Lets introduce some information about S10e and S10e Card Cases. Samsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone market for quite some time now. The reason behind that is the premium quality of their expensive ones and also the ability to control the market of budget smartphones too. For example, Samsung S10e is a great phone to buy, it comes with a lower price and a more pocket-friendly design. Whatever the price that you bought it, it is nice if your phone lasts longer. This way you can save a lot of money, your data and important photos will be safe too. Investing in the best S10e card cases is a win-win situation.

You can make your phone look better, more personalized, and will increase the life of it. If you think about it, the two things that you use most throughout the day are your wallet and your phone. Why not combine them together for more flexibility, so you can carry more easily your phone, cards, and some cash. 

The new Samsung Galaxy S10e is a smartphone that has a very compact design style that combines beautiful body and high performance. Its specs are not that far away from other current Samsung phones. Given its price, it is best to protect it with s10e card cases and complete it with the best phone accessories. This type of protection allows you to take a credit card or other essentials with you. Here is our pick to help you choose the best Samsung Galaxy S10e or other Samsung phones like Note 10 Plus, Samsung S10, Samsung S20, or even A models like Samsung A20.

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Njjex Wallet Case
For all of you that the current wallet is filled with different credit cards, this is the one of the most perfect S10e Card Cases for you. You can store and manage up to 9 cards at the same time.
Maxboost Galaxy

The perfect low-priced Galaxy S10E card cases with magnetic closure so you do not worry about losing your cards. Stacked with some of the features that only premium phone cases have. 

Goospery Galaxy S10e

A bumper phone cover with an integrated cardholder. A special kind because most of the cardholder cases are flip cases. Also, it is a little bit rare to find a leather bumper phone case.

Best S10e Card Cases Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall S10e Card Case

Njjex Wallet Case

Njjex Wallet Case


  • Unique design only for Galaxy S10E
  • Protect your phone and store a lot of cases at the same time, 2 in 1
  • Enough place to store up to 9 cards and some cash so you do not have to take the wallet with you
  • Precise cutout for full usability
  • Built-in kickstand so you can freely enjoy hands-free viewing


  • If you do not have that many cards some places might remain empty

Order as soon as possible and will get a full package not only a 2 in 1 S10e card case. If your primary requirement is card storage, this is definitely the phone case for you. It has one of the biggest cards compartment with 9 slots and a full side pocket for your recipes and some money. The side hand strap will help you carry a lot more things while getting ready to leave your home and also it helps you take quality selfies without worrying about your phone falling off.

The high-quality leather and the secure flip magnets are environmentally friendly because they non-toxic materials. This phone case has precise cutouts that give you full access to all ports and buttons, without removing it. If you are an ebook reader or you love watching movies on your phone the built-in kickstand will make your life easier.

Best S10e Card Case Value

Maxboost Galaxy

Maxboost Galaxy


  • Craft especially to offer full protection to your Galaxy S10E
  • Elegant and classy design to complete your outfit of the day
  • 3 card slots and a full-size pocket for different receipts, money, and extra cards
  • Everyday all-around protection from drops and scratches
  • Friendly power share
  • Max your phone lifetime


  • Comes only in black

This perfect low-priced Galaxy S10E card case is stacked with some of the features that only premium phone cases have. Not only it protects your phone but it has other functions too, like storing 3 of the most important cards that you need every day. The ID card, driver’s license, and your first credit card are a must, to carry with you anywhere. Some people still prefer to pay in cash over credit cards, do not worry, this phone case offers a side pocket where you can put some money.

If you charge your phone with a wireless charger, you can without removing the card case. It supports friendly power share, just put two devices together and your phone will start charging instantly. Maxboost phone case offers a lifetime warranty in order to protect your phone for as long as possible. 

S10e Card Cases Honorable Mention

Goospery Galaxy S10e

Goospery Galaxy S10e


  • Fully functional bumper phone case with a gorgeous style
  • It can resist drops and shocks thanks to the reinforced corners
  • The premium synthetic leather t gives a more expensive look
  • Perfect fit with no loose corners 


  • People aren’t used to seeing bumper S10e card cases

For all of you that are for something new, this is a special kind because most of the cardholder cases are flip cases. It is a little bit rare to find a leather bumper phone case but the Goospery store provides it to you. The modern look of your Samsung Galaxy S10E is combined with the old and classy one of the leather case.

The designers have focused a lot to make this phone case as stylish as possible but however, they have not forgotten the functionality to protect your phone and store your credit cards. The reinforced corners provide great protection from drops and scratches you can while putting it on the cardholder.  

Honorable Mention

Spigen Slim Armor CS, Rugged wallet case

Spigen Slim Armor CS – Rugged wallet case

The Spigen Slim Armor CS one of the strongest S10e card cases. It’s a simple yet effective wallet case. It’s barely bulkier than a shockproof case for the S10e.

This case, which meets military standards for drop protection, can only hold two credit cards in its slot on the back of the case. It’s a sliding compartment Thanks to this original solution, the Spigen Slim Armor CS case remains slim and very light.

