Leather iPhone 5 flip cases are a very good accessory for your iPhone 5. Because of the high popularity of the iPhone 5, there is a wide variety of cases to choose from. One being leather case which can be very handy. iPhone 5 is a tough phone itself compared to the other iPhone models featuring front and back glass. The iPhone 5 design is also small, slim, and very useful thanks to the small screen which gives access to all of the screens. Using a leather case for your iPhone 5 will not also add a layer of protection but also make the iPhone look more prestigious.

What are Leather cases?

Leather cases are essentially luxurious cases made out of real leather or fabricated materials that give the feeling of real leather. Apple themselves produce a leather case for their iPhone models but the case is generally very stiff and hard to touch. Very soft leather on the other hand will get loose over time. Leather cases are usually handy, and you may find wallet cases, cardholder cases, or even flip cases. Some of the most famous leather cases are dotaio leather case, TENDLIN leather case, and so on.

Benefits from using a leather iPhone flip case.

Merely flip leather cases are the best and most comfortable to use. They provide good grip, good protection against drops and scratches and can serve as a mini wallet at the same time. The leather flip cases for iPhone 5 will have benefits in many different areas.

Here are the top benefits of using leather flip cases for iPhone 5:

  1. Protection
  2. Grip
  3. Multifunctionality 

1 . Protection 

Protecting your phone is very important. A simple drop can cause the camera to malfunction or the screen to shatter. Giving protection to your phone is the number one priority you should take care of. Protection of the iPhone 5 is a must because the phone is designed in squared dimensions. That means that the phone will be rough and tough but a drop on the angled top will cause severe scratches which you don’t want.

2 . Grip

The grip is also important because phones in general can slip off the hands like a piece of soap. Touching a likely stiffer material will make for a better grip, in simpler words no drops whatsoever. Secondly, you can use these leather flip cases as a stand. Watching Youtube videos or chilling Netflix will never be as enjoyable. 

3 . Multifunctionality 

iPhone 5 is a small phone by today’s standard but it will get the job done fairly easy. Since the phone is so small your ability to add an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s flip leather case will make for a good leather wallet as well. You can slide cards and cash or even both. Pay wirelessly using your credit or debit cards and generally ease the way of interaction with your wallet.

Best iPhone 5 leather cases

After showing why you should use a leather case and the benefits you would take from using one we did our research on the best leather cases money can buy. The ranking is ordinal which means that the fifth on our list does not mean that it is the worst out of them all. We made sure that everyone fits their needs and wants. These cases will also be compatible with iPhone SE (not iPhone SE 2020) as well as iPhone 5s.

Here are the best iPhone 5 leather cases:

  2. WenBelle
  3. Venito Capri Leather
  4. Venito Lucca Leather

1.  Tendlin

Tendlin is a one-piece soft case made out of two synthesis materials, PU leather and flexible TPU. The case has got a good-looking back leather piece and a shock absorbing TPU inside. The ergonomic design offers a good grip and comfort and the leather is sleek and slim. The camera cutout is deep so it will keep the camera capturing great pictures all life long and very good quality design of buttons. Feels like there is no case in between. A great feature of this case is the raised lip on the edges of the phone that will help the screen from not shattering despite being used without protective glass. Overall a great-looking case, simplistic and offers great protection. Buy it here

2. WenBelle

AA-Accessory likes to call it iWenBelle, it gives a better description of the iPhone users. WenBelle if you are reading this let us know. WenBelle is a very good-looking phone case with, sleek design and a lot of multi functionalities packed in one single leather case. Customers can choose from the 2 available colors for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone SE 2016 gen not compatible with iPhone SE 2020. The two-tone color is what we like the most, a thin design compared to other leather flip cases made for iPhone 5 or 5s gen.

To your benefit will be a slim and good-looking phone case that can be used as a stand to watch Netflix. Secondly, this can also be used as a wallet, compartment to hold 2 cards, and cash to go throw out the day. The case is handcrafted from smooth, rich, faux leather (PU) with intricate, accented stitching that gives a premium feel to the case. The cardholder area soft material to prevent scratching damage. With all these functionalities and benefits you get from the case it is the best flip leather case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Buy it here.

3. Venito Capri Leather

Venito is well-known for high-quality leather products. They produce all sorts of leather cases for a wide variety of iPhones, Samsungs, and watch belts as well. The amount of detail that is put into Venito Capri Leather Cases is high. The stitching is always great and you will find famous people rocking with this high-quality leather case brand. The Venito Capri Leather case is compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s together with the 2016 iPhone Se. 

Out of all the cases mentioned above, this is the best leather case you can find and my favorite too. The price is more on the expensive side because the materials used are more expensive than the fabricated leather materials from other cases. The best feature about this case is the wide variety of colors and their niche combination with a good outfit. About protection, we would like to mention that such high-quality leather combined with a sleek design gives very good protection against drops and scratches. This will be a lifelong case, buy it here.

4. Venito Lucca Leather

Venito Capri is the basic leather case while the Venito Lucca leather case is their wallet leather case. The amount of detail on each Venito Case is high as mentioned above. This case in particular is handcrafted of High-Quality Cowhide Full-Grain Leather with exceptional craftsmanship. Easy to press buttons, slim design, great protection against scratches and drops.

Moreover, these Venito cases can be used as a perfect gift. The packing on them is next level and it would be the perfect gift for fathers day or Valentine. Venito Lucca leather can also hold 2 cards at the back of the phone. As we have talked about cardholder case before the worst-case scenario is you losing the phone together with the credit or debit card. Buy the case here.


Lovemilly is not the most famous brand in the phone cases industry. Merely there is a reason for us including the case in our top 5. The case has got a great tattoo design. The tattoo is very feminine and can be seen across the room. This is definitely a case for the tattoo passionate persons while also serving as a very good flip phone case. The case can hold cards in a total of 3, cash to go throw out the day, and can be used as a stand at the same time. 

The material is great, not real leather but the usual fabricated leather material provides exellent protection and is a cool design. Overall it is the best phone case for tattoo artists or tattoos passionate. Buy it here.

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We have made it so far in the end. Now it is your choice to choose your favorite design to protect your lovely iPhone 5 or 5s. Our recommendations would be the Venito if you want to go full leather and budget is not a thing you worry about. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget the Tindlin case will work out very well for you. The best flip case would be the iWenBell case as we like to call it. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Your opinion is important for us.

FAQ about iPhone 5 leather cases

Q. Do phone cases block wireless charging

A: Wireless charging will work with and without a case, a few millimeters will not make a huge difference but never expect the wireless charging to work from your room all the way to the kitchen.

Q. Are leather cases more protective than basic cases?

A: The leather cases will absorb the shock better than a plastic case therefore they are better protected.

Q. Are leather cases expensive?

A: Yes, leather cases are expensive because of the amount of work and detail put into them. There are fabricated leather cases on the other hand that give the same feeling for less.




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