2021 is packed with a lot of technology starting from FaceId recognition up to fingerprint assembled into the touchscreen. All this technology packed into a smart device needs protection to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of a phone. Phone accessories are so popular because users want to keep their smart devices safe and secure from outside factors. Suppose an iPhone 12 Pro Max would drop on the floor by the front face, it would cost more than 50% of the smartphone value to replace the touchscreen.

With technology becoming more and more sophisticated the need to use phone accessories is a must nowadays.

Starting from transparent protective glasses that cost a minimum of 1$ could be found anywhere online and in many local shops. That is a very handy phone accessory that does not destroy the phone looks and keeps it safe from a front side drop.

Why do you need a phone case?

Based on many pieces of research and many drop tests done by tech people it has been proven that a protective glass cover saves your smartphone. Other than the protection on your smart device we would come to the conclusion that people need more functionality in their devices.

By that I mean the many add-on accessories you can add to your device, for example adding a battery is not a thing because the batteries are not replaceable and we do not live in the 2000s anymore where the basic Nokia mobile battery lasted a decade. Phone accessories like battery cases are becoming more and more popular, they become handy and help the users enjoy more battery life in their phones.

Phone Accessories are personal possessions

We now live in a world of technology where our phones are the most personal thing we own . They help people navigate through roads, hold pictures of loved ones, and connect people from all over the world. But they are also a key point in fashion. The addition of phone accessories sometimes is not only handy but nice to the hand and to the eye.

See basic phone charger cases can add comfort to your hands but on the other side can also make your phone look nicer. Someone might not be as comfortable holding a complete glass back which can make their hands sweaty and cause slipping, vise versa you cannot afford the latest iPhone 12 but with innovative cases, you can make your iPhone X look like an iPhone 12.

Technological Advancements

Just as mentioned above, the addition of functionality to your phone becomes handy very often by adding the respective accessory.

Listed above are 5 phone accessories you can use on your smartphone:

  1. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit 
  2. USB C Charger AUKEY Omnia 2-Port Fast Charger
  3. Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds.
  4. iPhone 12 Pro  Case Liquid Air Armor
  5. iOttie One Touch 4

1. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit was listed in the top 10 accessories of 2020, it is a very useful camera lens kit to help users capture close-range pictures. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SINGLE AND DUAL-CAMERA PHONES including all iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, Huawei, and more. 

2. USB C Charger AUKEY Omnia 2-Port Fast Charger Helps Charge faster with smaller, lighter-weight chargers from AUKEY’s Omnia series – the world’s smallest PD chargers ever. Using this phone accessory of AA quality helps on faster charging your phone or laptop with no difference from standard chargers 

3. Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds are  engineered to fit making and taking calls  are always a great experience, wherever you are, Jabra Elite 75t has got a new innovative smaller design  that provides an ideal fit for every type of ear while keeping  the ergonomic shape exceptionally comfortable

4. iPhone 12 Plus Case Liquid Air Armor Slim is form-fitted and lightweight in order to maintain a slim profile and pocket-friendly iPhone.The anti-slip matte surface gives fingerprint-resistance and comfort in every grip; this case is a must in 2021.

5. iOttie One Touch 4  Is a patented easy one-touch mechanism that allows quick one-hand open and close operation inside your car. It has got adjustable viewing, the re-designed telescopic arm extends from 4 – 6.5 inch and it’s got  Universal Mounting: It can hold  all phone and case combinations from 2.3 – 3.5 Inches

Premium Vs Third-Party Accessories

 Buying your new case might be a hard choice to make and you would always face 2 sides, premium, and the third party. Usually, people go towards cheaper accessories since they think they would perform the same job for them, which is totally true.

The difference between the premium and the third party might sometimes be Branding. Branding is very popular in nowadays marketing which pushes people to make buying decisions based on their brand awareness and tastes. To be put into perspective using a premium glass protector does not guarantee 100% security, either does the third-party glass cover. Differences are made in the performance they provide or the things you lose. 

By that, I mean for example the new phone case you bought on an online e-commerce site with a picture of your favorite basketball player. It’s cheap, it looks fine but the fitting on your pocket is not the same as your premium black case you got at the Apple Store. Researching before making a buying decision is very important, poor quality accessories may cause damage to your phone. 

FAQ About phone accessories

Q. Does a case protect my phone from drops 100%?

A: A case will usually protect your phone from drops but it does not guarantee full coverage. It also depends on the type of surface the phone gets dropped as well as other factors.

Q. How can I make my phone more useful with phone accessories?

A: You can use smart accessories like phone battery cases or branded cases to make your device more functional or more good looking.

Q. Is a wireless charging dock bad for my surrounding area?

A: It is perfectly fine to be close to a charging dock, be sure to look out before buying your dock, get the ones that meet the certain certifications usually such certifications have got symbols on the back of the dock.




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