Otherwise, it’s a classic shockproof case with a system of air cushions in the corners and raised edges to protect the screen and photosensors. This case does not have a particularly elegant design but it does have the advantage of being ultra-resistant.

Honorable Mention

luxury genuine leather case

SnakeHive – luxury genuine leather case

The SnakeHive is a luxury S10e wallet case. This is a stylish cover made from the highest quality genuine leather.

The SnakeHive is a quality case specially designed for the Galaxy S10e. Handcrafted, this case features soft and durable nubuck leather. The interior of the leather case is made from smooth, flexible leather that helps prevent your smartphone screen from scratching. Housed in a TPU case, the phone is well protected against bumps and scratches.

This Galaxy S10e card case carries up to three credit cards and cash. Cards slide easily into the slots. The case can be positioned as a stand for viewing media. If you’re willing to pay a little more for a quality case, the SnakeHive is something to consider.

Honorable Mention

ultra-resistant case

OtterBox Strada – ultra-resistant S10e card cases

OtterBox is a brand known for its protection solutions for mobile phones. The OtterBox Strada is one of the most ultra-resistant S10e cardholder cases. Without being full protection like the OtterBox Defender, the Strada case is very strong because it meets the military standard.

The OtterBox Strada allows the smartphone to be housed in a shockproof case with a double protective layer composed of polycarbonate and silicone. The inside of the case has a quality microfiber lining to preserve the finish of your S10e. The exterior of the case is made of genuine leather which gives it the look of a classic wallet.

The flap has a single slot for storing a credit card. Despite its imposing volume, this case remains compatible with induction charging. It is still very expensive, but the OtterBox Strada case will protect your phone even in extreme conditions.

Honorable Mention

quality wallet case

Ringke Wallet – quality wallet case

The Ringke Wallet is a premium wallet case for your Galaxy S10e. This lightweight and durable case constructed from the standard Ringke Fusion shockproof shell. This shockproof case is ideal protection that meets the military standard without changing the appearance of your phone too much.

The faux leather cover carries two cards and cash. The design is quite original with a mixture of two colors. The magnetic clasp is a little weak. Another downside, the transparent plastic of the shell has the disadvantage of getting dirty and discolored over time.

Otherwise, the Ringke Wallet for Galaxy S10 is a premium case that supports Qi wireless charging without having to remove the case.

Honorable Mention

thin wallet case

Kanvasa – thin wallet case

The Kanvasa is a slim wallet case for Galaxy S10e. This stylish cover showcases the phone. Compared to others, this protection has the advantage of being much thinner.

This genuine leather case is not very strong protection but it is very classy. It allows you to store a bank card in the fold part. This leather cover remains compatible with wireless charging.

Honorable Mention

very classy wallet case

Torro – very classy wallet case

The Torro is a classy wallet case for the Galaxy S10e. This luxury case is handmade using genuine quality leather. It is sleek and durable leather that will not soggy over time.

With the Torro TORRO wallet case, the Galaxy S10e phone stays in place thanks to a silicone inner case lined with durable microfiber. The media feature allows viewing videos in a horizontal format. It’s ideal for enjoying a good movie or watching TV.

This case offers three slots for storing bank cards and other cards. Thanks to the magnetic closure, the smartphone automatically goes to sleep and remains well protected. The case is compatible with wireless charging and can be completed with a tempered glass film.

Honorable Mention

wallet case

KelaSip – wallet case

The KelaSip is a wallet that acts as a case for the Galaxy S10e. This cover is a real wallet that offers plenty of storage. In addition to credit cards and other banknotes, this case also has a compartment for storing change which closes with a zipper.

The advantage of the KelaSip is that it is both a real wallet and a case for the Samsung Galaxy S10e. The downside to this solution is the bulk. Fortunately, the hard shell is removable. It is more convenient to handle the phone.

FAQ About Best s10e Card Cases

Q. Is S10e still worth buying?

A: Samsung S10e is still one of the best phones you can buy right now, so yes for the money it cost is still worth buying. Also, Samsung promises support at least till 2022.

Q. Will an s9 card cases fit an S10e?

A: Yes, is true that the difference in size between s9 and s10e is not that much. But a phone case in order to be protective needs to fit perfectly. And also s9 and s10e have their slots and camera lens in different positions. So, s9 card cases and s10e card cases might be slightly different.

Q. Is a Samsung S10e waterproof?

A: Yes Samsung s10e is water-resistant not waterproof. It means that you cant go deeper than 5 feet or for longer than 30 minutes. Samsung s10e features an IP68 rating that’s why do not worry too much if you take it with you into the shower.

Final Thoughts

If you one of the mentioned S10e card cases, you will never have to worry about credit card storage anymore. Because the main focus on these cases besides protecting your phone is organizing and carrying your cards we choose this case as the best overall for your Samsung Galaxy S10E. The NJJEX phone case can store every single one of your cards and your cash too, this way it eliminates the need for you to have a different wallet. If you have any other recommendations for our blog on the overall or any accessories in particular just let us know in the comment section below. 

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