PlayStation accessories
PlayStation accessories

Playstation accessories will make your gaming experience way pleasant. In this article, you will find the best accessories to buy for your Playstation device. Since being the largest gaming platform in the world, PlayStation is a trendy gaming device among youngsters but not only. With the release of the new PlayStation 5 Sony has promised compatibility with old PS4 games, so you will be safe on not spending a lot of money on new games. 

Are PlayStation Accessories worth it?

Totally yes, there is a wide range of accessories you can find about PlayStation. Sony does sell its own accessories that sometimes do not come as a bundle with your PlayStation and these are add ons. But we got into some more gamers’ research and found the best accessories money can buy. These accessories will turn your gaming setup from boring to pleasing and you would be participating in Setup Wars featured by TechSource all day long. 

Firstly small accessories make the difference in details. Such said something like LED lights that are correctly mounted around your gaming setup will turn any gaming setup to look phenomenal. Secondly using accessories helps for a better gaming experience and performance. Using a PlayStation dock will help your device “breathe” much easier and allow airflow to circulate better. Not only that but using a PlayStation stand will make for a better-looking setup.

Another reason that you should be using accessories is a better gaming experience. In simple words using a better headset will make for better audio quality. And maybe you would like to start a Youtube gaming channel, using a built-in microphone will not output the best audio quality. 

These and many more are detailed below.

Here is a list of the top 5 PlayStation Accessories you must have:

  1. Dualshock Controller
  2. PSVR
  3. Thrustmaster T300RS GT
  4. LucidSound LS41
  5. PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charging System

1. DualShock Controller

Don’t look that weird to me when I say that. The motif of the original PlayStation had been gaming with friends back in the old days. Dual player games were the trend and to be fair they were pretty enjoyable. Nevertheless, the trend has been like that in the past 10 years, since the release of PlayStation 3 Sony introduced PlayStation Plus allowing gamers all around the world to connect and play with one another. But having a second DualShock controller is a must accessory. Popular games like Fifa and PES can be played in groups of 4 or even 6. This and many other games will make this accessory a must for your PlayStation setup.

Did I also mention that you might be left off the battery and switching between controllers would also be handy if you are like me that like to spend my weekends on Fifa 20 ultimate team?

Buy here.

2. PSVR 

This is the best Virtual Reality set you can buy for your PS4 or PS5. The matter of the fact that this is the only one that is compatible with Playstation and you don’t have many choices. For you to enjoy the full-bodied VR experience, you will need a PlayStation Camera as well as a pair of PlayStation Move Controllers to enable motion control. 

PSVR might not be the cheapest accessory for anyone to buy but it’s a well worth accessory to get into the virtual reality world. Some other details are that you also need to buy the games but is a must-have PlayStation accessory. Some of the best games you can play using virtual reality are Astro Bot and Moss.

If you made up your mind and got the PSVR you would enjoy 2 free games and all these combined will cost the same as any other Virtual Reality set you can buy. (HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift) . The best part about Sony PSVR is that you will only need your PlayStation device to run virtual reality while other headsets require expensive gaming pcs.

Buy here.

3. Thrustmaster T300RS GT

Thrustmaster T300RS GT is the best racing system you can buy for Playstation. Buying this would also be a little more of an expensive accessory but the experience is at a different level. This is not only about spinning a racing gt wheel and pressing the gas but it brings realism to your card games as no other accessory can.

If this would be more on the expensive side then you can also choose the Logitech Dual-Motor. Both of the racing sets will perform very well and they are very responsive.

Buy here.

4. LucidSound LS41

LucidSound LS41 is the best gaming headset you can choose for your Playstation. You might be in the run for maybe having a wireless headset for your PS4 but just like we have said in our other article, wireless headsets are not always the best. Wired headsets provide a higher quality of sound and connection. 

Lucid Sound is a wireless headset but can also be used as a wired headset when you run out of battery life due to long gaming sessions. The air cushions are very comfortable and you would not feel the pressure against your ears after hours of gaming.  Moreover, this headset supports live mic monitoring, so you can hear yourself as you talk to teammates Quality of microphone audio produced is also very good for the money. 

Buy here.

5. PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charging System

The most annoying thing about Playstation is that its controller battery life will last only 8 hours. To be fair, that is a lot of game time to be enjoyed, and charging your controller on the other hand might be annoying with cables around. It can serve as a controller unit cover so your controllers will not lay around,

PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charging System can charge 2 controllers at the same time. It will be very useful because you will get rid of cables. The design is minimalistic and good looking. For only 30 this charging system is a must-have accessory.

Conclusion  on PlayStation Accessories 

Do you already have any of the items mentioned? The list of accessories would go on and on all day long. Other cool accessories we did not mention in detail are PlayStation skins you can find anywhere online as well as in Walmart or BestBuy. Secondly Led light strips are a cool accessory as well, our advice is to keep the color dim and not too shiny. Try to get these accessories at your local shops like Walmart because small items like this would be forgotten by you many times and shipping takes forever. Cables to be hidden and loads of gaming hours to be enjoyed. In my opinion, my next go-to accessory to buy would be the PSVR because I would really like to dive into some cool virtual experience.

What’s yours? Comment down below.

FAQ About PlayStation Accessories

Q. Is the PSRV compatible with the ps5?

A: Yes, PSVR does work on PS5

Q. Does Walmart still sell PS4 and PlayStation Accessories?

A: At Walmart, you can find the PS4 console as well as a wide range of accessories and games at Everyday Low Prices.

Q. Is PDP gaming ultra-slim charging system compatible with Xbox one

A: PDP has released a separate charging system made for XBOX, the same charging system cannot charge an Xbox controller and sony controller at the same time.


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