10 Best iPhone XR Cases: Take Your Phone Everywhere Without Worrying

November 26, 2021
Best Overview
TENDLIN Wood Grain And Carbon Fiber Case
TENDLIN Wood Grain And Carbon Fiber Case
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Carbon Leather
Ultra-thin screen protector
Protect the camera from scratching or touching the ground
Might not last too long due to wood
Best Value
LIFEPROOF FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone Xr
LIFEPROOF FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone Xr
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Asphalt (Black/Dark Grey)
Built-in scratch protector
Water and Snow Proof
Withstands drops from 66’/2 m
Blocks a bit of sound on the speaker
Editor’s Choice
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone XR Case
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone XR Case
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Matte Black
Hybrid technology
Crystal clear transparency flaunts
Raised bezels lift screen and camera off flat surfaces
Not resistant to fingerprints

The iPhone XR is a budget phone that appeals to a wide range of customers. As iPhone prices kept rising, Apple released the iPhone XR for users who wanted a modern-looking smartphone without fanciness. It was quickly dubbed “the phone to buy” by tech gurus, and it remains the best budget option to purchase today.

You’ll want the best iPhone XR case to protect your investment in order to maintain it safely. The type of case you choose will most likely be influenced by a number of factors, including where you’ll use your phone, how often you drop it if you need additional features, and even aesthetic preferences.

We’ve reviewed some of the best iPhone XR cases on the market in late 2022 to help you narrow down your search and find the best iPhone XR case for your specific wants and needs. Check out what we found and what differentiates these cases.

Best iPhone XR Cases Recommendations in 2021

TENDLIN Wood Grain And Carbon Fiber Cases

Something about the wood aesthetic attracts us. It’s basic, simple, and fits with almost anything. To create a truly unique case, the TENDLIN Wood Grain and Carbon Fiber Case integrate the attractiveness of wood veneer, carbon fiber textured leather, and soft TPU. The design is sleek and practical, with something for everyone. It’s hard to find a phone that does everything but yet looks pretty good, but not with the TENDLIN Wood Grain with Carbon Fiber Case. This iPhone XR case will keep your phone secure while also making it shine up. When it comes to phone cases, there’s not much more a person could ask for! This is definitely the best iPhone XR case if you are seeking mostly in a pretty case.
  • Wood veneer is visually pleasing and eye-catching
  • Grippy material
  • Sleek & Slim
  • Single Wood Color

LIFEPROOF FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Cases for iPhone XR

$80.99 $89.99
Sturdy phone cases are one essential accessory for everyone who lives an adventurous lifestyle, and thankfully, there will be a variety of options to choose from. But how do you know which one to grab? If you spend a lot of time in than out, not having the best iPhone XR case may not be effective. Your phone will be protected from water, snow, dirt, and mud with the LifeProof FRE Series XR case. This case also protects your phone when underwater for an hour at a depth of up to two meters. Being pushed in the pool or accidentally diving in with your phone in your pocket is no longer an issue! This case is also resistant to drops of up to two meters, so you’ll have some flexibility in terms of dropping if something goes wrong.
  • Gives The iPhone XR better waterproof capabilities
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Drop Proof
  • The phone will be isolated like in a cage and not make for the best audio experience

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone XR Case

$13.99 $29.99
The Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone XR case is both stylish and robust, and it guards your phone’s most critical parts. The case adds only 0.15″ to the thickness of your phone, which is barely noticeable. Raised edges around the camera and screen protect against surface scratches. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid phone case may be ideal for you if you really want something simple that works. It’s light, easy to place on and take off, and allows you to tweak your iPhone without compromising its overall look. This is the best iPhone XR case that carries a transparent backside that won’t turn yellow after a few weeks of use.
  • Clear Case Design
  • Raised Edges
  • Budget Pick
  • Fingerprint Will Stick To The Backside

YOUFI Business Casual Fabric Phone Case

The YOUFI Business Casual Fabric Phone Case offers the features of a shock-absorbent protective case with the added benefit of still being visually appealing. The high-quality material is hot pressed into the case’s back, stiffer, and scratch-resistant than other protective cases.

If you intend to use the YOUFI Business Casual Fabric Phone Case for work, the grey and black material’s professional appearance is neutral and sleek without being dull. The case’s slim design also allows for wireless charging without removing the case, which means fewer wires for your work or home life.
  • Mixed materials make for a grippy case
  • Color Blends Nicely Between Materials
  • 3mm thick makes for a thin case, yet very protective
  • Comes only in 2 colors

