decorate your table using the best Plastic Plates

Nowadays people are looking for some practical solutions and for some facilities that make their life easier. One of these facilities are plastic plates that are utilized extensively in our daily lives and in our celebrations. Mainly because they don’t break and we can use them everywhere. 

They are lightweight and can be carried around easily .You can reuse them later if you want and they are less expensive than the other kind of plates. Plastic plates are the most effective selection you can do. 

Best Plastic Plates: Editor's Pick

Best Overall
PLASTICPRO Plastic Plates

PLASTICPRO Plastic Plates

Overall Rating: 5/5

Best Value
Aya's Cutlery Kingdom plastic plates

Aya's Cutlery Kingdom Plates

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Honorable Mention
Munfix plastic party plates

Munfix plastic party plates

Overall Rating: 4/5


72 Crystal Clear Plastic Plates

Overall Rating: 4/5

Silver Rimmed White Hard Plastic

Silver Rimmed White Hard Plastic

Overall Rating: 4/5

PLASTICPRO Plastic Plates

Best Overall: PLASTICPRO Plastic Plates

Plastic pro 9”inch plates contain 400 plates and these plates are completely practical for daily uses. They are an essential addition to your dinner table. These kinds of plates are the perfect plates  that you can use for daily use or  for birthday parties, dinner parties and more. They feature a solid white plastic that looks so elegant at your table. 


  • Disposable material
  • Elegant design
  • Complement any décor 


  • Not reusable because they are lightweight.
Aya's Cutlery Kingdom plastic plates

Best Value: Aya’s Cutlery Kingdom plates

This set contains 30 large square dinner plates and 30 smaller square dinner plates for salad, dessert or appetizer. These high gloss premium plastic plates have an elegant design and they also have a modern and classic appearance for formal events. This set has a neutral color which fits with every décor that you have prepared for your event. 


  • The shape made them stand out
  •  Washable and reusable
  • Premium heavyweight plastic
  • Durable build that can have any food


  • Not for daily use.
Munfix plastic party plates

Honorable Mention: Munfix plastic party plates

Munfix plastic plates have a premium quality design in silver color. They are so beautiful for weddings, birthdays, holidays or picnics because of their decoration. They are made of durable high quality 100% food grade BPA  so they are non toxic. This set contains 100 large dinner plates to serve to your guests.


  • Save your time and energy
  • No clean up necessary   
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Slim and lightweight 


  • They are not safe if you put them in the microwave
WELLIFE plates

Honorable Mention: WELLIFE plates

WELLIFE plates are strong and sturdy plastic plates in silver color. They are made of hard plastic which is non-toxic. They are suitable for formal and non formal occasions. WELLIFE offers 50 dinner plates, 50 dessert plates, 50 silver rim cups and 50 per rolled napkins with silver cutlery. This set is packed in a sturdy wrap and a more thick beige box, because of avoiding damage in long distance transport.


  • Convenient Set 
  • Economical alternative 
  • Suitable for every occasion  
  • Durable and elegant
  • Premium quality and design 


  • You can not wash them with a dishwasher 

Honorable Mention: Prestee plates

Prestee plates is a set that contains 25 dinner plates and 25 salad plates for 25 guests This classy gold plastic has 2 matching 10” and 7” plates for both appetizers and mains. They have an elegant gold design which will make magical memories that your guests will remember for years. These plastic plates are recyclable and are also an environmentally conscious alternative.


  • Non toxic & BPA free
  • Can handle cold, hot and wet food 
  • Eco-friendly plates
  • For any occasion
  • Stylish design


  • They are too thin

Benefits of Plastic Plates

  • Reusable: You can reuse them for a long time because they are resistant. 
  • Elegant: These kinds of plates have an elegant design for any occasion .
  • Durable: Made of durable good quality for any event without the risk of breaking.

Types of Plastic Plates

For daily use

This kind of plastic plate that has a daily life usage has a simple design and they are more reusable. They are easier to clean.

For Occasions

These plastic plates will impress your guests. These plates are ideal for special occasions because you have not to worry about washing dishes. These plates have a perfect design and offer so many different combinations for your special event.

Top Brands


WELLIFE is a brand that is quite popular because of their products that have a good quality and offers a variety of products with a unique design. THE Rose Gold plates is definitely one of its bestselling products. 


Munfix is a company that has been in business in 2018. This company designs and sells kitchen utensils and containers. Munfix offers varieties of plastic plates , plastic cups and articles for cleaning purposes. 

Key Features

Durable - Highly resistant

With their handy size and high quality of material these kinds of plates will be unbreakable. You can pack them into a picnic basket or into your daily use bag but they are so durable.

Nice and practical 

All plates are designed for daily use or for outdoor activities so they have a nice design but you can also pack up easily into your car, into your picnic basket or whatever. 

Other Considerations

  • Different kinds of plates: You can find different plates in different colors or sizes with an elegant design.  
  • Important: The plastic plates are very important if you don't want to waste your time or your energy.  
  • Pricing: You may find a lot of different prices starting from the lowest price range that has a good quality, until the most expensive range that offers you plates with a premium quality from famous brands. 


Q: Are these kinds of plates microwave safe ? 

A: These plastic plates are not safe if you put them in the microwave. They could wrap or melt but you can wash them nicely by hand. Even though they have a hard and a quality plastic you can not put them in the microwave. 

Final Thoughts

For high-quality plastic plates consider WELLIFE plates, with a silver color and a premium design. If you want some plates that are at a good price and in an elegant design you should consider Prestee plastic plates.

Drop us a comment and let us know which kind of plates you consider and we will reply to you as soon as possible.  


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