Having a wooden phone case is nothing but a good idea. Wood phone cases used to have a bad reputation, but that is in the past. Wood cases are strong, slim, fashionable, and can withstand a typical drop, or slide across the ground. Practically they can offer everything that a typical phone case can, but with more class. 

Why Buy a Wooden Phone Case?


You can never find two trees that are exactly the same, therefore you can never find two pieces of wood that are the same. Each and every wood case is different from the other. You can try as hard as you can, but you will never find someone that has the same wooden phone case as you.

Environment Friendly

Wooden phone cases are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Usually, when plastic or silicone phone cases get damaged, people throw them in the trash. But we all know the outcome of that. All that plastic getting threw into the environment is damaging the earth. So why not becoming more friendly with the environment?

The older the better

Unlike traditional plastic or silicone cases, the wooden cases will only get better with time. Those little cracks or dents will make your case more beautiful because they bring more character and life to your case. 

Engraved Patterns

You can personalize your wood case as you wish. The engraved patterns are the most loved feature by the customers because of their uniqueness and the touch of the engraved cover in their hands.

Top Brands


KerfCase is a company that has been in business since 2013. This trusted manufacturer designs and sells wooden phone cases, and uses advanced technology and sustainable design. KerfCase offers a wide selection of wooden phone cases with its remarkable limited edition cases being among the most popular.


MMORE is a well-to-to brand that combines nature with technology to produce its products. As a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality wood cases, its products ensure maximum protection and no harm to the environment. The firm beliefs that they share a responsibility to the environment, so they plant a tree for every bought product. Its Luxury Madrona Burl is one of the unique cases that this company has to offer.


WUDN is a brand that is quite popular in the wood accessories spot. In a society where everything is over-designed, the WUDN products are a return to natural simplicity. The wooden phone cases will provide you with a unique look that you probably won’t find from other manufacturers.  The WUDN Slim Resin & Wood Phone Case is definitely one of its bestselling products.


Under 30$: Several wooden phone cases fall in this category. You might, however, have to consider the fact that the type of wood material used isn’t as effective as those that are a bit pricier.

31$ - 40$: You can find quite a lot of good quality wood cases within this range of price. This price range includes beautifully carved wood cases and also good features like drop-resistance and others. 

41$ - 50$: At this range, you can get wooden cases that offer maximum protection. Also, you can find features like superior impact-absorbing, high-quality materials, and wireless charger support. 

Above 50$: It might seem too pricey, but this is the range to consider for the best wooden phone case. These cases are made from great materials with more than enough layers of protection. 

Key Features

Scratch-Proof Material

Keep your phone looking nice with the case on and make sure it is protecting your phone from scratches. Natural materials like bamboo are strong and durable and will keep your phone safe from scratches, and everyday bumps.

Shock - Absorbency 

If you drop your phone from a considerable height, it might break very easily even with the case on. You need to look for a case that has shock-absorbing abilities so that you can save yourself money and time.

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Best Wooden Phone Case Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall

Mous Limitless 2.0




  • No magnetic capability for car vent mount

Mous Limitless 2.0 is built-in high-impact material called AiroShock. This wood case doesn’t only offer maximal protection but also a slim and sleek design. All the Limitless 2.0 models are crafted from wood materials, which means that you won’t find a second like your case.

Best Value

iProductsUS Phone Case


  • Magic Magnetic iPhone Case
  • Military Grade Protection
  • Durable and Comfortable 
  • Offer a 100% risk-free purchase 


  • Unfixable

iProductsUS Phone Case is a multi-design wooden phone case. It’s engraved by hand in many different designs on real cherry wood. It’s not only a unique wood phone case but also a magnetic phone case. Not to mention that also offers military-grade protection. You can’t go wrong by choosing this case.

Premium Pick

Tendlin Carbon Fiber Texture Case


  • Exact-fit, slim profile
  • Slim, lightweight
  • Simple, natural
  • Good grip and comfortable touch


  • N/A

Tendlin Carbon Fiber Texture Case is made of natural wood, carbon fiber texture leather, and high-quality TPU. This wooden phone case features a premium & exact fit, giving your phone a simple, natural, and elegant style. It’s slim, lightweight, offers a good grip and a comfortable touch, and many more features.  


  • For maximum protection, choose a case made of shock-absorbent material. Be sure that the case covers all the vulnerable corners of your phone.
  • Don’t spend lots of money on one phone case. Don’t think that if it costs more then it better. You can find plenty of wooden phone cases in a great place and with lots of features.
  • If you haven’t find the case that you desire then you should consider customizing one. Many brands like iProductsUS offer the buyer the opportunity to customize their cases however they wish.

Final thoughts

For a high-quality wooden phone case, consider the Mous Limitless 2.0, with extreme protection, slim & sleek design, and it comes with a TPU anti-shock screen protector. If you want your imagination carved into a wood case then you should consider iProductsUS cases. Drop us a comment and let us know what your favorite wooden phone case is and what you love about it.

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