You will lose your mind after reading this article and finding out about these accessories hiding under the shelf. These accessories are minimalistic and will not turn your Mercedes-Benz into a ricercar. The accessories are under 50$ and they are a must-have best Mercedes Benz Accessories under 50$. Keep in mind that expensive does not always mean good.

Do I Really Need Best Mercedes Benz Accessories?

Whether you are driving an old Mercedes-Benz or the latest W223 S class these accessories will come in handy. These accessories will make you feel special about your car and give it personalization. Secondly, these accessories will add multifunctionality to your Mercedes-Benz and make the driving experience a little better for you. And if you take good care of your Mercedes-Benz, it will serve your grandchildren as well, and what better way other than using these accessories can help out for that.

Spoiler alert 

There will not be any ambient lighting or Rolls Royce panoramic space. These are meant to be factory build and the cheap Chinese brands will always fool you. Associated with that are the so-called stickers Ricers stick to the backs at the bottom of the doors looking like the car came out of Need For Speed Most Wanted.

Will best Mercedes Benz Accessories under 50$ be helpful for me?

Using simple accessories like AMG pedals which will fit all the possible Mercedes-Benz all around the world might not make the car faster. But at the same time the plastic material of the pedals might wear out and a paddle replacement can be the next step you would be looking for. Secondly, accessories like a key gadget to associate your key with are a big plus. Using something simple like a W123 Mercedes Benz Wheel as a key gadget got me a lot of compliments from most Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. These and other accessories will be detailed below.

Top 5 Best Mercedes Benz Accessories under 50$:

AA Accessory best choice for top 5 best Mercedes Benz Accessories under 50$:

  1. Car Pedal Accessories
  2. Shift Pedal
  3. Car License Plate Lights
  4. Sport Steering Wheel 
  5. Spacers
  6. Leather Seat Covers

1. Car Pedal Accessories

Car Pedals come in handy because they are aluminum and we suggest going with the AMG ones as they have a really good looking design, fit in every possible Mercedes Benz, and got a better grip if you drive barefoot in the summer. These are under 10$ depending on where you choose to buy and will make anyone happy. Just make sure you pick the right ones based on the transmission because the manuals have got 3 while automatics only 2  plus the additional handbrakes.

2. Shift Pedal

Shift pedals will be very good looking if you have got the option of switching gears at your steering wheel. Usually, Mercedes has very few shift pedals around the steering wheel, and attaching a sporty pedal is next to do an upgrade. Depending on your taste you can also choose the color of the Pedals and add other bits and details.

We found a very good pair for our E 320 for just about 23$, what are you waiting for. Pick yours today.

3. Car License Plate Lights

When talking about having a Mercedes-Benz we don’t mean cheap lights for 1$ that will last about a month. There are actually complete bulbs you can find to replace with the OEM ones that came from the factory. I don’t mean that the OEM is bad but LED plate lights are cool and very handy when going in reverse. They cost around 20$ and they are a pretty straight forward installation. All you need is a screwdriver, unscrew and screw and there you go.

4. Sport Steering Wheel

Sometimes things cannot always be purchased brand new from online stores or generally the traditional car shops. I learned to go to the local junkyards because my uncle would find cheap parts for his old car and he didn’t want to put much money into it. But if you go there you will see a lot of accessories for your car. OEM navigators, leather seats, other mechanical parts, and a paradise of accessories. Mercedes AMG uses a different style of the steering wheel. In the past editions around 2005, they would call it by size, to a size 4 would be the traditional and size 3 AMG steering wheel. 

Design is better looking because with a 3 point steering wheel it gives a much more aggressive look and you can sometimes find heated leather steering wheels for Mercedes Benz. The cool trick to get under 50$ is that you can choose to trade the old steering wheel because that is also valuable. 

5. Spacers

Spacers are the thing that goes in between the wheel and the wheel assembly. It can be different sizes, the higher the number the thicker the spacer and the further out the wheels will be. The beautiful thing about Mercedes is that usually, the rear wheels are wider in dimensions because the drive type is rear differential, excluding 4-Matic.

With wider rear wheels there will not be any need to use spacers but their addition makes the car look great. Generally, the car will look as if it’s got a wider look with just a few mm of spacing between. Make sure you get high-quality spacers only because they might cause a vibration when going at a speed of over 100 km/h. 


To sum up, the accessories mentioned will turn your car from normal to special and personalized. All of them can be found for under 50$ and will be all worth your money. Don’t rush, you can live without these. The best suggestion is to buy one by one, so it will not hurt the pocket, and you always come up with outstanding deals.

FAQ About Best Mercedes Benz Accessories under 50$

Q. Do spacers cause vibration?

A: Yes, only if you use high-quality spacers with the right bolts you won’t get a vibration in the cabin.

Q. Does the SRS light come up when I change the steering wheel?

A: It will cause an error which can be erased very easily, if you change to a newer steering wheel you need to change the film as well.

Q. Can I install shift pedals to any Mercedes Benz?

A: Technically, you can’t because some cars don’t have shift paddles at all, but with a little trick you can get them to stick and give it such a look.


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