The designers of all the current smartphones on the market are trying their best to make the design of their smartphones much slimmer, eye-catching, fun, and the most important to look good overall. With the thin phone cases that we are going to show you in this article, we are going to try to add style and texture to an already sleek phone with Caseology’s Parallax series. Not only does it protect, but it also adds a colorful pattern to the back of your phone!

There are three types of people, those who don’t care how their phone looks and just want a case that can protect it, those who prefer bolder cases that protect the phone and finally those who prefer thinner phone models and try to protect them but also they don’t want to lose the former design of the smartphone that they have chosen.

Best Thin Phone Cases

  1. Best Choice: Totallee Thin Phone Cases
  2. Best Price: Peel Thin Phone Cases
  3. Premium Pick: Spigen Thin Phone Cases
Best Choice
Totallee cases
Totallee has produced some really quality phone cases in recent years. Currently, Totallee offers phone cases for iPhone, Samsung, and Pixel phone models but they are updating their market on a daily basis and they are working to include other brands and models. Besides some of the best ultra-thin phone cases from time to time, they offer many offers. If you use the code THIRD you can get three phone cases if you pay for two.
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Best Price
Peel Cases
Peel cases are another big hit on the smartphone cases market. They offer super cool and minimalist cases at a really great price. But Peel doesn’t stop here, they also offer different phone accessories like some of the best glass screen protectors and ultra-slim wireless chargers. 
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Premium Pick
Spigen Cases
Spigen is one of the biggest protectors of our electronic devices. They offer cases for phones, laptops, and even smartwatches. Wherever you want a quality case you know that you will not regret afterward you can go and choose from the Spigen cases collection. In comparison to the competitors, Spigen offers cases for more phone brands and models. They have a case for everything, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone 11, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy s20, or less known brands like Huawei, LG, etc you will probably find what you are looking for.
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Best Thin Phone Cases Buying Guide

Ringke Air-S Case

Why put a thick shell on a thin phone like the Galaxy Note 20? Keep those sleek curves and protect yourself from scratches with this minimalist case from Ringke, which protects without being too bulky.

Otterbox Symmetry Case

Otterbox stands for tough. If you’re looking for a case that protects with a touch of style, this is the case. This case is also available in black, transparent, and light gray.

Spigen Liquid Armor Case

Slim-line and very good!

As for the cases, you’ve probably heard of Spigen. The company has a lot of popular products, but the Liquid Air brings extra grip and a nice symmetry and uniformity that we really like.

ESR Metal Kickstand Holster

Install your phone anywhere!

Being able to prop up your phone while you’re on the go is one of the main selling points of this business. Others include a raised screen and camera bezels for protection from scratches and extra grip.

Skyfall cosmology

Alternatively of a solid case, exhibit your phone’s original beauty while protecting it with this gorgeous Caseology Skyfall case, available in 3 colors. I’ve used one before and it’s a fantastic case!

Ancerr Ultra Thin Slim Cover

If all you want is an ultra-thin case, look no further. It won’t give you much drop protection, but your phone will still be stylish. It is also available in beautiful red and blue colors.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Another entry from Spigen, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid offers good protection without compromising the aesthetics of your device. Show yourself in style with this protective transparent case – without any bulk!

Do You Need Thin Phone Cases?

Buying a thin phone case means keeping all the values that nowadays slim smartphones offer. If you have a Samsung Note series for example and you get a bold phone case in many cases you won’t be able to put it in your pocket. Thin cases make it easier to hold it in your hand or to fit perfectly on your car phone slot. As the Peel cases motto says “Less is more”, you will be able to enjoy the original style of your phone and protect it at the same time.

Best Thin Phone Cases FAQ

Q. What is the thinnest phone case?

A: Totallee thin cases remain on the top position at just 0.02 inches thick. It will feel like you are not using a cover at all, but your phone is still protected.

Q. What is the best brand for iPhone cases?

A: Obviously in the first place is going to stay the official original cases from the iPhone, right in the second place is Spigen for the best phone case value and in the third place is Otterbox for the best leather cases.

Q. Are hard or softphone cases better?

A: The final answer is to buy a case that is hard and soft at the same time. In order for the soft part to compress the force before it goes to the phone, it needs a hard surface in the middle.

Final Thoughts

Want a case with a handle that perfectly matches the color of your phone? Look no further than the official Samsung silicone case, available in black, white, and “brown”, which is actually pink in color.

In the above cases, there should be something for everyone. Still, want to see the design of your shiny new device? Definitely take the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Want something a little unique that you can use to support your phone? Take this ESR Metal Kickstand case. If you just want to keep up with Samsung’s offer, there is nothing wrong with opting for the Samsung silicone case.

There are so many options and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is quite a big and heavy phone. Nobody wants a case that adds even more bulk to what is already a really bulky phone!

Thin Phone Cases are as elegant, stylish and comfortable as Wildflower cases.



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