A phone case is the most important investment that you make for your phone. Your Revvl 4 deserves better because the Revvl 4 phone case is extremely necessary to protect your phone and if your phone is protected this gives you a peace of mind. Phone is everything you need, but if it hasn't the best case to protect, it isn’t built to perfection. 

Revvl 4 phone cases that are in our article are durable and stylish! Here you can find phone cases that you will love! There are some affordable covers made for your phone.

Best Revvl 4 Phone Cases

Best Overall
IDweel Revvl 4 case

IDweel Revvl 4 case

Overall Rating: 5/5

Best Value
Atump phone case

Atump phone case

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Honorable Mention
Yuanming phone case

Yuanming phone case

Overall Rating: 4/5

IDweel Revvl 4 case

Best Overall: IDweel Revvl 4 case

The IDweel Revvl 4 phone case is a full-body and 360 degree protection case with a transparent back cover. The clear backing is composed of hard clear PC. It reveals the natural elegance of your iPod while defending against damages or scratches. The backover allows you to customize your perfect Phone Case by inserting pictures or drawings, it fits great and does not make your phone overly thick. 


  • Shock absorbent.
  • Full Body protective.
  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • Slim fit design.
  • Reduce shock and provide ultimate protection for your Phone.
  • Anti- falls provided by premium PC + TPU materials.


  • May cause difficulties while wireless charging. 
Atump phone case

Best Value: Atump phone case

This Revvl 4 phone case is specially designed for T-Mobile Revvl 4/TCL Revvl 4 Case with HD Phone Screen Protector. It has a ring holder and inside the center of the holder ring there is a piece of hidden iron that enables the case to be attached to the magnetic car holder, navigate on your trips without danger. It is an exquisite smooth hard cover case which is fashionable and practical. 


  • 360 degree cell phone ring stand.
  • Convenient for daily use.
  • Additional metal pads apply to the magnetic car mount. 
  • Precious cutout and shockproof
  • Strong and sturdy material


  • The holder ring may make it a bit easier to drop. 
Yuanming phone case

Yuanming Revvl 4 phone case

This phone case is perfect for T-Mobile Revvl 4 Plus and it comes with a HD Soft screen protector, (screen protector does not increase the price). The material is composed of hard premium polycarbonate (PC) material [outer layer] and hard TPU material [inner layer]. The non-slip grip keeps the phone safe from drops with its comfortable easy grip so the phone can not drop easily.


  • It is made from TPU & Polycarbonate(PC) and this material makes the phone protected from scratches, bumps and fingerprints. 
  • The unique design complements your phone's original look, keeping your own personal style. 
  • Snap on/off design allows you to clean the phone. 
  • Precise openings help the phone to be more functional when it is covered.  


  • It may be a little bit hard to take off.
Gritup phone case

Honorable Mention: Gritup phone case

This Gritup Revvl 4 phone case tightly fits for your T-Mobile Revvl 4 [6.22-Inch]. It has a thin back cover of the case that fully supports wireless charging and makes it fairly easy for your life and work. The great transparent back of the phone case keeps your phone an original beauty. Its bumper colors gives your phone a fashionable and elegant look. 


  • Military grade shockproof 
  • Provides a comfortable and solid feel
  • Easy to carry
  • Would never interfere with charging


  • Gets dirty so quick.
CELZEN phone cases

Honorable Mention: CELZEN phone cases

This Revvl 4 phone case has a built-in metal plate on the back of the phone case and it works with most magnetic phone holders. It has an easy slide and snap design that requires no additional tools to install. It protects your phone from bumps, scratches, finger marks, and dust. 


  • It looks beautiful because it has a slim profile.
  • It is durable and protective.
  • It offers screen protection. 


  • It is so durable but if you use it for a very long time the buttons begin to crumble inside a bit.
Giner phone cases

Honorable Mention: Giner phone cases

This Revvl 4 phone case has a resilient TPU bumper with air spring technology for shock absorption, this TCL Revvl 4/T-Mobile Revvl 4 case provides better anti-scratch and anti-fingerprints protection. Extra raised lips provide super protection from drops and keep the screen safe but also it prevents watermarking. The soft TPU bumper helps absorb shock combined with an anti-slip football pattern finish. 


  • Designed for long term used 
  • Offers protection against other daily wear and tear.
  • HD screen protector


  • The screen protector is a little bit flimsy.
Sucnakp phone case

Honorable Mention: Sucnakp phone case

This phone case is only suitable for T-Mobile Revvl 4/TCL Revvl 4 phones, not for other phones. It has a premium material made of shock absorbing, shatterproof premium TPU and high-quality PC material. It has a slim design, back part is ultra transparent and scratch-resistant, perfect cutouts for speakers, headphone, camera and others.


  • Protect and allow the complete access to touch screen
  • Perfect cutouts for speakers, headphone, camera and others.
  • Tactile and anti-slip


  • Not very sturdy.
LEEGU Revvl phone case

Honorable Mention: LEEGU Revvl phone case

This LEEGU case provides stylish and dual layer protection for your new mobile phone against abrasion, dirt and damages. The outer back cover is made of high quality hard PC material with smooth rubberized coating. The inner layer is made of durable, flexible silicone material. You can use all ports, buttons, and cameras on the phone without the need to remove the case. 


  • Slim fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Allows convenient access to all functions, cameras, buttons and ports.


  • Bacteria or germs may remain on it because of the material.
NZND cases

Honorable Mention: NZND cases

This Revvl 4 phone case is compatible with T-Mobile REVVL 4. The built-in screen protector of the phone case  is scratch resistant, but does not affect the sensitive screen functions. The deep camera cutout protects the camera from scratches and anti-falls while preserving the complete flash function.


  • Full-body all-around protection
  • Special design 
  • Impact resist durable phone case


  • If you don’t fix it perfectly , the touch screen will be difficult to work with.
Lacass phone cases

Honorable Mention: Lacass phone cases

This phone case is not like the other cases because it is a zipper wallet case specially for T-mobile Revvl 4. It is made from high-quality  leather  and the wallet size is perfect to hold in your hand. Detachable wrist strap allows you to carry your phone, coins, keys or earphones securely as a mini-clutch bag by attaching it around your wrist.


  • You can hold your cards, coins or photos.
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Snap Button Complete Perfect Security and Quick Flip Open/Close.


  • Not good signal strength.

Final Thoughts

You can directly focus on the most excellent Revvl 4 phone cases available for sale and take note of the significance of properly using an ideal case to your phone because the phone cases are so important nowadays. You should make an informed decision and buy an appropriate phone case without any complexity and if you read our article you can make the correct choice. 

The overall phone case is IDweel Revvl 4 case, the value phone case is Atump phone case and the honorable one is Yuanming Revvl 4 phone case.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! 


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