Best Smart Home Accessories (Review and Buying Guide) in 2021

October 31, 2021

The California giant, Apple, has used its branding skill to read the way the wind blows and has invested in the best smart home accessories and constantly redesigned while signing key partnerships and collaborations to move closer to being on an equal footing with Alexa from Amazon and Google Smart Home.

Well, it will definitely work. Apple Home Kit is as good as ever and can handle closely any task, request, and routine that you probably want to challenge it.

So, if you’re sitting at home thinking about how to expand your Smart House Accessories, you might be looking for inspiration as to what you really use it for. We’ve picked out some of the best smart home accessories you might like to consider, from a few different categories, to help get you started on the path to smart home nirvana.

Tips for choosing the best smart home accessories

1. Smart lighting – Philips Hue

One of the most immediate ways to feel like your home has just gotten smarter is to buy and use smart bulbs. By replacing your old bulbs with smart equivalents, you can set routines, go for funky color schemes, and really personalize your space.

Philips Hue is the choice of the pack in the smart lighting space. It’s been around forever and is constantly refining its systems and offerings, and of course, it’s fully compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Home Hub, or Samsung Smart Things Hub. If you make a Hue Bridge act as a hub for your bulbs, you’ll be able to control them all through Siri or any other voice system and free yourself from the need to touch a light switch again.

2. Smart Receptacle – Ikea Smart Receptacle

Lighting is a choice, but you’re unlikely to want to swap out all the electrical appliances in your home and replace them with just a little more expensive, smart versions. Luckily, smart plugs are more common than ever, helping you to make what was once silly distinctly smart.

The best smart plugs to choose from now

Our favorite smart price is Ikea – like many of the Swedish giant’s products, it’s reasonably priced and straightforward. By using a bridge to connect your different outlets with your smart home, you will then get full control of all the electronic devices when you want to use them. This means you can turn on the coffee machine without getting out of bed, turn on the fan in a heatwave, or heat an electric blanket if it’s the dead of winter. The world will be your oyster.

Here Are Top 5 Best Smart Home Accessories

1. Security Camera – Arlo Pro 2

Whether you want to keep tabs on the inside of your home or monitor your front yard, backyard, or elsewhere, another great accessory for modern smart home installations is the ability to use cameras remotely.

Apple Home Kit integration has yet to take hold across the marketplace, but Arlo has updated its camera firmware to include this feature, a welcome addition. Arlo Pro 2 is a great camera that’s no longer Arlo’s top-of-the-line variant but is reasonably affordable and very powerful. It is easy to install and will act as a great burglar defender. Plus, you’ll have a plus in your home security for peace of mind whenever you need it.

2. Smart Button – Eve Button

As you fill your home with smart tech and your smartphone Home app becomes more and more filled with options, you may find that physical buttons and switches start to sound like nostalgia – the good old days.

Fortunately, there are plenty of smart buttons to help you control your smart home in a smart and personalized way. Our pick of the lot is the Eve button, which features full Home Kit or Smart Things connectivity. Let us tell you why this is better than a normal switch because it has hidden commands mapped to each button. You have the usual tap, the double-tap, and the long press.

3. Smart Thermostat – Tado Smart Thermostat

Another essential smart home accessory in any well-functioning smart home is its heating. If you can hook up your heating to a smart system, you will immediately gain massive control over the operation of your apartment or house, and that control can very easily translate into savings on your bills.

One of our favorite smart thermostats is from Tado and is fully Google Smart Home, Samsung Smart Things, or Apple Home Kit compatible. It is a tidy and user-friendly system that allows you to control the operation of your home and allows you to make sure it’s at the perfect temperature when you want it. In addition, the latest version, V3 +, also incorporates air quality measurements.

4. Smart lock – Amazon August Smart Lock Pro

Another way to maximize the feeling that you are living in a more futuristic way than others is to get yourself a smart lock – a lock that lets you escape the days gone by of losing your keys and being locked out. With this Smart Lock from Amazon, you’ll probably end up leaving the house without having any keys.

We love August Smart Lock because it’s a simple, straightforward example of the best parts of a smart lock. It’s easy to install and lets your lock look normal from the outside, allowing you to continue using existing keys if needed. However, with a paired sensor, you’ll also be able to know when the door is open or unlocked and, of course, be able to automatically unlock it when you’re nearby to allow for a quick and easy return home. It also supports all of Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, which is a bit rare.

5. Multi-room sound – Sonos HIS BONE

The icing on the cake, when it comes to your smart home, might just be the music. The feeling of walking around your home, hearing beautifully reproduced sound all around you, no matter the room, is unmatched. And even less so when you expand into different playlists for different spaces if you are having a party, or the ability to use only the speakers you want.

For this amount of money, Sonos is the leader in multi-room sound. Whether it’s a TV surround sound system that doubles as a quality home stereo or a kitchen sound system that can help you relax, Sonos is a winner for any smart home.

FAQ About Best Smart Home Accessories

Q. What does every smart home need?

A: The most important accessories that a smart home needs are Smart lighting, Smart speakers, Smart thermostats, Home security cameras, Multi-room audio systems, Smart smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, Smart Irrigation.

Q. Does smart home increase home value?

A: Sure it does. Just think of it as a new car, which has more value one without any option or one that has all the newest features.

Q. Do smart home devices slow down WiFi?

A: Just a little bit because most of them if they are not used for some time turn on standby mode to help you save money and not to stress your Wi-Fi connection.

The conclusion is that car electronic accessories  or your house can make your life easier.

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