MATEPROX iPhone XR Cases Clear Anti-Yellow Heavy Duty Bumper

Minimalism is now popular at the moment. There is a lot of evidence to support the premise that less clutter increases joy, and this concept can be used in almost any aspect of life. Your accessories, too. The MATERPROX Shockproof Case is perfect if you really want a case that does its job without all the bells and whistles. You can make this case as unique or as polished as you like, and it won’t change the sleek dynamic of the XR that we adore. It does have a nice aesthetic, is simple to use, and does the job.
  • Slim and grippy
  • Colors pop out for extra avant-garde style
  • Raised Corners help with shock-absorbing
  • Camera edges are not raised high enough

Tech21 Pure Clear iPhone XR Case

If you want to show the original color of your iPhone this is the right case, it is a crystal clear case but at the same time, it is very protective for your phone. It is built of a high-performing impact material that protects your phone from breaking starting from up to 10 feet.
  • It is a crystal clear iPhone XR case to enjoy your phone’s original beauty
  • Works perfectly with wireless connectivity
  • It is ultra-thin, it protects your phone great without needing to add unnecessary bulk
  • Very protective even if it is dropped from up to 10 feet
  • It is a bullet shield, built-in with great quality material
  • It scratches easily

OTOFLY Compatible With iPhone XR Cases 6.1 Inch

$11.87 $14.98
Let me say that this is a great protective, good-looking and soft handle feeling iPhone XR case. It is an upgraded case offering a lot more features than the standard ones. The amazing thing about this case is that you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite color because there are 20 different colors available.
  • Perfectly fits your iPhone XR
  • A very simple and flexible iPhone XR case
  • Made of great quality material, liquid silicone gel
  • It is environment-friendly, soft, durable, and fingerprint-proof
  • Resistant to turn yellow with the time
  • You have 20 different colors available, to choose your favorite one
  • If you have long hair, it is possible that they will get stuck to the case

Diverbox Case Compatible with iPhone XR

If you work on heavy-duty, and you always worry if you will drop and break your phone, or even if it will be damaged from the dust, well this is the right one because it is drop-proof and dustproof. It perfectly fits your iPhone XR and allows you easy access to your phone.
  • Heavy-duty protective case
  • Compatible with iPhone XR
  • It perfectly fits your iPhone and allows easy access to it
  • The raised lip ensures extra protection for the camera and screen
  • It is made of multi-layer defense, to protect your phone in the best way possible
  • It has no built-in screen protector

Snakehive Vintage Wallet For iPhone XR

One of the best and with most features iPhone XR cases you can find in the market. Even though it protects your phone from getting damaged, it at the same time serves as a wallet, where you can keep your money or even your credit cards. And it has a 12-month warranty.
  • It is made of classy leather outer and with a flexible plastic inner
  • It is handmade in Europe with great quality leather
  • The wallet has 3 card slots and one money slip
  • It allows you full easy access to your iPhone
  • It only fits iPhone XR

Justcool iPhone XR Waterproof Cases

$16.05 $19.99
If you are a sportive person, you like swimming sports, or outdoor sports, this is the perfect choice for you. It is a waterproof case, which protects your phone from damage when it falls, but even when it falls in the water or you have it with you during swimming,
  • It provides full protection to your phone
  • It is made of quality material, high-grade TPU, and PC materials
  • You can wireless charge your phone while having the case on
  • Waterproof, 1.5metter for 20 minutes
  • The case covers the speaker

Benefits of iPhone XR Cases

  • Protects your phone from damage.
  • They usually are too thin and too light.
  • You can take your phone everywhere.

Types of iPhone XR Cases

Usual phone case

This is one of the most used phone case types, it is thin, lightweight, and protects your phone perfectly. It is very easy to install and very cheap.

Wallet phone case

This is a multifunctional phone case, which protects your phone from being damaged, but at the same time, you can put your money or even credit cards on it.

Heavy duty case

This is the perfect choice for those who have hard and heavy work because this phone case is shockproof and dustproof to prevent damage.

iPhone XR Case Pricing

  • The lower prices start from 8$ and above.
  • The highest prices start from 50$ and more

Other Considerations

  • It perfectly fits your phone.
  • You won’t have problems with internet connectivity.
  • You can still wireless charge your phone with the case on.
  • You can choose your favorite design.


  • You can choose your favorite color and design.
  • You can personalize it.
  • You will still have easy access to your phone.


Q: Does it cause problems with internet connectivity?

A: No, it still ensures you great internet connectivity.

Q: Does it have a screen protector?

A: Not all of the iPhone XR cases have glass protection, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t protect it. But to avoid it from breaking you should take one.

Final Thoughts

As we know it is very important to have a phone case, this way you won’t have to deal with a broken phone. This is the perfect solution to avoid going to the mobile service but also not spending a lot of money.

 In this article are mentioned the best ones that you can find and each of them has unique features for example Tech21 Pure Clear Case For iPhone XROTOFLY Compatible With iPhone XR Case 6.1 InchDiverbox Compatible with iPhone XRSnakehive Vintage Wallet For iPhone XR, and Justcool iPhone XR Waterproof Case.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!


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