If there is anything that we can’t live without nowadays is our smartphone. Smartphones have something that can’t live without, their charger. Having a good charger is critical for the life of our smartphone and not only metaphorically. In this article, you will know in detail the difference between a good charger and a cheap one. Also, we will talk about the different options of phone chargers that you can buy from Amazon. Read till the end if you want to learn what to consider when buying a phone charger and who our top pick. 

Best Phone Chargers

  1. Best Choice: Quntis Charger MFi Certified
  2. Best Price: DiHines Adaptive Fast Wall Charger
  3. Premium Pick: CHOETECH Wireless Charger
Best Choice
Quntis Charger MFi Certified
The Quntis iPhone charger is MFi Certified and is produced with iPhone original chip that’s why you will not be getting those annoying warning pops up. 
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Best Price
DiHines Adaptive Fast Wall Charger
For its price, this is the best fast charger you can get for your Samsung or the majority of Android smartphones. It has an adaptive fast charging that can charge your phone up to 50% in less than 30 minutes. This package includes two fast wall chargers and four type C charging cords.
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Premium Pick
CHOETECH Wireless Charger
Our premium pick is a wireless charger that comes with one charging pad and one wireless charging stand. This wireless charger also has intelligent protection, a case-friendly design, and some other surprises. 
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Best Phone Chargers Buying Guide (Things to Know Before Buying)

Is It Risky To Recharge The Battery Of One Device With The Charger Of Another?

There is no risk of damaging the battery, at least if a good quality charger is used. The chargers delivered with our devices are indeed “intelligent”: they are able to detect any voltage incompatibility and then adapt the power they deliver. Charge your smartphone without fear with your tablet charger. But charging a tablet with a smartphone charger may take time. So much for the theory. In practice, it is better to use only the charger supplied with the device, or another model of the same brand, which provides the correct current (voltage, intensity).

Note that not all chargers are compatible with all devices (gamepad, Bluetooth speaker) because each requires its own electrical power. We also strongly advise against the use of low-end chargers of questionable origin.

Does The Battery Have To Be Completely Discharged Before Charging It?

Some manufacturers recommend that you fully charge the battery of your new device before using it, and sometimes even then wait until the battery is completely discharged before recharging it. These are cautions inherited from batteries subject to a phenomenon called the “memory effect”, which decreases performance when the battery is not fully full before it is used and then recharged. The Ni-Cd and Ni-MH technologies are the most concerned. Lithium-based (Li-ion) batteries, the most common in smartphones, touchpads, or cameras, are not, or very weakly. Charging the battery without waiting for full discharge is therefore not a big deal. It would even be advisable to prefer several short-term recharges to complete charge cycles.

Is A Battery Sensitive To Cold, Hot, Humidity?

A battery is sensitive to cold: the autonomy of your device will decrease as the thermometer cursor goes down. But it will regain its performance level once the temperature has risen. Not all models are sensitive to the same temperatures, but from 0 ° C, it is better to keep your device in a warm pocket to preserve its autonomy. Moisture and heat can permanently damage the battery. Above 45 ° C, the battery, under pressure, becomes dangerous. Hence the importance of not leaving your device in the sun or in an environment that is too humid.

Benefits of Buying Phone Chargers

Yes, it is best to have a high-end phone charger or even better a custom one, but they can cost too much and in some cases not even worth the price. It is important to buy a quality phone charger rather than an expensive one. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing what to buy so you do not end up with a charger that needs half a day to charge your phone to 100%. Also, you need to make sure that the charger you are buying is recommended by serious reviews because otherwise, the charger won’t last more than a month.

Types of Phone Chargers

Cable, Mains Adapter

A cable charger consists of a cable and an AC adapter. All USB 2.0 cables deliver the same amperage, 500mA. USB 3.0 cables can provide 900mA. The difference between the two chargers comes from the mains network ad, more precisely its charging power, expressed in watts (W). This power is the product of voltage (V) times current (A). The adapters of small electronic devices display a voltage of 5 or 5.25 V. What distinguishes them from each other is their intensity, which varies the charging speed. If you have to buy an adapter, be careful of the dangerous models that can be bad for your phone.

What are Fast Chargers?

Now, many smartphones offer fast charging, a function that promises to recharge them in record time. Since battery charging is not linear, fast charging charges the first half of the battery much faster than the second. The idea is to get the maximum battery life after 15 or 30 minutes of charging, to rule out dry breakdowns.

To benefit from it, smartphones and chargers must be compatible. In precise terms, the more powerful the charger, the faster it charges. Manufacturers offer different technologies, sometimes playing on intensity, sometimes on voltage. The laboratory observations allowed us to compare the performance of these fast-charging technologies.

Wireless Charging

About 10% of smartphones, mostly high-end models, are compatible with wireless charging. Simply place the smartphone on a compatible charger, that can be purchased separately (from $15 to $45), for it to charge. Energy transmission then takes place by magnetic induction. There are two technologies, PMA and Qi, but the second is emerging as the market evolves.

Best Phone Chargers FAQ

Q. Do fast chargers really work?

A: Fast chargers are super effective if your battery is below 50% because it pumps as much current as possible into the battery before its peak voltage. After 80% their speed decreases. 

Q. Does Type C charge faster?

A: Actually yes, Type C chargers can charge up to 20 times faster than old USB cables. However, the charging speed can be different depending on the USB protocol built into the device.

Q. Is it dangerous to use the phone while charging?

A: Nowadays smartphones are smart enough to be able to let you use them while charging. But when you use your phone while charging the phone will charge at a lower rate.



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