
  • It is built with a super-strong magnet
  • Can fit in small pockets, attach to vehicles, also discreetly hide in a bag
  • Real-time tracking through Google Maps
  • You will get alert notifications, location reporting, historical payback, etc


  • A subscription is required

This GPS can be exposed to all kinds of weather or environmental conditions. The waterproof feature protects vital components, water, dust, or harsh sunlight, and keeps it in the perfect form for working. It has an excellent rechargeable battery which lasts for six months on a full charge.

Bouncie- 4G LTE, GPS Car Tracker

Honorable Mention


  • 4G LTE and real-time driving data
  • For auto-refresh it needs only 15 seconds
  • No battery is needed for this GPS
  • You won't have activation fees, return fees, hidden fees
  • You can cancel the order anytime


  • This GPS requests a monthly fee

If you have a new driver in your family, this GPS is the perfect choice for you, this way you won’t be worried all the time about its location, or if anything happens. This GPS updates you every 15 seconds, and it sends you notifications in case of accidents or roadside assistance.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Honorable Mention


  • Sends you alert notifications, historical playback, location reporting, etc
  • Perfectly fits in small pockets, you can hide it discreetly anywhere, and attach it to the vehicle
  • It has an ultra-compact design, which is 100% waterproof and with super magnetic strength
  • Can be used as a reliable tracking of people, vehicles, or assets


  • It has a high monthly fee

This is another great GPS tracker for parents, this way your family members mostly your children can be safe and free to go everywhere. You can also use it for your business, to keep everything tracked. As soon as the person or the vehicle you are tracking deals with a problem you will get an alert notification on your phone.

GPS Tracker- Optimus 2.0

Best Hidden


  • It has a long battery life that varies for more than 2 weeks
  • You can track your vehicle, valuables, loved ones, machinery 24/7
  • You will get an instant alert for any problems with the GPS or in case of an accident
  • It is accurate, discreet, and a real-time tracker


  • It requires a subscription

Let me say that this is one of the best-hidden GPS trackers you can find. It is the perfect choice for you if you want to be updated on your family member’s location, and to be notified when an accident happened. With this tracker, you will be less worried because you know that as soon as anything happens you will be notified and you will know where they are.


Q: How to track a car with GPS for free?          

A: There are a lot of apps where you can track your vehicle.

Q:  How much is a GPS tracker for your car?

A: It depends on your requirements because there are some which are paid with a monthly fee and without them. Starting from 10$ to 400$.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays is a growing need for the GPS tracker. With the GPS tracker, you will now be able to get an alert notification as soon as your vehicle gets out of the marked area or even when accidents happen. You can also use it for your teens or your elderly parents, this way you won’t have to be worried anymore if they have any problems during driving.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below!

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