Despite Apple iPhone 12 release a few months ago we now have the confirmed leaks for the upcoming new iPhone 13. If truth be told Apple likes to skip numbers, just like they did with the iPhone X, expectations were to have the next iPhone 9 which is now what we refer to as the iPhone X. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo we will expect to see 4 models of the iPhone 13.

Leaked Upcoming iPhone 13 models:

  1. the iPhone 13
  2. the iPhone 13 Mini
  3. the iPhone 13 Pro 
  4. iPhone 13 Pro Max

The release date of iPhones is usually September despite the Apple iPhone 12 release last year being delayed due to the pandemic situation that affected the supply chain across the global market. Until then all the iPhone enthusiasts have to wait until September to get their hands on the new iPhone 13. 

What’s new on the iPhone 13?

The new iPhone 13 is expected to come in 4 models same as the iPhone 12 this year but in comparison, users will enjoy major improvements to the camera. One thing Apple missed on the iPhone 12 this year was the Telegraphic camera quality. In comparison to other manufacturers like Samsung, iPhones were struggling to capture clear and crisp pictures of the moon whereas the competitors were a step ahead. 

It’s no surprise that Apple is left behind at some point and recover quickly with the next release of their product. This is also because there is too much technology going behind the scenes and Apple prefers to excel at any aspect of it. Other than that, leaks released also state that there will be an Always-On Screen, much like the Apple Smartwatch and the screens will be upgraded to a fresh rate of 120Hz. Below you will find the list of the leaked information about all the updates

List of Improvements for new iPhone 13:

  1. Better Camera 
  2. Always On Screen
  3. 120Hz Screen 
  4. No Lightning Port
  5. Return of Touch ID
  6. Different iPhone 13 colors

Camera Upgrades for the new iPhone 13:

The iPhone 12 generation offers great camera quality but there is one weak spot where Samsung takes over. The Apple 12 series offer a 2.5x zoom whereas the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 Ultra offer a 100x zooming. Needless to say, that is not totally achievable by the camera itself only but thanks to other digital and optical mix Samsung offers better zooming capabilities.

The new upcoming iPhone 13 is thought to be incorporating a periscope camera which will help in better capabilities of zooming without much changing the camera bump. If that would on the other hand could not be done by 2021 we would still be enjoying the 2.5x zooming from the Apple iPhone 12 Pro yet again.

Better Night Mode Photos & Videos

Analysts are predicting an ultrawide-angle lens with a larger aperture — f1.8, instead of f2.4. Having a larger aperture means that your camera lens will absorb more light, making for better photos and videos in low light conditions or night events.

Lidar Technology

Lidar stands for Light Detection And Ranging it’s a depth sensor that uses lasers to measure distance. That makes for the best photoshoots the iPhone can offer. It was available in iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max only. Leaks state that all the base models will come with this feature no no price changes.

Always On Screen

Always on screens are helpful because they show the time and recent notifications in ease.  The android competitors have been rocking with these features for years. HTC One M8 released the dot view case back in 2013. The always-on screens have been continuing to evolve since then. Apple uses the same on their smartwatch and as it seems we will enjoy the same on the upcoming iPhone 13.

Return of the Touch ID button

Touch ID was a beloved feature of the iPhone and its return on the new iPhone 13 might seem to come. Last year it was reported that the upcoming iPhone 12 would have an under-display sensor that works as the touch ID. That never happened with the iPhone 12 but Bloomberg promised for the next 2021 iPhone refresh to have it. 

Generally, we have been used to face id recognition by iPhone and have forgotten about the touch id sensor. But on the other hand with pandemics being around face recognition does not work when you use a mask so a touch id would be much preferable. The iPad 2 had the side button touch id sensor and we might see something similar for the iPhone 13 as well.

Will Apple Kill The Lighting Port?

The 3.5mm headphone jack removed years ago by Apple in their Apple iPhone 7 gen, much likely we might see the lighting port go away as well. Apple is not shipping chargers anymore in order to reduce environmental pollution. Every new iPhone bought has a predecessor and its charger is good enough to use on the new iPhone as well. These were the Apple iPhone 11 and 12 strategies to reduce environmental footprint. 

With the lighting port being removed Apple is opting for new wireless charging technology. All of the ones we have been seeing until today have one weak spot, charging time. So with the release of the new iPhone 13, we might also see a new QI wireless charger technology?

Final thoughts

Apple does always releases great products to the market. In our opinion, we will see the touch id come back to the iPhone as opposed to the Airpad last year. The new camera will make for great photos and videos. We also think that Apple is going to remove the lighting port and set a new technology in terms of wireless charging. The great news is that we will all enjoy the Lidar technology on all of the upcoming iPhone 13 no matter what model you choose. 

What do you think about the upcoming iPhone 13? Leave your opinion in the comments down below, your opinion is important for us.



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