Without any doubt you may remember the hideous cordon, serving as a link between the mouse and the CPU. Fortunately, technology has progressed since then, which allowed the creation of wireless mouse and keyboards. Thanks to them, the user is now more free in his movements. Long cables are now old memories, but that’s not all easy. Before choosing the Wireless Keyboards & Mouse that will accompany you on a daily basis, there is some information to consider.

Why Wireless Keyboards & Mouse?

As its name suggests, the wireless keyboards and mouse are not equipped with a jumper wire and can therefore be connected directly to a laptop or desktop computer via Wifi or Bluetooth. This type of keyboard has many advantages in contrast to the previous model, the main one being that it is very practical and is easy to use.

With the wireless keyboard and mouse, you can use your computer from a distance, it is not needed for you to be that close as with a normal keyboard or mouse. So you can sit far away comfortably on your sofa or bed while working on your PC or using the smart TV. So you won’t need to hire a specialist to install it and start using it.

The Different Types of Mouses 

Several types of wireless mice are available on the market. If you are looking for the one that will suit all your needs, you will have the choice between:

1. Bluetooth mouse: they work with a Bluetooth receiver that must be connected to the computer.

2. Wireless mouse: These models have the tremendous advantage of being suitable for users whose computer can be connected to the television, without being in the same room as the television. Thus, thanks to its range of about ten meters, the unit works with a microwave receiver.

3. Wireless infrared mouse: their range is greater, i.e. a few meters. Just like the other models, you should know that they also work thanks to an infrared receiver that must be connected to the computer. This model of a wireless mouse is even similar to remote controls since it works on the same principle.

Apart from these three main categories, you will also come across laser, optical and mechanical mouses.

The Best Wireless Mouses And Prices

Now that you know a little more about wireless mouses, how to choose them, and how they work here are some of the best mouses you can get. 

  • VicTsing-2.4GVicTsing. The VicTsing wireless mouse has one of the best ergonomic models. It responds very well to all the requests and the commands that you want to give. It lacks a little bit of appearance but it’s at the top as the best mouse overall. Vic Tising wireless mouses vary from $25 to $35.
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse M185. Logitech has been for quite a while on the market as one of the companies that sell top-quality computer accessories at great prices. The Logitech wireless mouse that M185 is a well done and beautiful mouse that is sold for around $14 on Amazon and different websites. 
  • Patuoxun-2000-DPI. Patuoxun 2000 DPI is another cheap wireless mouse that is sold for less than $13. But let me tell you that you are gonna like it a lot. It has & buttons that can be used as shortcuts for everyday use or that helps you a lot while playing games. 
  • Daffodil WMS500W. Daffodil WMS500W is the last on our list for now. This wireless mouse supports a mini USB receiver and it’s truly an elegant mouse. In-office spaces it can be very practical and simple that can be used on every computer you want.

Some advice before you choose 

Before going to the store to buy your mouse, keep in mind what your needs are? Do you need an ergonomic mouse or a simple one to use on your laptop for common purposes? Each mouse is unique and has its own characteristics but the final choice will be yours. Also, keep in mind the price range in order to decide and buy the best one for the price. 

How to choose your wireless keyboards?

In order to be able to purchase a wireless keyboard that meets all of your expectations, there are several criteria that you need to consider before deciding on a particular model. Elements such as design, keys, functions, and shortcuts as well as accessories will be taken into account here:

The keyboard design

While not necessarily the most imposing criteria, there are several very important elements in the design of a keyboard. One of those things is size. Choosing a keyboard that is the right size for the workspace you have available is essential for ease of use. After you choose the size, you should also consider the adjustable inclination of the wireless keyboard to ensure optimal typing comfort for many hours.

Keyboard keys 

Since the ergonomics of a keyboard largely depend on the keys that make it up, it is important that they are well-spaced, pleasant to type, and have a large size, especially for people with big fingers. 

Keyboard functions and shortcuts

While some users will go for models of wireless keyboards of great simplicity, others on the other hand will set their sights on keyboards with multiple functions such as touchpads, keyboard shortcuts. If you want to purchase a simple wireless keyboard model, take the time to verify the presence of the necessary dedicated numeric keypad.

The accessories

Considered as details to some, wireless keyboard accessories are of great importance to others. Here, it is recommended to check that the chosen keyboard is equipped with a sound card and that it offers the possibility of connecting Bluetooth headphones and/or a microphone. Some models also offer an LCD screen on which the various machine health parameters are displayed as well as various other elements that you can configure in your own way.

FAQ About Wireless Keyboards & Mouse

Q. How far does a wireless keyboard reach?

A: Most of the new wireless mouse and keyboards have a maximum reach of 30 feet (9 m) but due to interference it can be challenging.

Q. Why does my wireless keyboard lag?

A: Wireless devices are evolving day by day but they still have their problems. Some of the things to do to fix that are to unpair all your devices, check the batteries, restart your computer.

Q. Are wireless keyboards slower?

A: It may be true in some cases where your wireless mouse and keyboards tend to be a little slower but it is not a big problem because it’s only some milliseconds.


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