It’s a hot topic when it comes about the newest iPhone coming soon to the market. Many Youtubers have shown different prototypes and mockups, accessories and iPhone 13 cases of the upcoming iPhone 13 and from what we know there is not much to expect.

iPhone has kept the same shapes of their mobile devices since iPhone 11 in 2019, with minor changes on the body sharpness and camera upgrades. From what we have seen so far we can tell that the iPhone 13 will be the same, with a few minor changes. The biggest change on the iPhone 13 will be the camera. It is official that the new iPhone 13 will have a thicker camera lens. That will leave the phone unleveled and likely scratch the camera lenses, therefore you might consider getting yourself the best iPhone 13 cases.

Here we will look at the best iPhone 13 cases and give you a trick to save some money.

Disclaimer: These are all iPhone 12 cases (Not iPhone 13 cases) we have under review. The new iPhone 13 will be the same as iPhone 12 so the case will fit, just make sure you pick the right one as the camera lens is thicker. Read For More. 


TORRAS Shockproof

TORRAS Shockproof

Overall Rating: 5/5


Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Overall Rating: 4.5/5




Overall Rating: 4/5

Best iPhone 13 Cases: Editorial Choice


Best Overall: TORRAS Shockproof

With a slim fit design and a shockproof resistance, Torras Shockproof is the best overall iPhone 13 case. This case is made out of silicone which makes for a good touch and non-slippery case but also Heavy Duty Protection in all terrains or drops.Benefits of using this case include the X-SHOCK impact resistant anti-collision which is added to the case corners, this will help you prevent the corner impacts which are likely to cause death screen on your iPhone. Furthermore 

Torras Shockproof is listed as our best overall case because it stops any dust from entering and scratching the body of the phone. The case buttons can also be customized with three colors, red, black and yellow. The raised camera lips make sure your iPhone 13 camera lens will never scratch, together with that the Torras Shockproof case is paired with raised front lips, making the front facing drop impact for the iPhone 13 minimalistic.


Best Budget: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

If you are looking for the best budget iPhone 13 case, Spigen Ultra Hybrid will be your case of choice. The Ultra clear case will not fade and become yellow overtime and Spigen has pushed its burdens to make the case super-strong to withstand any drops.

The case comes at $11, which makes it the best budget iPhone 13 case on the market and that is for a reason. First of all this case is a clear case which will make the simplicity and the originality of the Iphone 13 glow as it is supposed to. The raised lips on the front and rear camera cut make the Spigen Ultra Hybrid a great design and give it heavy duty capabilities. The side corners of this case act as a bumper and the material used for this case is TPU. It will feel good on the hand, provide great protection and the best part is, it will never decolorise.


Honorable Mention: LeoMaron

Last but not least on our list we have LeoMaron. This is a soft case with precise cutouts for all buttons and ports, classic and simple design for the maximum performance. The silicone material provides good protection, great hand feeling and most importantly non-bulky case.

This iPhone case also comes in a wide variety of colors, the raised lips on both front screen and rear camera will keep your iPhone scratch free. They also offer 365day warranty and free returns based on their warranty. This is a good-looking and soft to touch iPhone case that mimics the Apple iPhone case the best, at 75% less price.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best iPhone 13 phone case you might consider Torras Shockproof as it offers the best coverage for any purpose and it has a great design. Its design is best in the above mentioned cases and it rates the best in drop tests performed by Youtubers.If you are looking for something similar to the Apple Silicone case you might consider to go with  LeoMaron. The case is scratch free protective and has the best touch feeling a case can give. For transparent cases look no further from Spigen Ultra Hybrid.

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