Phone Charger Cases

Phone Charger Cases

Looking out into finding a good phone charger case. Then look no further we have got you covered. In this article we have included the best iPhone charger cases money can buy in 2021. The order of the products we will show does not mean one is better than the other . Neither does it mean that the 5th is 5 times worse than the first. We have put a lot of research into providing the top phone charger cases for you.

What are phone charger cases?

People like me who are always into moving and being busy on the phone or replying back to comments need a lot of battery life. With phone designs becoming more innovative battery life is becoming less and less longer. Being able to run many different operations requires a lot of juice. That causes the battery to drain and we don’t want that. The innovation of having a battery case is a steal of a deal. You go out in many places and it’s like having 200% battery .

Why do you need a phone charger case?

Now that you understood that you need a phone charger case in your life you need to know which one to choose. As competition is high in any market of economy so does here. Needless to say is that not all phones  have a phone charger case. Those are usually designed for phones like the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S range. Phones that go under 200$ usually don’t get to enjoy these “Luxury”. But here is another solution to that ,power banks. It’s basically the same thing except if you don’t mind holding a piece of  battery with you with a charging cable as well.

Phone charger cases are very practical , they come in handy and if you choose a brand case it does not destroy the looks of the phone. We have previously mentioned in another article why phone cases might destroy the phone looks and why you should choose a brand by clicking here. iPhone Xr charging case is very popular but not only that, the iPhone X and iPhone Xs Max are also very trendy and popular. Now Apple has launched its own iPhone charging case .

Long story short you need a charger case because you expand your battery expectancy . You will never have to turn off your mobile data and lower your brightness to save battery . These cases will be a very handy gadget to put in your Wishlist.

Which ones to buy and which one is the best?

When it comes to the comparison between cases in general we cannot determine which case is the best .It’s a matter of taste , some people like floral cases , some others heavy navy colors and some like to keep the phone case-free. Same applies here there are many phone charging cases out there but choosing one is also a matter of taste and budget. We did our research on top selling and best iPhone x charging case, iPhone Xr charging case and iPhone XS Max charging case and we came to these results. 

Here is our list of the top iPhone charging cases money can buy :

1. Apple Smart Battery Case

This is an OEM Apple product. Yes you got it, it’s fine to the hand it looks good but it’s expensive. That is totally true but just like any other products it will be at the top range of phone charging cases. It comes in 3 colors Black , Pink Sand and White .This charger has a microfiber touch and it feels very nice to the hand .Gives very good protection to your iPhone and also extends battery life up to 33hours of usage. You can charge the phone and the case at the same time. Tell me that is not cool. This Apple product is 129$, click here to buy.

We have been using this on my iPhone X and I have been happy all year long with our iPhone X charging case.

2. AlpaTronix 

AplhaTronix is a company which is focused on making gadgets for smartphones to make them more enjoyable for their end users. Their motto is to create high quality products for end users while keeping a fair price so everyone can enjoy. Their design is slim ,gives access to all buttons and supports wireless charging.

Their phone charger cases range from the iPhone 6 and 6s up to the latest iPhone 12 Pro charger case . They also provide charging cases for Samsung devices Starting from Samsung Galaxy S4 and up. Their return policy and warranty is very end user friendly and you would never be unhappy from an AlpaTronix charging case. And the price? Most of their cases are priced around $30. The cases are thin and protect your phone very well from drops. The case has a 4500-4000mAh battery for most devices.

3. Omeetie Battery Case For iPhone 

This battery charger case is very slim and it comes in 2 Colors. Black and Rose Gold but forget about the rose gold that color is the only downside of this case. It promises to extend the battery life up to 120% thanks to its 5000mAh battery. The design is very fashionable and good looking. The case is made out of silica gel material and a hard-shell back plate which makes it feel very good to the hand and protect your phone as well. Users have responded very well to this product and seem to love it . Its price is around $35 .Very good value for money battery charger case.

4.Mophie Juice Pack

I could not leave this top 5 without mentioning Mophie. The company is known for battery cases and they come into the market with their products ranging from 10$-40$ which is pretty clever to attract all consumer needs . The materials used are usually plastic and sometimes people say other brands are much better built but this item is in our top 5 list because of a reason. They provide phone charger cases for a wide variety of phones. Their designs are usually well built and low profile to keep the phone slim and all buttons touchable.

Their design feels great and it provided edge to edge superior protection of the phone.


Zerolemon are very sure about what they are selling. They build quality very well and they provide lifetime warranty customer support  for their product as well as 30 money full refund. 

The company provides phone cases and phone accessories for many different phone brands and their phone charger case ranges from iPhone to Samsung ,Lg and many others. Design is not the slimmest in the world but for the performance they provide this is a must have. This case provides wireless charging.

So there you have it, if you have any suggestions about our next article don’t be shy to let us know.

FAQ About Phone Case Batteries and Phone Charger Cases

Q. Are phone case batteries dangerous?

A: Cases are produced to meet safety requirements and will be safe once used under correct conditions.

Q. Does a phone case battery or phone charger cases destroy my battery health?

A: No, it will not harm your battery. It first uses the battery of the case then the battery of the phone and these cases will not cause harm to your phone battery health.

Q. What is a smart battery case?

A: It’s a case incorporated with a battery to keep your phone charged and it also protects your phone.



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