As we know, Samsung Tv's have many types of displays and in this article we are writing about Samsung QLED TVs. If you want to have quality time during your break or in your free time, you have to make sure to choose the right one. We are trying to make it easier for you by introducing some of the best ones you can find in the market.

In this article we will present you with some of the best Samsung TVs you may find, starting with  Samsung q70t, Samsung QLED 8k, Samsung q60r, Samsung q90r, Samsung q70r, Samsung QLED 55,  Samsung q80r, Samsung q95t, Samsung QLED 65, and Samsung q80 .

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Samsung Class QLED Q80T

The Samsung Q80/Q80T TV is packed full of features and it has the best picture quality even if you are watching it in the dark or bright rooms.

Best Samsung Qled TVs Overall

  • Amazing contrast ratio
  • Amazing response time
  • Reflection handling

Samsung Q800T 8K Qled

Samsung Qled 8K is one of the best ones you can find in the nowadays market. It has all the features that a good TV needs to have.

Best Samsung Qled TVs Value

  • Impressive reflection
  • Low input lag
  • 8K
  • Alexa build in

Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA

A small-sized TV, which is appropriate for small spaces. Even though it is small in its size, it is full of features that make it part of this list.

Best Samsung Qled TVs Honorable Mention

  • UHD Processor 4K
  • HD
  • Color volume with quantum dot

Samsung Q90 Q90T QLED

It is a great TV, where almost any type of content looks amazing on it. With an elegant design that can fit easily in any room, with a great performance.

Best Samsung Qled TVs 4K TV

  • Bright on SDR/HDR
  • Good viewing angles
  • Exceptional reflection
  • Great sound/ picture

Samsung Q70 Q70T QLED

This is another great Samsung TV, which delivers amazing performance, and it has some extra features which make it the perfect choice for you.

Best Samsung Qled TVs Class Qled

  • Alexa built-in
  • Dual led
  • Quantum HDR
  • 4K quantum processor

Benefits of Samsung Qled TVs

  • It resists moisture and has a longer life than standard TVs.
  • They are usually thin and light in weight.
  • The actions taken on the TV are very fast

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Key Features of Samsung Qled TVs

Best samsung qled tvs

Amazing detail and resolution

Enjoy the power of any kind of frame with 33 million pixels and four times more resolution than 4K. This TV will now ensure you an 8K picture quality.

Maximum picture and minimum distraction

It has a nearly invisible bezel, an ultra-slim frame that removes any distractions, this way you will get an amazing viewing experience.

Other Considerations

  • They usually work great under dark or bright lightning.
  • Also, most QLED can be watched from any angle without having problems with the picture quality.

Best Samsung QLED TVs Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Samsung Class QLED Q80T

Best Overall


  • It has an Ultra Viewing angle, where you can watch TV from one side without losing the quality
  • It has installed Alexa, where you can take actions by only using your voice
  • It has two speakers on the top and two others on the bottom, which makes it possible that the sound follows the action
  • It has cinematic colors which can also make small details very visible


  • The corners of the screen may appear darker

This is a Samsung q80r which delivers to you a fantastic picture and a clear sound quality. Because of the Ultra Viewing Angle, this TV makes it possible for you to watch it even from the side, without losing too much image accuracy. It has a minimalist and simple design, and it is very easy to use.

Samsung Q800T 8K Qled

Best Value


  • It has Alexa installed, where you can control your TV by your voice
  • The objective tracking sound
  • It has intelligent upscaling which converts your content into an amazing 8K resolution
  • It has installed speakers on the four sides of the TV, which directs the sound


  • This TV has a low contrast for a VA panel
  • Also some uniformity issues

If you want to turn your room into a home theater, this is the right TV for you. It is a large screen TV with a large number of features, including also the features that standard TVs have. It is the ideal choice if you want to watch movies because it doesn't have problems upscaling 480P, 720p, and 1080p content.

Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA

Honorable Mention


  • An excellent picture and clear sound quality
  • It has a 4K powerful processor which improves the TV’s performance with 4K image quality
  • The HD shades of color reveal details
  • More than a billion shades of colors because of the quantum dot
  • Inputs and outputs


  • It doesn't have Alexa installed

If you are looking for a small TV for a small space in your house, the Samsung flat 32” Qled is the perfect one. It is a small-sized tv which fits perfectly in small places with a large number of features and pros. You can also use it for a computer monitor, it is a perfect size and it has amazing image quality.

Samsung Q90 Q90T QLED

Honorable Mention


  • It has an ultra viewing angle, where you will have amazing picture quality no matter where you sit
  • The quantum processor transforms everything into an amazing 4K view
  • It has Alexa installed, where you can take action by your voice
  • A vivid cinematic picture with quantum HDR 16X


  • It has a vignetting and dirty screen effect sometimes

The Samsung Q90/Q90T is a great TV, and let me say that almost any type of content looks amazing on it. It has a very simple and elegant design that can fit easily in any room. It also has great performance even in dark or bright areas, and it responds incredibly fast.

Samsung Q70 Q70T QLED

Honorable Mention


  • VRR, which reduces screen tearing during playing games
  • The black frame insertion, which helps the TV to reduce motion blur
  • It has installed Alexa, where you can control your TV with your voice
  • Ambient mode, turning a blank screen into some attractive pictures during the time you aren't using the TV


  • The TV has poor viewing angles
  • No local dimming

This TV delivers amazing performance for the users, and it has some extra features that make this TV the perfect choice for you. It has a variable fresh rate to reduce the screen tearing during playing games. A very good response time and a high refresh rate which is 120Hz.


  • Now you can enjoy free live TV.
  • You can see your yoga lessons or gym during your workout.
  • Use it as a peaceful and quiet view.


Q: Do they have dimensions on the stand?

A: There are various pics to the left on the screen. One of them has the dimensions of a stand.

Final Thoughts

Since the TV is an important time where we spent most of our free time, we introduced you to some of the best Samsung QLED TVs you can find in the market these days. They are the best choice you can do for yourself and your family, full of features and pros that make it an amazing TV.

If you have any questions you are free to leave a comment down below!

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